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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Hi, Viv! I recently started on Cymbalta, after being on Zoloft for ~10 years. Making this switch made me VERY nervous because I have PTSD & the Z was still working for me. However, my DR wanted me to try the Cym bacause of an old football injury. Sorry--just kidding! Actually, I have problems with my neck. Seems all of my discs are - well -- not good. Hernias & ruptures everywhere. Not a surprise since I was in a bad car wreck 10 years ago, which is where this all started. (Meaning: my neck problms, my depression, etc, etc, etc!) Anyway, the Cym was just starting to help with the nerve pain, when I then started physical therapy. I DO have high hopes for me & this med. Keep posting, OK? Big hug, Wisty
  4. Hi, Noc! I reckon I have been out so long that Pride for me is just a good time to re-connect with people that I have not seen since the last Pride. Bummer that it is just something that stresses you out. Care to explain that? Big hug, Wistful
  5. Oh, my goodness! My puter died & I am just now getting back online! It has been so long--does anyone even remember me? Big sigh, Wistful
  6. Jaded, good for you! Maybe Z is not for you, or maybe you just need the dosage upped. Sometimes Wellbutrin is added to combat those "sluggy/get away from me" se's. Whatever goes down at the Dr on Mon, please hang tight. There IS the correct dosage & med out there for you. Big hug~~Wistful
  7. Poor, Gal! Yeah, grapefruit juice is a no-no while on Z. Thanks for sharing so that other's did not have to learn the hard way like you did. Big hug~~Wistful
  8. Aww, shucks! I've missed you guys, too. Big hug~~Wistful
  9. Hi, everyone! Ohhh, it's so good to be back here! (Been busy moving into a new house. So for awhile, my puter was down & then the last few times I tried to get here, I could not.) Anyway, it IS good to be back. Fighting off a sinus infection & a pinched nerve. (Dang those heavy moving boxes..lol!) So I played "hooky" from work today. Me? Taking Z because of depression caused by PTSD brought on by a bad car wreck in the beginning of what would prove to be a year from: Now, you guys: -- Ican--long time no see! You too rocket! -- Ados, you go girl! You are living proof that there IS life after depression -- Cakies, linnie, SS, & overT: welcome to the Depression Forum & the Z Room Big hug~~Wistful
  10. Welcome to our Zoloft - (Sertraline) forum! Here is a place to tell us about yourself and welcome other new members. Please feel free to post a bit about yourself so we can get acquainted. Also, new members without the 5 posts needed to start a new topic - read around the room and add a reply to any topic that fits for you. If you don't find what you are looking for, go ahead and post here in this welcome thread. Looking forward to getting to know you!
  11. Hi there! About 7 years ago I had a really bad year, to put it mildly! I mainly requested Z from my DR because I had researched that it was the only FDA approved drug for the treatment of PTSD. And PTSD sure causes anxiety AND depression. For me it has been a wonder drug. Good poll. Big hug~~Wistful
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