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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. thanks for all your advice. he did try mirtazapine for a month to try and combat his sleep problem but he was comatosed for the whole month and the AD side just made him feel even worse. He has also just started taking herbal tablets Kalms night time which are a herbal sleep remedy. He has only tried it a few nights but they seem to be helping him a little and I think he will try anything. He is a bit of a stubborn man who has never really been ill before and this depression has really come as a shock to him so he is really embarassed talking to his doctor and to be honest his doctor isn't really that interested. He never told him half of the side effects he has had just prescribed him the tablets and told him to come back every month. He still has a sex drive and he does still have no trouble having an erection and we can still have sex he just can't orgasm which drives him mad so we have given up trying for a while as I don't want to have him feel any worse. He is still very loving and we still have our hugs and kisses so that is plenty enough for me I know he loves me and I will do anything to get him through the worst of his depression. Sex is important but not as important as his wellbeing. Hopefully over time it may improve fingers crossed :-)
  3. Thanks mimsy I will tell him and see what he says. I haven't really heard much about wellbrutin but I will definitely have to do some research. I know it is really important to him to be able to be intimate with me and I know it is really getting him down that we can't have full intercourse as he just gets frustrated when he can't orgasm. Do you just take the wellbrutin when you are planning to get intimate? I think he will try anything at the minute so I will look into it. Thanks for all your replies. As you have all said it is bad enough being depressed and sex is very important in a relationship and I don't want him to come off the medication just because he can't cope with this side effect.
  4. [ I'm sorry you guys are dealing with this. I've been doing reading on meds because I was rx'd wellbutrin. I stopped taking itafter a week, because the side effects are too scary for *me*. HOWEVER, in the reading I've done, some people have had it prescribed in addition to their ssri and it may help with the sexual side effects. I don't know if it's the case for everyone, but maybe worth him mentioning to his doc. Nothing is ever certain, but we all deserve a fulfilling sex life. Thanks for all your advice. I haven't heard about wellbutrin being used for this but I will definitely look into that. He has already tried one other AD before this but that had the opposite effect and make him sleep all the time. He is not having a good day today he hasn't got off the couch all day and he is really feeling low. Think the constant disturbed sleep isn't helping though as he is constantly shattered he can only sleep for maybe an hour then he is awake for an hour then he falls back asleep for another hour it is making him so tired the next day. He is still trying to work full time as he can't afford to not work so working a full time job while being shattered is getting him down too. Even if we could have sex don't think he'd be able to stay awake long enough at the minute
  5. This is my first post on any forum so please bear with me. My boyfriend has been on fluoxetine for 3 months now and the major side effects that are getting him down are waking up every couple of hours in the night therefore waking up shattered all the time, and the inability to orgasm. He is talking about coming off it as he is struggling with the inability to orgasm. He hasn't lost his sex drive at all he is still as horny as ever and he has no problem getting aroused :-) he is just frustrated as no matter what we have tried he can not orgasm with me. We are very open and we can talk about everything and he has told me that he has managed to come by himself but it takes him forever and a day. The fluoxetine seems to be helping him with the depression but I am worried that if this problem doesn't fade or go away he is going to come off them. Has anyone got any advice regarding this or any similar experiences. He is hoping it subsides after a while and I am too. He is worried I am going to leave him if we can't have the good sex life we used to have, he already wonders how I put up with him as he can be really hard to be with at times because of his mood swings. I have assured him I am going nowhere but when you are depressed I don't think you see things like that.
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