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    Deepster got a reaction from Lunachick in Wyeth Patient Assistance Program   
    You're full of information, and this is indicative of the quality of support you offer. I say this from experience. I am one of those who recieves the benefit of this program. Without this, as well as the WalMart discount drug prgram I can survive!(Now for the antagonist in all of us, this is not a plug for Walmart, but they have a pretty extensive discount drug program that fits my budget. There may be others out there). I dare say that if anyone out there relys upon their state MH system to help them with meds, this whole process will be totally transparent, and it's even unlikely you'll even know what has gone on behind the scenes to get you "connected" with this program by Wyeth. I never recall having to fill out any paperwork. The meds just magically appeared, and still do! I get Pristiq totally free. I get Ambien for $12/mo. Two other meds that are generic, I get from Wmart for practically nothing compared to brand names.
    If anyone out there has a state funded MH system, I'd check with them first. They are the people who will make this service seamless to you. My NP writes the prescrips every 3 months, and all I have to do is go pick them up. But, like I said, for the Ambien, I do pay $12 every month.
    It just makes me want to bang my head on the keyboard when I think about how many health care providers have access to the information you've just posted, yet they don't direct patients to them. The more I look at my own state's MH care system, the more entralled I am with all they can, and really will do for those who simply ask, or even better yet have a MH care provider who works "with the system" to see that all patient's needs are met.
    Thank you for posting this!
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    Deepster got a reaction from HappyFan1969 in Pristiq Side Effects After One Missed Dose   
    Oh, horror! Oh, horror! Things like this all posted all over the web daily. The thing is that no one asks who has done well. Well, I have. I love Pristiq! It has been the only AD that I have ever taken that I have had basically no SEs with in the startup. I have not yet tried to get off Pristiq, so I cannot judge not comment on the SEs that might occur.
    I just want to remind everyone that when I see a post like this, I do not question nor make judgements about what the poster is presenting. For instance some people can take Celexa without problems. For me it created pscyhotic hallucinations.
    As different as we all are, the same differences exist in meds. Yep, it's your basic merry-go-round of meds for most of us. Pristiq was and is easy for me. When or if I discontinue it I will post regarding my experience. For now, it's great!
    Warmest Regards,
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