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  1. I have to agree with Every to a certain extent, Logic, it sounds like you are going thru something called anaylsis paralysis". When we are tired of these type reactions to the stimuli around us, we become almost indifferent. But it's my belief that true depression is indeed nothing more than indifference,. I am no way saying this is totally true for eveyone, but "indiffence" can come in many forms, and it is absolutely one of the major methods that our minds have to deal with depression. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  2. I realize that I have the right of "choice" in everything in my life, and that with every "choice", there is a "consequence". Warmest Regards, Deepster
  3. Jim Bow- I saw you state some similar statistics regarding benzos yesterday and did some research on my own with little success. Would you mind PM'g me with the source of your various phamacological data regarding the comparisons of benzos? I have been on benzos for years at a low dosage, and would be very curious to educate myself regarding your claims. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  4. There are some interesting thoughts brought up in this thread. I, however would like to remind all that your are NOT, and SHOULD NOT ever consider yourself to be your "diagnosis". You must be proactive in your own recovery. You must understand that through medication, self-advocacy with your servcice providers, and primarily through EDUCATION you can and will become the "expert" in dealing with your own conditions. I promise you that through education you can and will become the expert in dealing with yourself, your medicators, and your therapists. YOU must take control and never relinquish it totally to anyone beyond yourself. It can be done and is being done everyday. Seek the answers yourself, and be prepared to answer all the questions yourself before turning matters totally into other's hands. Seek through your social services entitiy what "educational" services might be available in your area for free. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  5. farscape- Paxil is one of the most potent side effect creating ADs out there. Yes, you can start on small doses, but I can almost assure you that you will experience "ramp-up" side effects of insomnia.... I can almost assure it will somehow affect your sleep patterns. Also, Paxil can have SEs that take up to 45 days(perhaps longer) to adjust to. If you are just starting, you may well need a doc's note for some days. My experience with Paxil was that I should have requested to 45 days off right up front. Paxil was not a particularly good med for me. It made me feel great for several years. Susequently it was determined that i am BPII, and Paxil would flip me in to excessively long periods of hypo-mania. I loved the feeling, yet hated the consequences. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  6. Actually, it used to take the FDA five or more years to make drug approvals, so I don't find this "five" year clinical trial so alarming. After all, this is an invasive procedure that as of yet seems to be in "trial" for everything that it's being tested for. Invasive therapy is quite a bit different than medication therapy and requires much more clinical data to support it as "warranted" or "effective". I know it seems like a long time, but just look at what the truly lobotomy debacle created in the world of mental health. Would you want a repeat of that mess? HANG IN THERE! Warmest Regards, Deepster
  7. I can only add that I am a true beleiver in CBT/DBT{especially}, and that MINDFULLNESS is a powerfull thing. Both teach that there is is conequence to every action or emotion. Did you consider the consequences? Warmest Regards, Deepster
  8. I think it's the same for many of us with depression. It's not an addiction or a lack of willpower. It's a medical condition that needs to be treated. I honestly think downNotOut has put it pretty succintly here. My feeling is that even if a person has to be an addict for eternity to maintain a state of viable recovery, then so be it. I have known people who not only were challenged with depression but also with chronic pain(frequently they go hand in hand). I think in many of these cases I have seen, these people are more concerned with being addicted to opiates or barbituates than they are with their depression. I think education plays a major part in this....a MAJOR part! However, medications are in many/most instances essential in long term recovery. If the outcome is that you are addicted to this or that medication, then so be it. Whatever stablizes you will enable you to make the most of the challenges you face, and can often be the only thing that can propel us to seeking relief through other therapies. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  9. Wild Child, I think Samma Bear has stated the most significant thought in this thread.....we are all here to help each other. I have not been around for awhile due to a job change, but I can say this forum is all about pulling each other "up". The more we give,the more we get. Thanks for still being around Warmest Regards, Deepster
  10. All of this varies apparently from state to state. In the state of NC, "clinical" pshychologist CAN diagnose your condition and then refer you to a psychiatrist who will prescribe your medications. There are even two states where clinical psychologists can prescribe medications. It is likely that if you sat with a clinical psychologist for about 1.5-2 hours and were bombarded with questions, you were rendered a clinical diagnosis directly from the DSM IV, and now a prescriber will take over. A "non-clinical" psychologist cannot in general offer you a diagnosis, but may work closely in conjunction with your psychiatrist. Check out your state's requirements, and post in the "Psych 101" forum under this topic. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  11. Sorry about having done that, I did post a reply, but somehow ended up deleting it and leaving only your post. I just got home from work, but I will post a relply. Sorry about the confusion! I am in the midst of a job transition and just have so many things on my mind I'm struggling with being "mindful". Warmest Regards! Deepster
  12. Hi Trace, Yes, they certainly are. Gareth As a NAMI member, the only thing I'd like to add here is it is "we" not "they". Warmest Regards, Deepster
  13. Dr_Teeth- "Thought Disorder"? I'm not fond of this terminology as it's somewhat stigmatizing as it is so broad and draws no conclusions, especially on the part of a "professional". This is more specifically a "schizoeffective disorder", or more commonly known as "schizophrenia". The individual variations can swing wildly. Best news is that there are generally accepted and proven treatments. Then again, perhaps your mental health professional is trying to "protect" you from something.....like THE NEWS of your diagnosis. I just still don't even feel good about that either. I understand your concerns, and am totally sympathetic. These types of psychotic disorders can be difficult to diagnose, and can be difficult to trea,t as there are so many "types" and so many medications. My thinking is that you should just seek out the best and the brightest of MH professionals for treatment, and understand that relief may not come instantly. Find a doc you trust, and follow the advice given. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  14. nostalgic- What you are talking about here is the very essence of "Mindfulness". It is the basic of Dialectical Behvioral Therapy(DBT). There is actually an online course in DBT, PM me if you want the link. THe online course mostly deals with DBT from the BPD perspective, as that is what it was orginally designed to treat, yet it's tenets have now spread to all area of mental health and substance abuse treatments. Mindfulness is all about living in the "here and now", "in the moment". It's about balancing the "Emotions" with the "Rational Thinking" and coming up with a "Wise Mind" approach to living. I facilitate a weekly class in advanced "Wise Mind" and the text I use for the cirriculum is "The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook", McKay, Wood, and Brantley. My recommendation would be to enroll in a class if possible that guides you through the skills of DBT. Tackling it on your own can be somewhat tedious and mind boggling, yet you might gain much from it. Sounds like you are already on your way in practicing "mindfulness". My best to you! Warmest Regards, Deepster
  15. Howdy, and welcome to DF! I can only say from personal experience that this is the place to come. Misery and dark depression are the very reasons that many of us show up here, so rest assured you are not alone. There's an entire community of open and listening ears here. We all guide and support each other. Maybe you need to see a mental health professional. How might you go about doing that? What are your options, you know those in your community? Have you investigated them? And, even if you haven't, nor to do you know how to go about doing so, we can still help. It's likely that in order to recieve the most efficient help. we'll need to know where you are geographically located in the US or other country.....just a state can be helpful. I know your state of confusion and despair. Hang in here with us! Warmest Regards, Deepster
  16. Do you have US citizenship? Nothing can be stated with fact nor even consideration without that one piece of information. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  17. Hello, Mad2Bhere! First it's great to see you on DF. You'll find much support here. Next, I know little to nothing about Milnacipran as it's not a medication used here in the US for depressive disorders. I do understand that it is a SNRI(serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inihibitor) in the same class of drugs a s Effexor. I thas been my experience over the years that serotonin is the one that almost always causes the problem you are exeriencing......"brain zaps". It is quite possible that the effectiveness(quantity) of serotoninn reuptake is not in balance with what you were accustomed to on Effexor, and therefore the "zaps". I'm not a medical professoinal, so I'd recommend you consult your pdoc regarding what you are experiencing. It could be that just an adjustment in the dosage could solve the problem. At least let your pdoc know what you are going through. It may also require a bit of "rided out the storm" as each medication will likely be somewhat different in pharmacological make-up. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  18. fairy_wren: I completely support hetairai's advice. Suicidal ideation can be DEFINITE unwanted SE from many AD's. Contact your pdoc, too, on an emergency basis. This is truly something not to be taken lightly. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  19. I'd just like to add that if you are currently recieving prescription medications from a professional, do not even consider adding "naturopathic" medications on top of them wihtout professional approval. I know that to some extent the two stand in opposiston. However, it is YOUR wellbeing that you should be most concerned with. Most psychiatrists do not understand naturopathic approaches, and certainly naturopaths are going to stear you clear of "synthetics". My opinion is that they both most likely have their place. You are more than likely going to find the best or worst results by trying one or the other......but not both at the same time. If one choses the naturopathic approach I fully support that. If one choses the pharmaceutical approach I fully support that. If one choses a combo, I'd do so with caution, accepting full responsiblity for the outcome, and "blaming" no one....other than oneself. I guess you could say that I support "education" above "medication" at every turn. Just some random thinking. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  20. Hello, anthrax, and welcome to DF! You'll find a lot of support here! While I agree with your self-advocacy approach, and self-empowerment, please don't attempt to self-diagnose. You will find so much on the internet, as well as books and other media that can likely convince you that you are afflicted with all kinds of maladies/disorders. Aside from that, if you are seeing a mental heath professional, you are likely to meet with much resistance when they even "percieve" that you are self diagnosing. I have not read this book, so I therefore cannot state a qualified opinion. "I thinks" can lead you onto a long a winding road to nowhere. Share your opinions and your research with a "qualified" mental heath professional before even "potentially" veering off your road to recovery. Now, as far as peer to peer support, we can give that here. Many folks may have differing opinions to yours. Most likely some will agree with you. Some won't. I say(without having read the book) that your seeking opinions here can be very helpful. But, as with all MH challenges the "proof" is in the eye of the beholder....much like medication is in the body of evidence regarding each of us individually. If the book helps YOU, then consider it beneficial. I'm sure someone will come along with personal concepts of the book. Accept them with mindfulness of whether or not it has helped you. YOU then become the "qualified" person to pass on your personal experience.......Hmmmm, almost sounds like "homework", eh? I have found that in my own road to recovery I might be the "first to read" something, and then share my experience/quantification of the helpfullnes, and then share. Do things within your own order and with your own level of comfort. I'd like to see opinions on this book, but I'll still take them into my own scope of my personal recovery concept. Warmest Regards, Deepster
  21. I so agree with 1099! Folks who have low self-esteem issues want you right along side them. And, they will bring you down to their level if you let them.. It's their natural inclination. You should rejoice in the achievements you have made, and will continue to make. Either remove yourself from toxic persons, or at least learn how to deal with toxic comments in a healthy manner. Sounds like to me you are doing beautifully! Keep it up! Warmest Regards, Deepster
  22. Interesting topic! I'll buy many, many things that I find on sale. I love used book stores. I can walk out with more reading than I'll do in a year. I freak out and rummage like crazy in those grocery stores that have an entire isle of "mark downs" in grocery carts. One of my strangest episodes was when I walked into W-mart at about 3 am and encountered a line of carts filled with marked down sock. All were $1/pair. I bought 52 pairs of socks! Back when I made and had big money it was trips....trips to anywhere! I'd buy a plane ticket to anywhere there was an airport a motel and a bar. Of course, I'd also do very spur of the moment trips to Europe about every three months. Were those the good times or the bad times? Hypomania cannot disguiguish! I just simply breezed through about 500K of retirement savings in a 2-3 episode of hypomania, and this was after I retired at the age of 48 from a high paying career. Now, I'm kind of a "grunt" worker, yet it's a job I love, and I'm in a helluva lotta trouble with the IRS Warmest Regards, Deepster
  23. Wish I could "wish" that feeling away from you TG! You know we are all here to support you, and we all have those days too! Sunday's are difficult for me me. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps it's the only day I don't work, and I pile up unrealistict experctations upon myself. Anything in particular you want to talk about? Warmest Regards, Deepster
  24. Sheepwoman- Hate to be contrarian, but Kava Kava is available in every health foods store I visit. as well as every online source. I have found no evidence online nor elsewhere that it's restricted in any of it's forms. I personally know persons who consume it every day. Could this be a California "restriction". I don't know. It's also available through every online "supplement" resource I am familiar with. Could you further explain your position? Kava kava can be purchased in grocery stores throughout the US. Should people without proper PROFESSIONLAL advice consider taking this supplement? Absolutely not! If you are taking a "prescribed" medication and are considering Kava Kava, do not do so without appropriate medical advice and supervision. This is NOT a controled substance in the USA, and to advise otherwise is well, irressponsible? It is well known, well used, and readily available in all 50 states. When I see this kind of disinformation posted, it's just one of those those things that make me go..."hmmmmm". Have I missed a float in the parade? Warmest Regards, Deepster
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