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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. i don't really want to ask him because i don't want him to get mad that i'm using my husbands rx too. by the time i call my doc and leave a message it usually takes them like a week to call back because they are so busy. i live in a huge city and they are packed and beyond busy all the time. thats why i was asking here. i know its the basically the same meds but since one is extended release and one isn't, i was just wondering if it was ok to take them both at once in the morning.
  3. Hi my name is Sarah. I'm from Detroit, Michigan. I am 28 years old, married for 9 years, with a 9 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. I have been struggling with Depression, Anxiety, and Anger problems ever since i was a kid. And most of the time, I really have no clue why. I've tried Meds and no meds and everything in between. Found this website and thought i'd jump on board to get some support and to give some support as well. :)
  4. Hi, I am new here and just had a quick question. Years and years ago i used to Take Wellbutrin SR 150mg twice a day. Than i got pregnant with my daughter and nursed her for 2 years so I had to choose to stay off the medication until recently. My doctor had given my husband a generic form of wellbutrin, Bupropion 75mg to help his sex drive that he had lost due to taking lexapro. It wasn't helping him so since i used to take name brand Wellbutrin (they didn't have a generic yet back when was taking it, as far as i know), i decided to finish up his RX because i had just started going back to school and the stress and depression and anxiety was just getting to be too much. It was time for me to start back on my meds. I tried to live without them but that wasn't working out so well. Anyway, i took it for 2 months and could tell that it wasn't the same as the name brand Wellbutrin, but i still took it because it was better than nothing at all. So 2 weeks ago I finally went to my doctor and asked to get back onto the Wellbutrin. I wanted to try the Xl 300mg but he would only give me the 150mg for now. which i've already gotten used to over the last 2 months so i wanted to get back onto my normal dose of 300mg that i used to take years ago. he said to take it for a month and than he would increase it. Anyway, got my RX filled and started taking it and i feel a little better but not much. I got my husbands RX refilled so i could take it with my RX for at least this month until my doc ups my dose. Is it ok to take my Budeprion XL 150mg (made by TEVA) WITH the Bupropion HCL 75mg (made by Apotex)? I take one XL a day so i figured i would take 1 of the 75mgs in the morning with my XL dose and than take another 75mg around dinner time, so it would all equal up to 300mg a day. Is it safe to mix the extended release with the normal releasing pills? just for this month until i tell my doc i want the NAME brand Wellbutrin XL 300mg next month.
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