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  1. My dysthymia has odd physical sensations, like the feeling of constantly touching a material that I don't like (rubbing corduroy gives me the creeps). It is not painful or as distressing as yours, but the desire to prevent that icky feeling kept me immobile for days, months, and years. And I mean immobile. Have changed meds recently, discontinued 20 mg. escitalopram which kept me OK but not comapared to this new change to 120 mg. duloxetine, and just added 150 mg Wellbutrin. Better than I have felt in many years with the exception of a brief, one month interval 4 years ago when a combination of other meds worked for awhile. Dysthymia is sinister and insidious. I have lost a decade or two of my life because of it, always thinking it was me. Granted...yes...it's not all phsyiological, but in my case medications have brought me back to life several times. Don't give up searching, it is not right for us to feel this way when we're dysthymic...something is WRONG!
  2. I had an initial great reaction to 2 mg, then 5 mg daily of Abilify. I had about 4 to 6 weeks of normal interest in things and a good activity level. A couple weeks ago I started declining again. Not sure if my depression feels worse this time or it just seems that way since I had some good recent times to compare it with. The PA upped me to 15 mg Abilify, I'm on my third day. I really hope this jumpstarts me again, the frustration of feeling good then bad again, is so difficult for me. I'm on Wellbutrin 150 mg daily, amiltriptyline 10 mg, and Lexapro 10 mg as well. I see the Dr. this Wed. for a physical coincidentally, so between bloodwork and 4 months into new meds, maybe we'll figure something out. The good thing is that I fall asleep well, and wake refreshed, early, ready to start the day. That hasn't happened for years, I used to dread the awakening process and would almost always want to go back to bed. I was hoping the initial good Abilify response meant something, although I prepared myself in case it wasn't permanent. Granted I have situational things going on that contribute to depression. Has anyone experienced an intial good reaction with Abilify added, then decline until it got up to 15 mg?
  3. Another good update. After about 6 weeks on Abilify I think I've found my combination. Dr. added klonopin for the irritability which has been pretty intense, usually late afternoon and evenings. I've done more in the last few weeks than in a year, it seems. Feeling motivated, able to move and do things all day without that crushing fatigue and disinterest in everything. One of the most surprising aspects is that I wake up alert and ready to start the day. I used to despise mornings, would rather get a root canal than go through the awakening process every morning. I'm taking 10 mg. Lexapro, 5 mg Abilify, 150 mg. Wellbutrin, 10 mg. Amiltriptyline, and now a little bit of Klonopin every day. I pray that this continues to work. Getting well makes me realize how incapacitated I was. I mean I KNEW it, but it really puts it in perspective. Asked the PA what was working on what...she basically said Abilify controls the seratonin gates...whereas the SSRI's enable more seratonin, but other things can shut it down? I realize these are simplifications, but wondered how Abilify seemed to kick it into gear. I hope everyone keeps trying new things and never gives up. I am so happy I can function again.
  4. My followup that I hope helps someone: Still doing better 12 days after starting Abilify and amiltryptiline (probably the Abilify in combination with the WB and Lexapro. Felt so good I was wondering, hmmmmm, maybe I am going manic, but I have settled out, just acting like what a normal person would...actually cleaning, wanting to continue things without stopping mid stream, etc. I am now taking 2 mg. twice a day of Abilify, as Dr. told me, she said, "If you feel a little better, take a few more, you're at small dose, won't hurt". One day I felt so good I thought I should back off on the night 2mg, but took it anyway. I seem to be steady state now. I hope everyone struggling with the Abilify costs can find a way to get it. It likely is what is helping me, although with my cocktail of 4 meds, who knows.
  5. Hi Trying to Smile in PA: After 1 week of Abilify and Amiltryptiline (plus the Wellbutrin and Lexapro) I've started to feel better. It comes up sudden, like all of a sudden I'll laugh at something silly the dog did, I actually surprise myself with a reaction. I was hoping that WB's good track record for energizing, etc. would apply for me. Right now, I don't know WHAT is helping...the Abilify with WB, Abilify with Lexapro, or I guess even the amiltryptiline (Elavil) could become effective even though it's used for sleep. I think I'm so used to anhedonia, it has seemed like normal. I would read all those descriptions 'lose interest in doing normal things' and for some reason, it never registered, yet THAT WAS ME off and on for many years. Regarding these meds in general: seeing the graphs of bipolar cycling; if the unmedicated human brain produces cycling between depression to mania or sub-mania, maybe that explains why certain meds are ineffective or effective depending on when they are introduced in the brain's cycling. I hope it really kicks in for you. All your descriptions apply to me. Work goes fine, but on my own time I'm useless. Maybe if someone held a gun to my head all day I'd produce. Regarding Abilify cost: turns out I was able to use the 30 day coupon, long story, but from now on my copay will be around $175 not $792.
  6. Update: After 10 days back at half dose (150 mg) Wellbutrin I had a couple of good days, early this week. Felt motivated, somewhat interested in getting some things done. Since I had already scheduled a doctor appointment when I was feeling awful days prior, I saw the nurse practitioner today. She thinks I might be Bipolar II (all I've ever had was 'depression' diagnosis...no specifics.) She said my complete absence of hypomanic episodes could have been masked by irritation, agitation...which has been controlled by citalopram in the last 12 years (I'm paraphrasing) but doesn't address some of the depressive attributes. I will continue with WB and Lexapro, and she added Abilify, and amiltryptiline for sleep. I'm happy to try new things, but could not afford to get the Abilify today, $792 at Walmart. (Need to qualify for prescription assist program). I want to figure out once and for all what I am, and how to treat it. I function at work...in fact in the last 10 years, that's all I was ever good at...I lost all pleasure in hobbies, wild horses would have to drag me out to do something. Or it would be forced activity, with little appreciation. All I could do was work. And NOT working now IS NOT helping. My Mom clearly had dysthymia if not Bipolar, probably BPII. A lot of what I thought passes for normal in our family is probably skewed due to these illness(es). Granted, I can see where nurture plays a role, too.
  7. Update: After about 6 full weeks on the full 300 MG dose of WB, I backed off to 150 mg. daily. I'm also on my 3rd week of 10 mg. Lexapro instead of 20 mg. Celexa. Still in a pretty worthless pattern...sleeping too much (I know...that can prolong depression) and doing nothing except a few little errands a day. Made Dr. appointment for next week. Not sure what is meds, what is situational. All I know is that days before I started WB I started yoga and resumed serious bodybuilding and some aerobic, and felt exceptional for about a week or 10 days. Thereafter, I was even building up my weights (highest in my age class) but was just going through the motions, deriving no pleasure during or after. I'm frustrated that almost 2 months on WB have elapsed and I'm no closer to an answer, and might have to experiment with other combinations and lose more time. I would ingest anything at this point to give me motivation.
  8. On my 5th full week of 300mg Wellbutrin, after 1 week at 150mg. Still fighting depression possibly worse than when I started Wellbutrin. Dr. switched me from 20 mg. Celexa to 10 mg. Lexapro, concurrent with Wellbutrin. Mostly experiencing anhedonia an unmotivation, not too much anxiety. Initial side effects from WB, such as irritation, being hyped up, are gone. Coincidentally started vigourous exercise and yoga same time as Wellbutrin, and despite being regular and losing about 8 lbs (gained muscle, lost fat) which is fantastic, I'm still fighting to feel what passes for normal for me. Anhedonia best describes me. Granted, I'm not working, and living in a place I detest with relationship problems...but seem unable to make decisions and progress within my means. Dr. will try Prozac next, if Lexapro doesn't pan out. Celexa gave me a new lease on life when I started it 12 years ago. It gave me a zest for life I had forgotten about since my teens. I really want to get something like that again.
  9. Hello, I've successfully been on citalopram 20 mg. since 2001. It was a miracle for me, but leveled off in recent years. Dr. started me on Wellbutrin 150 mg 1x for the first week, and have been at 300 mg. for almost 4 full weeks now. Due to the fact I started vigorous exercise AND yoga (my first time) days before starting Wellbutrin, I had a great first week that coincided with the first doses. I felt so exceptional that I thought all the severe problems of my health and depression from recent years would be eradicated. But about two weeks in, I started to feel a little more depressed and unmotivated. Anhedonia is one of my key issues. Then I got a bad stomach virus that masked anything the Wellbutrin was doing. Now that I'm over that, I can definitely say I'm back to my classic depression...worse than before I started Wellbutrin, but tolerable since I'm hoping it's med related and temporary. However...I've been prone to depressive episodes post sickness several times before...even when I was in great shape, a flu or bad cold launched me into an episode. Celexa worked for me like flicking on a light switch, 12 years ago, at the 4 week mark when I wasn't thinking about it, no placebo effect. I'm hoping Wellbutrin does something similar.
  10. Hi, Just saw this, haven't been to this site in a long time. I had a very bad time with generic citalopram made by Torrent Pharmaceuticals, an Indian mfgr., in 2009. Didn't know that this specific brand was causing terrible problems with joint pain and weakness, until by chance I filled my prescription elsewhere. Despite suggestions to the contrary, I believe that formulation had a filler I reacted to, or insufficient citalopram (was taking the 40 mg pill but cutting in half). It truly debilitated me for about 6 months. I returned to name brand Celexa afterward, then went on Cymbalta for other reasons. I am back on citalopram made by Dr Reddy Labs, also in India. But I read that they have a distribution agreement or something, with Torrent. My finances don't support Cymbalta presently ($210 a month w/o insurance) but if this generic citalopram gives any bad symptoms I'll return to name brand. In short: Let your body tell you if you have a reaction. Granted, it could take days or weeks. I never dreamed I would have a bad reaction; I had been on citalopram for 8 years prior to that happening, no psychological factors were in play. Just a bad mix that ruined my life for 6 months. I researched drug reactions and was unable to find a correlation between medication side effects during that time frame for citalopram. Chances are you'll be OK, but be alert. Hope this helps a little.
  11. I'm updating my earlier post about spaciness: I'm in my 2nd month and am doing absolutely GREAT. This is similar to when Celexa first kicked in for me at week 4, many years ago. I cut my dose back to 30 mg which I take before bedtime. No apparent side effects. Granted...I also recently became employed and thus am more disciplined with better time management, and other positive life changes coincidentally. But I do believe a great part is a positive reaction to Cymbalta. I have none of the spaciness that I had on 60 mg, but that could have been start up as well as dosage.
  12. Hi, I was very successfully on Celexa for almost 10 years, but 4 weeks ago, due to general apathy and fatigue, my doctor had me do a slow taper off Celexa while starting Cymbalta; 30 mg. for one week, then 60 mg. since then. I got a pronounced kick the first week or so, but now am tired, feel disassociated, kind of loopy and spacy. I have read many posts and fully understand I may be in the break-in period. But I just wanted some feedback as to when some of you became fully up to speed. I am not depressed nor anxious, but am fighting for motivation and energy. Thanks!
  13. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  14. I'm with you guys totally, waiting for something to kick in again. My first few days on Prozac were great, it was like speed, then over the next 8 weeks I slowly reverted into a sleeping, hiding mass of protoplasm. I thought it was due to stress...it happened so slowly, now it seems it's like old times pre-medication. Probably going back to Celexa, but really wonder whether Prozac increased dose is advised.
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