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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. by the way,i like that av*love the colors*S*

  4. I would stay away from Ritalin unless you have ADD or such. It's an amphetamine and you would have to keep increasing your dosage over time to get the same effect. It probably could cause anxiety too like other amphetamines can. I did not get anxiety from Straterra but I also think it is NOT an amphetamine.
  5. Maybe Straterra? I tried it and it seemed to work to boost brain function and alertness, but the price is outrageous too.
  6. Bebo~Did you ever try it? Did you like it? Tell me more...
  7. I am here reading too...to catch up on lost time. Sorry I haven't been here for you. I have no excuse except that I have barely been able to get by myself. But I am here now.
  8. Hello to any old friends here. I haven't been on for a while and hate to see the threads so quiet. We used to be so busy here. I came on to research Provigil. I am looking for an awakening type of drug to go along with my Prozac. I need to be more awake and with it but without the jitters and anxiety that amphetamines cause. I figured this might be a good one. Anyone care to comment on the efficacy of this drug and how long it lasts in total. What I mean is does it lose it's efficacy if you take it every morning? Also, any trustworthy websites to order without an Rx would be great. I realize this drug is very expensive. Anyone know if the generic is coming out soon? I see that you can order the generic from India but not sure if it will be the same.
  9. I'm on a crumb of Zoloft now. Oh, and .05 mcg. Synthroid if that counts here.
  10. Well, now that I think about it, a lot!!! I am only on a crumb of Zoloft now, but in the past... SERZONE~About 8 years ago for about 9 months. It helped the anxiety but made me a little numb. BUSPAR~For a few months after the Serzone. Worked well for anxiety, but made me lazy. I realize now, my dosage was too high. CELEXA~Two weeks. Hated it. Felt in a total fog and couldn't think straight. Maybe I didn't give it enough time? PROZAC~For two weeks. Gave me severe migraines. Had to stop even though I liked it otherwise. Sexual side effects too. ST. JOHN'S WORT~For a few months. Helped a little with depression. Made my eyes very sensitive to light. Helped decrease appetite a little. Don't remember why I stopped it. 5-HTP~For a few months. Worked a little. Don't remember why I stopped it. NATURE'S SUNSHINE MOOD ELEVATOR/Chinese Herbs~Slowly helped me feel pretty good, decreased depression and anxiety. Then I moved away from store I was getting it from, and stopped. Then wanted to get pregnant and felt decent enough to stop everything. So, nothing for about 5 years and just dealt with irritability and anxiety as it came. Then major depression came... WELLBUTRIN~For about 9 months helped depression immediately and totally. The first 2 weeks was H E L L!!! Then it was great. Decreased appetite, too, and increased libido, more energy!!! However, due to life changing events, I could not handle the anxiety from it anymore and had to go off since I could not split the pills and take less. Also, major word loss. LEXAPRO~About 1 month. Made me angry and some sexual side effects. PROZAC~For about a month. No migraines, but felt a little foggy and had major sexual side effects. ZOLOFT~For about a year now, found a decent low dosage. It helps with anxiety a lot and depression a little. Decreased anger. too. Some sexual side effects, lowered libido and more difficult to O. However, not bad enough to stop the Z. Also, slowly gained 15 lbs over 6 months. Not good. Staying on small amount. Tried to go off but found out I needed my "crumb." Also, XANAX or VALIUM when absolutely necessary which is rare, like once every three months. So, that's where I am now. I still may try Straterra also to see if can help with focus and motivation and energy. However, my insurance won't cover it since I am not diagnosed ADD (even though I am slightly ADD), and it's $4 per pill!!! That was kind of fun and interesting to do. When you have time, do the same. It makes you remember the journey you took to get here even though some of it was very difficult. Hopefully you will all find something that works and helps.
  11. I don't necessarily feel anxious when I am clenching, but I figure I must be? Who knows? But the headaches were horrible and I ended up with 3 root canals from clenching!!! Ugh! And, yes, the benzos also make you just feel good, but they are more addicting than Buspar. Buspar just takes the edge off in a more subtle way. I like subtle meds for certain things. It's personal, I know.
  12. LOLOLOL!!! Actually, the Straterra is for me to try!!! I guess I didn't mention that. I am assuming it is because I don't have any past diagnosis of ADHD or anything like that. Or maybe they don't cover it at all, no matter what. We are still going through the paper process to figure out if my son ADD yet. I'll keep you posted.
  13. My doc. gave me a RX for Straterra but my insurance won't cover it! It is almost $4 per pill. My God. I can't believe it. So, I will go get a week's worth to see how it works before I fight with my insurance company for them to pay. Ladylight~How are you doing on it?
  14. Since it is a ser. and nor. ep. reuptake inhibitor, I would think it could be dangerous with some ADs. Let me know what you find out Bebo.
  15. I like Buspar. It did not decrease my appetite though. It decreased my anxiety without making me exhausted. Even though some docs say it has to build up in the system, I found that it worked right away but more subtly than ativan, xanax or any of the benzos.
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