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  1. AC - while I don't understand some of the specifics of what you did in the encounter yesterday, I enjoyed your story. I think it is wonderful that you are becoming aware of the "games" we play in our heads, and even better, you are taking new actions. Good for you! And good for the people you interact with, too. :)
  2. Welcome, blackrider! Thanks for sharing your background. I know exactly what you mean about how hard it is to make even minor decisions, let alone major, life-changing ones, when you have depression. I hope you will work with a doctor to try out meds (if the St John's wort isn't doing the job) - there are so many new meds and combos these days. It can take a while to find what works best, but they can do wonders.
  3. Maybe DG is so un-depressed that he no longer needs to visit us here! :)
  4. Trib, I remember the other incident you mentioned. The only thing I can think of is that maybe your brain is just processing things slowly as it adjusts to the med. Maybe you actually see something (or taste it, or whatever) and then, because of the brain chemical changes taking place, it sort of registers more properly a second later. I don't know! It does sound odd, but it kind of makes sense to me that could happen. This med (any AD) is making big changes in your brain chemistry. It is needed to help you feel better (and it is great that you are already noticing real improvement). I guess you just need patience to allow your body and mind to catch up with the changes. Of course, if anything really serious seems to develop, contact your doctor immediately. I hope, though, that the wierd side effects pass quickly and your improvement continues!
  5. Welcome, Tribulus. I hope you start feeling better soon.
  6. Hi, dela! Have you talked about your concerns with your doctor? That is always important. :) I don't think it is very unusual to be on 50mg of paxil - I was on 60mg for a long time, and at one point took 80mg for a while. However, perhaps you could increase the dosage gradually. Maybe go to 40mg for a few weeks or even a couple of months, and then if needed go up to 50mg. You really need to discuss that with your doctor. Let us know what happens.
  7. Welcome, shopgirl. It is great to have you here... :)
  8. Hang on....there is still time for this med and dosage to work better for you! It can take up to a couple of months at the proper dose for the med to fully do its job. You KNOW zoloft is very helpful to you in some areas; try to wait it out to see if it will do the job on your depression as well. If your doc decides to try you on a higher dose, give that a month or two as well ---- I know the waiting is difficult, but it is worth it to find what works best for you. If, after all of the above, you still do not feel you are helped as well as possible, talk to your doctor about maybe taking a combo of meds. After 10 years on various SSRI antidepressants, my psychiatrist added lamictal. I feel the best I have since before my depression started. I now take 1/2 the AD I used to take along with lamictal. There are plenty of other combination options; if needed, talk with your doc about that. But hopefully the zoloft will do the job for you!!! Let us know how it goes.
  9. Maybe in addition to a book, you could encourage your sister and her DH to see a counselor?
  10. Awwww....so, how did she do, CG? Happy B'day to your little girl!
  11. So....it's that time again!!! New law here in Michigan; public schools (not universities, though), can't begin until after Labor Day. I know many other students are already back in school. How are you doing, students? How about you parents?? :)
  12. I'm not sure if this really applies here or not, but something Cat wrote reminded me of a difficult lesson I had to learn. NO ONE is perfect. I used to just expect that church members - or at the very least the pastor/leader of the church - would always make "right" decisions. Certainly they wouldn't make choices that seemed obviously wrong to me, do "sinful" things! But finally I believe God got through to me...ALL people are fallible and screw up. I, too, have some problems with organized religion. However, I think there are some benefits: learning from other folks, getting support (at times!), etc. No matter what the religion is, I suspect all have good points. But I KNOW all are made up of fallible human beings. It is important that we learn to love God (whoever our God is) and realize that no person is God.
  13. qC, It is great that you are trying to help him, but ALWAYS take good care of yourself first and foremost. If he ever again becomes abusive, get out. No one is worth that. I've been through it - you do not need to! Be very good to YOU! :)
  14. Bird - Work closely with your doc. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you to stay off the med, but hopefully this time it will work great for you. Keep us posted.
  15. I can imagine! It is all terrible, sad, and scary. Just keep taking good care of yourself; that is the best thing you can do.
  16. (((((libra))))) I haven't been involved in a cult, thought I believe there are some others here who may be able to share with you. I can understand that you were violated by the situation you were in. I hope you have been able to get/are still getting counseling; it surely sounds like lots of pain that you need to deal with. After all you've struggled through with this, though, it sounds as if you are making some good choices.
  17. Welcome to DF, cormacobear. Thanks for sharing that passage; it is reassuring.
  18. I've not been on zoloft that long, but have been on either zoloft, paxil or prozac (all similar SSRIs) at various doses for about 11 years. I've found that after several years on one med I generally need a change of some sort - either a dosage change or med change. Actually, for about 18 months I've been on a combo (prozac and lamictal) and that seems to work better for me than anything so far. Of course, everyone is SO different!!! All you can do is try and find out what works best for you. As far as the weaning off zoloft, have you considered trying to wean even slower as you get to the lower dose? For example, if you are fine at 50mg but have trouble at 25, maybe do 50mg for 2 days, then 25 for a day, then 50 for 2, then 25 for a day..... Or even 3 days at 50 and 1 at 25. Whatever works for you. So often, when we wean very gradually it works much better. Again, everyone is different. But many folks find that they can keep cutting the dose in half until they reach a point where they have discontinuation problems. Then, by going back up to the previous level and cutting back EXTREMELY slowly, they do eventually get off the med completely. Let us know how it goes for you.
  19. QuietCherub... Oh! How awful. I am really sorry that you and your bf are going through this. You MUST take care of yourself, and please don't stay around him while he is acting so bad toward you. I am rather surprised that he would have such sudden changes in behavior. Zoloft works by building up the seratonin in the brain, and it takes time to get to where it should be. For most people, missing a couple of days isn't a problem (though it certainly could be, so we need to be careful!). Maybe it is worse for your bf because he is missing frequently. Perhaps the level of seratonin is just not being kept high enough. Still, though, I question his rapid changes. Once he takes a zoloft, it seems odd that he would IMMEDIATELY behave better. Again, it takes some time for the med to become effective. I guess I am wondering if some of his behavior may be more of a placebo effect. I would really suggest he talk to his doctor about this, and hopefully he is seeing a therapist as well. As far as affording the medication, zoloft is now available as a generic and so is cheaper. Also, he should talk with his doctor. Some pharmaceutical companies offer free meds to uninsured folks - but generally they go through the physician.
  20. Steve, I'm sorry to be late in responding to this; I've been away for a few days. I went the other way - from zoloft to paxil - but I know some folks have shared in this room and/or in our paxil room about making the change that you've made. Read around in both rooms; you'll probably get plenty of info. It has been my finding that paxil and zoloft are quite similar. Of course, each person is different. But in general, the meds work quite the same. I hope this works well for you! Karen
  21. Hi, bunnzy, You might want to read some of the info in our forum titled "Parents and Children Central" (I think that is the official name; I always refer to it as Parents & Kids!). There are several discussions in there about taking (or not taking) ADs while pregnant, and there is good info about the topic. Let us know how you are doing. Karen
  22. Dying Willow, I think that God understands if we are ill, and our illness results in our taking our own life. Of course, we try not to do that. We want to honor God and live for him as well as possible. But I believe that if someone does commit suicide, it is probably due to mental illness and forgiven by God. Just my personal thoughts; I know some religions have different beliefs. Karen
  23. Welcome to DF, deepdiver! You aren't the only Muslim we've had share in our room, but you are right that you are certainly in the minority here. Don't worry, though, because you will find a lot of support from everyone. Feel free to start a thread about your faith if you wish; maybe you will meet some others.
  24. Awww, CG! That is sad, but don't give up! Surely you will find a service soon, and just the fact that you have taken the initiative to go out is a huge step. Good for you!!! I will pray that you are able to go again, and find the service you need; also that you will learn to stop feeling guilty. :) Update on me: I'm about day 12 without smoking. Thanks for your prayers; seems like it is not unbearable. Orion --- how is it going? I am praying for you!
  25. Hmmm, how has it been with taking the med at night? If you are still having big trouble, you should let your doctor know. Usually the side effects will lessen in time. It can take up to 1 or 2 months for the med to fully kick in, and sometimes takes that long for the side effects to completely go away. But if your side effects are unbearable, talk to your doctor.
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