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  1. My name is Jackie and I was part of the forum years ago. I recently had a relapse of GAD after having a panic attack due to med doc taking me off a beta-blocker I was on for years, after the drug store was unable to get this particular medication. I have been off work and am getting all kinds of pressure to return, which is tomorrow. I was started on Zoloft and am back on the beta-blocker which also controls blood pressure. it's not an easy road, believe me!

  2. I was on Cymbalta for 7 yrs. and gained about 5 lbs. I agree that you need to talk to your doc as everyone is different but this observation is very interesting. I know not to take this med on an empty stomach. would give me a stomachache in a hurry. Otherwise, I thought it was a very good med for depression and anxiety; I just couldn't afford it after our med coverage changed. Suddenly, I had to pay half the cost. Now on Zoloft. Not covering anxiety so well. Asking doc for evaluation next time I see her.
  3. just stopped in to say 'hi' and let you know that I still think about you and the forums!

  4. i haven't been around in ages and want to say hello to everyone. It's still a struggle, but it has good days, too.

  5. Nope, others are still here. I was diagnosed with GAD, Panic Disorder and Major Depression when I was in Jr. High and have been living with it since I can remember. I was having anxiety problems so bad when i was 8 that I was constantly missing school and not wanting to leave the house. I've tried tons of different meds, but all have had enough side effects that I would rather just deal with the anxiety and I am afraid to try any more. The anxiety has been getting to me lately though, causing me to drop out of college until I can figure out how to calm down. It seems to hit hardest when it gets after dark, and I've been developing new fears at an alarming rate. At this point, I feel that my life is on hold because of the anxiety and I'm just not sure what to do about it. I have had gad for years and initially it was tied in with panic disorder and major depression. numerous financial and employment factors along with marital issues were under this. I couldn't sleep any more than a couple hours straight and would worry constantly about everything, This made taking care of three children and all the responsibility that comes with the Super Woman I was trying to be, exhausting I'm still on meds but working full time and the older children are in college. Marriage still in one piece. I still feel overwhelmed at times and have a short acting med that I only use about one time a month to fall asleep with. Mine didn't start until my first marriage fell apart due to refusal of him to get help with a drug problem and refusal to work. Back in the late '70's. I'm sure problems like this are still out there for anyone in a relationship, as it seems it's only gotten worse. Hope you do whatever is necessary to get your life back to manageable balance. There's lots of ways to do this with professional help. Lots of options. Jackie
  6. It's cool and humid. Tornados about 40mi. away and it's cloudy and ugly out. Still raining on and off. I live on top of a mushroom. Where's the sun? Oh! I forgot... In Ohio, if you don't like the weather, just give it an hour, and it will change. I swear, we just went through a rainy season the last two weeks. The flowers look wonderful. Like a green house out there, especially with the central air on the fritz and the repair man down with the flu.... Jackie
  7. Keep us posted. I'm worried about the safety of your baby and wife....

  8. I had the same type of depression and was on Lexapro 10mg. Until it worked effectively on it's own, my doc put me om a small dose of ativan. Another med used to treat high blood pressure is atenolol and it controls your heartbeat so you can't go into a panic state. My doc put me on that because I have high blood pressure and I didn't have to use the ativan anymore. I was working 30mi. away from home and had to go on FMLA for 6 weeks as I couldn't even stand on the porch of my home for weeks and driving to the docs was a harrowing experienec. Six weeks really isn't that long when you put it in perspective of time. I don't know how people deal with the longterm panic...... Meds surely will help you and your doc is the key. One cannot participate in life with panic disorder when it gets to this level. Docs can medicate us in such as way to stop it's effects. It's up to us after the panic is arrested to undo all the harm it causes in relationships, work, family, finances, ect. Sometimes an apology does wonders, even is your people don't understand the concept of anxiety or anxiety attacks. Another place to look at is the messages one tells one's self. Especially the, "I can't" These messages really messed with my head and I had to learn to catch them when the started. Best Wishes at your appt. Jackie
  9. I'm on different meds for other disorders and have had chronic tinitus for years. I have tried to pin down the culprit with no luck but know that loud music can make it worse. I use the television or radio to drowned out the noise. I'm looking forward to seeing what the eent says about this condition. I just find ways to live with mine. I'm pretty satisfied with my med regime as it covers the symptoms pretty well and I can deal with the ringing.
  10. I have been dealing with depression for years and find that sitting in the sun to be more helpful than staying in bed. Maybe you can try this. I hope the docs don't find nything else wrong. I know you are worried about things, but that's one of those things that keep us depressed. Maybe your thoughts are at work here and finding something more positive to think about may change the way you precieve things. I know this may be difficult to master, but it's helped me form feeling the helplessness you describe.
  11. I also have issues with anxiety and depression and anything that hits my ptsd throws me into a relapse. After a couple of relapses, I developed panic disorder and experienced non-stop anxiety attacks and panic states. While beginning again on meds, I could hardly walk out on the porch, much less drive. The only thing that helped me get my shattered life back together was meds, and starting on them is another story. I had one of those wrecks on the corner of the street where I live and the other driver didn't have insurance, so my insurance covered all my medical expenses and that was about it. If you have medical coverage, it wouldn't hurt to be seen my your medical doctor as the pain usually starts day 2 and you need to be seen asap. Telling your agent you're fine is questionable. I got the front end of my car smashed by a truck and I was so upset that my car was wrecked, I didn't think I was injured, but I was treated for whiplash and 20 years later my neck is full of arthritis. Tell your doc that your anxiety is overwhelming and get advice on who he send people to for anxiety disorders and find out who this person is or go see them and make an assessment whether this is someone you can talk to. Most of these therapist work with the docs and if you need anykind of treatment, they will coordinate it and then they can send the medical bills to the other person's insurance. It just a suggestion as we all have ways to figure out what we need to do, but that's my best advice. And don't sigh any waivers, ect. until you feel well enough to drive and get back into a better state that where you were. This kind of situation causes set backs for us and we need to advocate for ourselves, believe me. Mental illness can be invisable to people who choose to ignore us, but I have it and have also worked with people who have severe mental illness for over 30 years and still do, until they kick me out of the agency, lol!! The way things are currently going, it could me tomorrow. !
  12. Jkm

    Jkm's Blog

    Family is about the same. Husband is still laid off and Mom is as grouchy as all get out. She's been after me for two days to come see her and just doesn't seem to get the fact that I'm 58, work full time have to take care of a husband, three teens and a household where I do most of the work. I wish someone else was at the helm. The latest is thinking about coming off this Cymbalta. I've been on it since it first came out around 1995 and had ulcer surgery about 1 1/2 years ago and know this med isn't good for me. The surgeon put me on Protonix to coat my stomach. I'm also on Neurontin for pain and take atenolol to keep my blood pressure down and my heart beating slower. Stress is my main enemy. Kids are doing great in college and high school. Wish husband would go back to work. He about drives me crazy being home all the time and unemployment and my pay check hardly makes the bills. Mom does help, but she also adds to the stress. I know she's lonely, but I'm tired, worn out and need to see an orthopedic spec. about my shoulder. Been putting this off for a very long time, but my fp sent me for all the cat scans and x rays and it's time to see why I'm in pain with this darned thing. Right shoulder pain is difficult to handle as I use it all the time. I'm thinking maybe Prozac? Will have to look on the boards to see what effects it has as I have Fibro and need something less expensive and not as hard on the belly as Cymbalta.
  13. I was diagnosed with this illness after physical therapy only made my pain for a car accident worse. I think it was back around 1978, so I know how harrowing it can sound. There wasn't much written material around about it and psychiatrist failed to see it as an illness and thought the complaints were just covering up a host of other illnesses, so talking about it to one of them wasn't helpful to a person who deals with it, but it sure is an inroad to depression. Over the years, medication to treat this disorder usually has been antidepressants and the newer ones that also work on the different chemicals work effectively for some, but they are really hard to get on, especially on the stomach and you may want to try something like Lyrica or neurontin to start. It's been really and touch and go thing as our bodies all react differently to meds. Are you currently on some med regime to try to conquer the pain? Lots of love and support, Jackie
  14. If you think you're going into a relapse, please see your doctor. It sounds like you know your relapse symptoms well, and I know one of mine has been the lack of appetite. I have had three children, but the big adjustment is with the first one, and realizing that your life is going through a great big change and will never be the same. I know it really upset me when I got out of the hospital and started trying to take care of another person and this person couldn't speak a word. She could cry, though, lol! Colic! I went back to work when she was 4 weeks old, and that's the thing that saved my sanity. She's 20 now and a straight A student in college, so maybe the thing they say about colicy babies is true, but she about had me nutz! I didn't get any sleep and was lucky if I got 4 hours. All these things people will tell you about napping when the baby sleeps... Well, who's washing the clothes or cooking supper? It wasn't easy and my heart goes out to you if you are feeling blue, as women go through hormonal changes early on. No wonder women stayed in bed for 10 days in the olden days. I think it should be mandatory. Let someone else take care of the baby while we get our heads back together, lol! Really, it's stressful to go through all these changes in your lifestyle. I think that's what upset me the most. Jackie
  15. I've been on Cymbalta for depression and a pain disorder connected to different kinds of arthritis since it came out and I know it's a difficult med to get on, but it does work effectively for my depression, anxiety and pain. I take mine in the morning and do get jet lag after work, but that's a small price to pay for what I experienced on Lexapro, especially the jaw clenching and headaches that went with it. We're all different..... Cymbalta is a time-released med and I think it's why we get the tired feelings. My advice it that you eat well and drink plenty of water and see if that stops the tiredness. Keeping well hydrated is key with this med. I also wanted to tell you that I didn't notice any change in start-up side effects when I went up to 60mgs. Keep up the good work. New meds are scary to start for most of us, but you have our support! Jackie
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