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  1. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Any more comments would be very helpful. Thank you.
  3. So basically, I'm at a point where I think nothing is worth doing. I think I've convinced myself that every last thing that we do is just a mirror reaction of my environment and I can only attempt to adapt and get all the +'s I can and avoid all the -'s. Sometimes I think life would be a lot easier if I just sat in an empty room, eat when I need to eat, sleep when I need to sleep, and stare blankly at the wall until something has affected my environment. To me, this universe is like 1 giant room, why should I keep myself in a room that I don't like? Everybody tells me to stay, it's bad to leave the room, why is that? How can anybody tell me that leaving this room is the worst thing I can do if they've never left the room themselves? I don't think suicide should be frowned upon. I think that this is a world where a whole bunch of bad stuff happens that you can't control, and the likeliness of one being happy in it is very slim, shouldn't I be allowed to leave the room if I want to? You may say you have to choose the right state of mind in order to be happy, I don't think that we actually choose our state of mind, it's a product of our environment, I could choose to change my environment, but I don't see any other environments more comforting. Whenever I talk to anybody, any conversation that I have is irrelevant unless it affects my survival. So why should I have any interest in it at all? To have some "fun?" What is fun? Isn't it just a state of mind or emotion that makes us feel "comfortable" or "alright". Acting like an ***** is actually one of the leading forms of entertainment, why is that? Isn't it just another form of social pressure telling you to not be an ***** otherwise you will be laughed at, which will in turn make you insecure and willing to change/conform to what is considered acceptable. Everything that we do is a tool for our survival, but a lot of (if not most of) the tools that we use are being used in such a crude/unproductive manner. If I could conclude any reason for this world, it would be to survive, and we're certainly not doing it to our maximum potential. Do I need to realize that everything is going to be the way that it is and I cannot change it? I have to accept it or not? Accept s*** or accept unsatisfaction? What is it that keeps you going? Is it your own pleasure? If so, why? Is it because you like it? Is the reason you like it because it's a + and not - and you want to collect all the +'s you can for maximum survival? INPUT PLEASE, I'M ALL TOO CONFUSED, I'M TRYING TO LOOK AT LIFE LOGICALLY, BUT NOBODY ELSE WANTS TO.
  4. I'm a 21 year old male, dead-silent 23/7, never had a girlfriend (not even close to any girl in my life). I've had 1 job at Wendy's for about a year and a half, never made a single friend there. I feel that I'm an intellectual, unable to relate to 99% of people. I'm always like: "It happens.","Okay.", "Whatever, it happens all the time." when people tell me of an event in their life, I don't know what to say, there really is nothing to say at all, I don't know why people insist that if 2+ people are in a room together there must be an endless conversation otherwise there will be awkward silence. I have no interest in anything other than video games, computers, philosophy and self-medicating (don't even try and say that is the problem unless you can dig up some LOGICAL DEBATE). I find it nearly impossible to have a conversation with a female (I've only had 5 or less conversations in a year and a half with females at my workplace that have a relevant point, otherwise they're just babbling on and on about themselves or gossiping about others behind their backs, in which case I have no input), I rarely have any conversation with males either, unless it has a relevant point to it, which is quite uncommon, but much more frequent than that of females. It seems to me that everybody is just faking their whole lives. Trying to fit in and act like others, that isn't what I'm here to do, I will be myself and nobody else. The main problem is that people don't accept me, they socially pressure me/you into talking and acting like them, otherwise you're considered "different" (and no, I don't care about what others think). It's all part of the evolutionary process, which most people do not understand. (e.g: Anybody who acts like a "Gangsta, Goth, Jock, Preppy success-type, etc." is trying to fit in/adapt/out-survive/dominate their environment). Most people do not realize that life is just a game of survival. What do you do when you're virtually alone in these thoughts about that world? How can I possibly find a female that will relate on these same ideas? I've yet to meet one. I'm ready to relate, I'm just not finding anybody that I can actually relate to. The only logical answer I can come to is suicide, but of course (via Evolutionary trap) I don't want to **** myself or I will "hurt" my friends/family.
  5. You've all certainly given me a lot to think about, thank you very much for the comments. So, I'm basically at a standstill here where I'm not sure how I can change myself to improve my quality of life. I find myself almost completely unable to communicate with anybody anymore, only my close friends whom I've known almost all my life. I'm serious here, I've never met anybody else like myself, I have nothing to say to anyone at any point. Everyone else I meet appears to be happy and satisfied with say... going to work for the rest of their lives, barely making ends meat, and gossiping/chatting about random likes and dislikes that lead one into the other and seem to have little or no relevance to anything. It just seems a little INSANELY boring to me. If I find that almost all conversation is extremely boring unless it is about something out of the ordinary, something mind boggling such as existance or the wonders of the universe, or of course a video game... then what can I do but be silent 99% of my life and play video games over and over again with a few male friends (no female I've met seems to have the same passion for video games that I do). Hence the reason I'm a 21 year old virgin who has never had a girlfriend and has no female friends. I'm so utterly confident in that fact that confidence is for the ignorant and logic/reason/truth are the way to go about everything that no girl seems to find me attractive. I don't want to put out some TV personality like most other people have done, is it all just about making one sarcastic joke after another to make yourself feel better or look smarter? It's all too confusing.
  6. I really appreciate your advice, and I'm not trying to be rude here, but I'm looking for a logical reason for me to keep surviving. Just because we exist doesn't mean that we have a purpose to keep existing. I could die today and only a few people would care and then eventually I'd be forgotten and that would be the end of it, it would be as if I never existed in the first place. What I see happening here is... we grew on top of this rock in the abyss, nobody has a clue what we're doing here. Life feeds on life and conserves energy to keep doing so. Our species is a little different, it's so easy for us to survive that we need to entertain ourselves in that void of time we have where we don't need any more energy. I'm just wondering why we keep repeating this process on a daily basis, why are we trying to keep ourselves alive? Some people might say, "I don't know, just try to have a good time." but that answer just isn't cutting it for me. I guess it will probably be the best/only answer that I can ever hope for so I might as well get used to it. I think it just sucks being 100% positive that our existance is meaningless and almost everybody else is trying to say that there is meaning without looking at it logically, I wish people were smarter.
  7. Just try and prove me wrong here: Life is completely meaningless. I am seeking help from people with, more than likely, lesser IQs than mine (and I'm only seeking help because this organism, "me", wants/is attracted to by default, via this organisms recloned traits, the survival of itself at maximum ease/adapatation) and they will surely try to get me to keep on living with illogical, empty statements that appear to have some deeper/higher/meaningful level to them, but they actually don't and there is actually no purpose in living. I am 100% dead set on my want to leave this world, I've seen enough, I'm ready to get the hell out of here. I go to work, I'm dead silent all day long, I speak when spoken to and rarely try to relate to all those people that I hate, all morons, I come home and do whatever it is that I "want" to do for my daily mindless self indulging entertainment that gets me through to the next day. I often just sit here silently for a while and hate my existance, not in an illogical angry sort of way, just that it's so pointless I don't see why I should go on putting forth more positive energy than I receive each day. I could try to get more positive energy than negative, but I just don't see the point. I am not having a good time here, people say... change yourself/surroundings and you will be happy. Oh, well, that's just another excuse, almost a trick if you will, built into our organisms dna/information carried onto the next clone to force "us" the "concious" and all so "special" ones to keep on surviving/adapting and attempting to get more + than -, and I've become quite confident that it's no easy task to keep that +/- ratio 1:1 or better (aka having a good time). I'm certainly not going to try and have a good time the rest of my life and act like it's important. It's obvious that there is no higher power, and even if there is, this higher power has left no evidence behind that could possibly convince me of his existance, so faith is no option for me, I'm a confirmed athiest for life. We're clearly just a growth on a very very very small rock in a sea of billions+ of other rocks that are possibly interconnected with an infinite number of parallel universes making us 0.0____infinite___1/infinite in size and significance to the world/void/space with stuff floating around in it. I don't have the courage to **** myself because I don't want to hurt my "family" & "friends". What am I supposed to do at this point?
  8. Thanks for the comments, guys. I... would be happy if I could, that's what I'm trying to do, but I'm not getting a good good/bad ratio here. I'm doing something like 3:5 good/bad, I need to doing probably 1:1 for my life to be doing good. But I'm running out of ideas and things to do. I'm just freakin' bored out of everything, I don't know what to do about that. I don't like going out or meeting new people. My interests are almost strictly limited to playing video games, watching movies, and smoking the green with my close friends.
  9. Okay, here's my story: I'm a hardcore atheist, I've been thinking for a few years now, what's the point of going on? I... and everyone else really, just keep waking up, eating, going to work, eating some more, entertain ourselves however possible (friends,recreation), sleep, and repeat. While at work I stand there dead silent all day long (I only speak when spoken too, period) and the people at work... I just can't stand listening to them talk, everybody just mindlessly gossips and makes jokes to make themselves feel better about life and help themselves get through the day. I would join in a conversation if I could, but I just can't relate, people seem to keep talking non-stop even though they're not really going anywhere, they're just talking in circles over and over again, it's like... Hey, let's just take turns saying something about ourselves (usually: I like this, this is good, this is bad, this is funny) that the other person doesn't even want to hear at all and then make a sarcastic joke and laugh it all off until we are done working, then repeat the next day. My idea about life: We're a collection of endlessly chain reacting strings/atoms/negatives/positives that have grown from a large rock floating in the abyss of who the hell knows what, adapting to our environments and trying to keep "our" bodies/organisms alive by eating and resting to keep the energy up, and then we entertain/pleasure ourselves, I believe that the only reason we entertain/pleasure ourselves is to trick ourselves into say... caring about living... In reality, it's all about ourselves, the reason we cry when our friend dies is because our friend can no longer entertain us and a huge part of entertainment for us is now gone, strange we don't give a s*** when somebody we don't know dies. Sex, people call it love making, or try to associate love with it, I believe that it's just another trick to keep us surviving, we need to reproduce and we have these constant urges to reproduce, we're addicted to getting our penis/vagina to feel good, and how do I get that... oh, all I gotta do is perform the reproductive act and l'll good. We are recloning ourselves over and over again, why do you think we all look the same, come on now... Doesn't anybody else get it? This is all pointless. What I wish life was: Me + Friends + Most comfortable bed of all time + Best tasting foods of all time + my own iMAX theatre above bed, where I lay and play games/watch movies/laugh for all eternity. This is obviously not going to happen unless I get wealthy, but I'm going to keep pushing myself and being determined to get all the + and avoid all the -, you know what I mean? Life IS go for Positive and stay away from Negative. Eating = Good Starving = Bad Sleeping = Good Not Sleeping = Bad Reproduction = Good Dieing = Bad Entertainment = Good Boredum = Depression = Suicidal Thoughts = Bad Keep the organism alive, but why?
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