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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Trace

    Happy Birthday :)

  3. Trace

    I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  4. sorry it has taken me so long to reply. We have been trying to work things out. We have decided to try and make this thing work, we have 2 great kids and at times a very good relationship
  5. So over the last month my wife has dropped several hints that she is sick of dealing with me and my depression. She gets on me for laying around to much when I'm depressed, has commented that I'm like her 3rd child and is sick of taking care of me. So tonight i gave her her wish and asked her for a divorce. Did I do the right thing?
  6. congrats. I also am on 5mg of abilify, it did wonders for me. I have my days here and there, but compared to months of sadness things are great.
  7. it was anxiety. I suffer from bi polar and have anxiety problems. I took a clonopin but it didnt slow down the racing thoughts.
  8. thanks for all the responses. I'm still a little down, but definatly not like i was last night.
  9. my wife is up and listening to me, hopefully she doesnt make me go to the hospital. thanks for the help
  10. i have no idea why i'm feeling this way right now, had a great day. I was just laying in bed and couldnt sleep, started having really violent thoughts. Once i get this way everything spins out of control
  11. The girl on the hotline just talked me into waking my wife up and giving her my pills. I have done that, now just need ot find away to get these thoughts out of my mind
  12. i"m on the hotline right now
  13. I'm sorry you're going through a very difficult time right now. Is there nobody else who can keep you company for tonight? Of course, you can keep posting here and there are plenty of people who will answer you back, it's just that if you have somebody else there they can stop you from potentially harming yourself. anytime i get like this everyone i knows answer is to put me in the hospital and i really dont feel like going there tonight, i just need someone to talk to. I tried contacting my brother and sister just to bs and got nothing but there voicemails
  14. my wife found he brother after he commited suicide and it has haunted her for life, i dont want to do that to my kids, but am so close to giving in right now
  15. dont know why i'm down, but this is the worst i have been in months. Tried to wake my wife up but she is out of it. Right now i'm afraid someone in my family is gonna wake up in the morning and find me dead
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