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  1. Hayley I have just joined this forum because of your initial question in 2008 about your heart rate and lactic threshold problems with your running. I am an avid cyclist and have been on celexa for 3 weeks now. my resting HR has gone from low 50's to 77 bpm. when I ride my HR is almost at 165 to 170 and any amount of exersion puts me at about max. did your problem resolve? Help please.

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Wow, great question Jenleigh!! Sometimes I feel so messed up that I don't even remember what a "good day" feels like or what "being normal" would feel like. I guess an ideal day for me would involve - the ability to focus and concentrate - genuine smiling and full-hearted belly laughing - hope for the future - peace within my own skin - less anxiety and nervousness about saying something stupid or acting like a complete nimwit. That's my list! :)
  4. I agree with the previous posts...if it keeps up, go to your doc and have it checked Torch. But I think the first week or two you get heart palpitations...just an awareness of your chest and heartbeat that feels pretty awful. Sounds like you're through the start-up side effects now. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for the responses! Celexa has been great in terms of fewer side effects. Still causing a few issues though so I'm thinking of trying St. John's Wort or something natural...maybe that should have been my first resort all along, I hear Doctors in Germany ALWAYS precribe it first and only if that doesn't work then they get into the serious antidepressant meds. Vin, you're right...bipolar is a more difficult thing to diagnose...was it just a lift from Depression or was it a Manic Episode....who knows? When I feel "good" I do not cause huge disturbances or go on spending sprees, or do anything reckless that might harm me....I just feel downright amazing and unbelievably happy. So I guess really, I just need help from the depression for now. And Silver Wolf, thanks for relating your experience...it's good to know I'm not the only one! The Effexor got "better" after about a week...but week one and part of week 2...were the worst in my entire life! I hope docs try Celexa before Effexor in the future!
  6. Hi everybody, Thanks for the responses. I think I may be one of these people who's heart rate is affected by any type of SSRI. And yeah...it's kind of important to me...I had wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon next month but that just ain't gonna happen now. Today is Day 11 of Celexa and it's been great in terms of little to no side effects, but there must have been a lag time with the increase in heart rate. Mine's definitely up now. I can still run, but I get winded very easily...lactic acid threshold is shifted...I just can't run the same paces. My HR isn't as high as on effexor but then I was on 150mg effexor and 20 mg Celexa. I must say I have been feeling more anxious and shy on Celexa though... Guess I will be looking into other options besides SSRIs...if anyone has suggestions for options to look into...please let me know! Thanks again. Hayley
  7. This is kind of how I initially felt I think - just "blah" about absolutely everything. Spaced out, unable to focus or concentrate on anything. I didn't even realize that that was or could be depression. For me, I think I was suppressing a lot of feelings, now I am crying more, trying to deal with everything that's below the surface. Don't know if you're the same as me but yeah...if I had have diagnosed myself before, I would have said that I had motivational issues or ADD...not depression. Try to take time and really try to access your own thoughts...is there any reason for you to feel sad/depressed? Try to think about when you started feeling this way, how long it's been since you were "normal".... you really gotta try to figure some of this out yourself....counsellors/therapists may be able to provide you with tools on how to relax and figure out the underlying issues. Hope this helps.
  8. So are you saying that your mother started treating you better when her husband died? Personally, your depression seems to be situational...you have a reason to feel upset...I think you'd be better off seeking counselling than going on medication to deal with your feelings towards your mother. Perhaps your mother could even participate with you in a session. If I understood correctly and your mother is treating you better now, then I guess you just have to try to get past how she treated you as a child and try to move on in your relationship with her. Hugs and good luck. Hayley
  9. Hey Secretspy, Bet that felt good...writing it all out. It often does. Of course seeing that your ex is dating somebody else is going to make you rehash everything...and go through the emotions again. That's completely normal. There are a few books that have helped me deal with feelings in and after relationships and made me feel empowering: "He's just not that into you" and "Why Men Love Bit****" The doctor Phil Lovesmart book is also good...it makes you examine your ideals and what is important to you in a relationship/mate. My best advice to you is to talk about it, get it all out! Is there a counsellor you can go to in your area, maybe talk to a counsellor on the phone? Definitely get your feeling out...don't bottle anything in. If you need to tell this guy that you're pi**ed and how you're feeling, do it! Get your closure...the only person you gotta worry about is yourself. Whatever makes things better for you is worth it...who cares what he or anybody else thinks of you. You're doing the right thing by posting....good luck with it all.
  10. First of all, Astralis, be proud of the progress you've made! It sounds like you have overcome your bipolar/depression and are feeling like you again! Celebrate it and take steps to make sure you never go down that road again. I agree with Jellict here...you cannot affect how these people think of you using words (sorries are good to make and will help you feel like you are moving on from last year's you) but you still have to prove yourself by your actions. If you are committed to sticking it out there, then you can and will be able to do that. But it looks like it will be difficult to overcome the past year and gain back trust. You are going to have patience and are going to have to build people's trust in you one step at a time. Try to take on small tasks for some of the coworkers if you can and prove to them that you are a good worker and do your job well. This guy clearly has issues and if you have them with him, others are bound to as well. Perhaps find areas where you can gain trust with some of the others...I'm not talking about kissing *** but just helping out wherever possible. Patience is key. Good luck....stay positive.
  11. Isabeau, what a wonderful thing to have such a sense of yourself and know exactly what you are looking for! I am also slightly jealous of the fact that you have so many men around to swoon over...that is part of the fun! :) I am in my 20's and haven't figured myself out...don't know what I am looking for....hopefully I know when I meet him!? Where I live, most people work for the same company...I guess I high tech company so many of the guys are...well....different....and leave something to be desired. It is a town of 4000 and I have learned in my 2 years of being here that you have to be discreet about who you see and what you do. There never seem to be that many new guys and when a new one does start working there...all the women flock....it's a very difficult dating scene. Starting to think this is part of what is getting me down - lack of hope dating-wise. I'll give myself another couple years here then move on if necessary. The only thing getting me through is short term flings when I get to travel....they are fun and exciting and what happens when I'm away stays wherever I am! :)
  12. You and your girlfriend need to figure some stuff out together. I've been through the on again, off again relationship and sometimes that is harder on you than just deciding one way or another whether to be together or not be together. Perhaps counselling or therapy would help you two sort through your feelings and figure out your situation...ask your girlfriend if she would be willing to do this with you. It would be nice if you could also see the counsellor on an individual basis to help you cope with your depression and so you can discuss any personal feelings that you may not want your girlfriend to hear. Your girlfriend may be playing games with you or she may be dealing with other issues or she may be feeling suffocated from your calls. It's important to be honest with each other...try to sit down and have a rational conversation about your feelings. The first consideration has to be given to your daughter here. I think for her sake, it's important for the two of you to get yourselves sorted out and can deal with each other on a more consistent basis, whether for now that is phone calls at specific times for you to touch base with your daughter...whatever. I just hope your daughter isn't being dragged into this. Best of luck to you. Hayley
  13. Thanks HopefulOne.....man I don't know what I'd do without these forums...it helps immensely to know that you're not alone and others have experienced what you are experiencing. Yeah, you nailed it...I guess heart palps is what it is! 12 weeks?? Sheesh! I just hope I start feeling less depressed soon...that'll start to make up for it! Thanks again.
  14. Hi, I'm new to the forums. I just started on Celexa (Day 5) after having been diagnosed with depression and trying Effexor (side effects were intolerable). After reading more of what bipolar is, I suspect this is what I might be...I have days where I feel on top of the world and days where I can't stop crying...usually I am depressed. The "manic episodes" if that's what they are last only a couple days. I noticed Celexa is prescribed for bipolar as well as depression...Is anybody else that is bipolar on Celexa? I was wondering what is typically prescribed....Is lithium used combined with a mood stabilizer? Lithium just sounds scary to me!? And is it safe to be on Celexa for bipolar? Too many questions, I don't know where to start with this...I guess seeing a psychiatrist would be the best thing for me to sort out meds?! Thanks, Hayley
  15. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just started Celexa (day 5). It's the 2nd AD I've tried...Effexor was the first and caused a heart rate increase of between 20 to 30 beats per minute. I was only on it for 5 weeks and even after 4 weeks of withdrawal my heart rate was still up by about 10-15 beats per minute. I'm a runner (semi competitively I'd say) and obviously this negatively affects my ability to run... and running is the one thing that helps me feel alive and happy so it's not something I want to give up. Just looking for experience with Celexa. I know a few websites have claimed a slight decrease in heart rate. I checked my HR today and it seems to be the same so far, but I guess there is just more of an "awareness" of my heart beating...it doesn't feel good and I'm a bit paranoid that the same thing will happen. Can anybody relate? Thanks, Hayley
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