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  1. My peace of mind needs a bodyguard.

  2. I'm sorry your workplace is so little understanding. I understand the feeling of getting kicked when down. So far losing your job is only a worst case scenario, hopefully it will not happen.
  3. I need more reality in my life. Real goals, real people, real relationships.

  4. What will replace her?

  5. I'm no parent but it seems to me that it must be the most difficult job in the world. There's a lot of pressure on parents to be perfect and that can create a lot of anxiety. The context of single parenthood adds a huge layer of difficulty. Congratualtions on seeking help. The more support you get the better it will be for you and your kids.
  6. The walking dead: a new frontier; Shadowrun dragonfall.
  7. Pessimistic, anxious, regretful, unable to accept new situation.
  8. The dreams I make at night make more sense than my life.

  9. Sometimes when I say no to something it's because I'm saying yes to my peace of mind.

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