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  1. I want to lie on a boat and be carried by the current like boromir.

  2. Basically I tell my heart to f*** off until it becomes unbearable.

  3. I'm trans.

    1. HeatherG


      Well you've got a friend in me if you are.  And you've got a friend in me if you aren't *hugs*

    2. TopekaK


      You still have my email address. 

    3. Hertz


      I do, thanks for offering to listen :icon12:

  4. I understand the situation must be very painful. From what I know about transferrence from a theoretical point of view is that within psychodynamic psychotherapy it can be analyzed and become a tool to reveal things contained in the unconscious.
  5. Christine (2016, nothing to do with stephen king), liked it, had a lot of empathy for the main character.
  6. Inadequate, inferior, isolated, pessimistic.
  7. I fell in every trap possible laid by society.

  8. I'm still in some ways inside my mother's womb.

  9. I'm on the wrong side of my own history, and probably of history in general.

  10. The meek shall inherit the earth, that is, the dirt.

  11. Between disasters and catastrophes.

    1. HeatherG


      wow I'm right there...

  12. I'll never figure out my sexuality.

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