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  1. A nagging question in my mind is if my actions, thoughts and words are really mine. I acknowledge my sensations and emotions as mine, but sometimes I feel/wonder if the rest of my being could be a sort of cassette player, playing whatever my parents and society put in there. How could I feel more ownership of my being, words, thoughts and actions? Perhaps I'm not listening to my desires. Do I put other ppls needs first? Distracting myself could help as well.
  2. "Immortals? We'll put their name to the test." - 300
  3. Living the life of quiet desperation.

  4. I'll never accomplish anything. I'm completely sterile.

    1. HeatherG


      Gosh, feel better.  Asap?  You deserve a lot of love, but you need to believe this.

  5. Disorganized, messy, unhealthy food and sleep habits.
  6. Before embarking on a new train, you have to leave the one you're on.


  7. Work, groceries, physio work out, tv
  8. Like I'm enduring life. Like every new experience is an addition to the bucket list.
  9. Work, groceries, tv, video games.
  10. I'm a hag trapped inside a man's body.

    Get this cat lady witch bride of satan out of me 😂

  11. Hertz


    I see open doors and invitations I don't want. Feeling out of place. I hate when the only opportunities around are ones that lead to things I already did and want to move away from. Yet I feel like I'm missing out on this past life. The egg is not hatching. The baby is not coming out. It died in the womb. It is decomposing and poisoning the host. Whatever state it is in, it needs to come out. In the meantime I live the vanilla proletariat life. I'm sending the wrong signals and vibes, and the universe predictably mirrors them. Some people have to work 10 times less to become true to themselves. The world is tailored to them. They find their truth at a low cost. Some truths cost a lot to be found. Perhaps everything. Sometimes your own life. Some people die because they live their truth. Some people's truths on the contrary lead to vast earthly rewards. The margin is where you actually trade hard work for opprobium and peace with yourself. Sometimes stones hurt less than inner warfare. Sometimes being crucified seems like something delectable compared to inner turmoil. When the pain inside is such that it makes all exterior pain taste like vanilla ice cream, then I guess you are ready for anything.
  12. Tried a new medication, made me feel like crap, binged on sugar to cope.
  13. Dopamine is so important. I was out of it all day.

  14. Going round round round in f****** circles.

  15. Woke up, listened to a podcast, fell asleep again.
  16. Learning about women's clothes/make-up is so overwhelming.

    1. HeatherG


      But once you get comfortable, you'll have so much fun!!  🙂

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