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  1. My back pain is not even that severe, yet I obsess a lot over it. I want it to heal, or at least not to get worse. So many questions. What doesn't help is that the medical field is still at a very primitive stage concerning back health. Minimal progress since prehistoric times.

    1. Rose Chavez

      Rose Chavez

      When my back started to suffer issues , I ignored it and did not seek out specific help. Chiroprators are in my opinion are a waste of time and money. The temporary band aid type fix ended up causing more damage over time. 

      I took it upon myself to find a neurologist and along with my primary physician insisted on obtaining orders for x-rays, CT scans, and MRI of my back and neck. I made sure everyone was aware it may not be one incident or accident that caused this but multiple.

      I also insisted on an order for physical therapy which helped lead to other physicians and specialists to obtain more opinions and help.

      I must disagree that back health is a primitive stage. Unfortunatly it is healthcare as a whole. No one is going to figure this out for you, the people who are supposed to do that and get paid to do that have no interest in your plight or concerns. My health and recovery has become a full time job. I have had to dedicate myself to doing it for myself. I now cover all medical for my husband, brother in law, and neighbors in my building. I have become a social worker because of it. A self taught advocate for my own health and survival. It is exhausting but has become absolutley worth it!!! ESPECIALLY when you tell the idiot secretary "NO, THIS IS HOW IT IS, YOU ARE WRONG" and you prove to the idiot who is supposed to be doing exactly that...that you are in fact right!!! 

      PM me if you need any help, I would be more than happy to assist in any way to help get you feeling better!!! Also my email is AliRose3@gmail.com

      Remember that when you are in prolonged physical pain and /or illness it will effect your mental health and well being!!!

      *Sending hope, love, and good vibes to you Friend!!!

  2. Maybe it's not that important to want things, to have goals and objectives. Maybe being is enough.

  3. Dread, pessimism, imagining worst case scenarios, fear of aging, of losing abilities, of having chronic pain.
  4. Opioids, painkillers, benzos, antidepressants, drugs in general... the real epidemic is one of pain.

  5. Since I have back problems I've been squatting more to reach down and now my knees hurt.

    1. Rose Chavez

      Rose Chavez

      I have severe scoliosis and neuropathy in my legs. I don't do pain pills as I have struggled with sobriety over the years and no matter what I am staying sober!!!

      However my doctor just gave me a perscription Creme that is incredible!!! You should ask your physician about topical treaments!!!! That in combination with CBD oil has given me a more productive and far less painful lifestyle!!!

  6. * sigh of enthusiasm *

  7. Instead of realizing your own dreams, have a corporation implant one in your head and pay to fulfill it.

  8. You can have the muscles of a super-hero, but you'll never have the vertebrae and joints of one.

  9. As the youngest of the family I'll always be the baby. I could step on the moon and that wouldn't change

  10. Been having a headache for the past four days.
  11. Hertz

    Concrete Chamber

    As a child I would sometimes imagine what it would be like to be confined inside a block of concrete, within a space having the same shape and volume as me, with tubes connected to the exterior to eat, breath and evacuate waste. At the time it saw it as a sort of anguishing thought experiment. Now when I look back I think it was a reflection of how I was feeling inside. A human being maintained and limited to biological existence. Powerless, without any options. Getting out not even conceivable. Slowly driven mad by isolation, confinement, lack of stimuli. Indeed, I was probably starting the process of mental deterioration. I don't think I was biologically predisposed for depression and anxiety. My mental health was slowly being eroded but I wasn't realizing it.
  12. I'll never achieve anything.

    1. HeatherG


      You already have, you're just not finding value in it..  You've probably befriended someone and not realized how much it meant.  You've done something and it affected another person--more than you know.  In a good way, but you don't see it.

  13. What is it all for

    1. HeatherG


      Well that is the question, I hope before we depart this Earth that we get an answer 🙂

      My thoughts?  Not that you ask me personally, lol 🙂  There's gotta be a reason why we're here, ya know?  There's gotta be a bigger picture because this life is such a struggle.  Like, some grande scheme and we're all here for a great reason.  If one of us finds out, let the other know, deal? 🙂

  14. False pillars are falling.

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