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  1. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Lost, directionless, intuitionless, in the dark, inner and outer.
  2. Taking clonazepam to take the edge off coffee. Self-management is a science I'll never fully grasp.

  3. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Regretful, pessimistic
  4. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Anxious, don't want to get out of bed, just want to sleep the day away.
  5. Not being able to train like I used to is affecting my moral.

  6. It's time I grow a backbone.

    1. HeatherG


      You're probably really kind and sensitive and today that may seem like a weakness -- but actually it's such a beautiful characteristic

  7. Hertz

    Dream: Cancer, spine

    Part 1: I receive news that I have cancer. Part 2: Doctors tell me that they removed a vertebra in my lower back. I don't feel any difference except the pain is gone. Interpretation: Part1: Something, an emotion perhaps, is eating away at me. Part 2: Positive: Something that was causing pain has been removed from my life. Might refer to a colleague I fell in love with and who is leaving the company.
  8. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Right knee and lower back hurt.
  9. Hertz

    Did You Get Any Exercise Today?

    Played tennis with friends.
  10. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Like the least genuine person on earth.
  11. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

  12. Doing sports can debilitate, producing music can make deaf, loving can break the heart... moderation is key.

    1. HeatherG


      Is it even possible to love in moderation?  Just asking 🙂

  13. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Like a hockey team that's lagging 0-8 after 3 minutes into the game and 57 left.
  14. If it's not inaccessible, I have no interest in it.

    1. TopekaK


      This sounds very familiar. It took many years of therapy to realize I'll never change.

  15. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Anxious. Probably need a nap.
  16. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

  17. Ironic how exercise can cause injury and debilitation.

  18. Hertz

    How Do You Feel Right Now #6

    Dealing with back pain.
  19. I don't want to change my work out routine.

  20. My usual work out routine hurts my back and knees. I got to find an alternative.

  21. Hertz

    What Are You Listening To? #2

    Cursed to Crawl - Napalm Death
  22. Hertz

    Dream came true

    One of my dreams for many years was to have a big heartbreak. I had never had one and felt I was missing out. I knew it was a symptom of my inability to fall in love. Then it happened. I fell in love. For the first time in two decades. She was not available. There was no possibility. I was, and still am, crushed. I'm living the dream. I'm glad I now have the ability to attach myself. This came with a price. I found out that the other side of love is loss. The more you love something, the harder the loss. The harder the distress. The bereavement. The crying. The hopelessness. The powerlessness. I'm also finding out that I have more strength in me than I thought. This situation is forcing me to rebuild myself. It also brought me closer to other people who've been through the same thing. And these might be better gifts than if I had ended up with this particular person.
  23. Hertz

    Dream came true

    Thank you TopekaK for the encouragement. Lately I've been feeling very timid in general, unable to take chances. I have a lot of internal barriers and inhibitions.