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  1. Stalker (1979). I enjoyed Solaris by the same director but this one I found brutally boring.
  2. Glad you had an amazing night. I'm struggling with consistency as well. Maybe not everyday can be amazing, but it's possible to have more such days by planning fun activities. It sounds like you struggled with suicidal thoughts at some point, yet it's not as bad as before, which shows there's been improvement. There might be bumps on the road, but it sounds as if things are getting better.
  3. Resilience is the new mental toughness. It's ok to not be resilient.

  4. I haven't learned anything.

    1. HeatherG


      You're probably smarter than most people.  *hugs*

  5. So what if I send her an instagram invitation

    1. HeatherG


      You're right!  So what!  

      Good for you!

  6. 🎵It's my life - sad sad life life - it's my life - sad sad life life -...🎵

  7. Not living the life I should be living.

    1. HeatherG


      Words spoken to many hearts.

  8. I understand how intrusive and convincing these thoughts must be. It must be a very painful situation. The good news is that ocd is a treatable disease. Are you seeing a doctor or therapist about your ocd?
  9. Hi MommaMM and welcome to the forum Sorry it took so long for you to get a diagnosis. Sadly it is not uncommon, and for many people getting the right diagnosis can take years. In an ideal world these disorders would be detected in early childhood, and even though more and more preschool programs pay attention to these things, there is still a long way to go. I would try to not be too hard on myself. There are things that are just outside our control. I think the responsibility lies more in the hands of teachers and medical providers. Also, sometimes the notions of achievement that float around in society can be a bit narrow. Sometimes all we can do is our best, with the knowledge and resources that are available to us.
  10. Growth means making new mistakes instead of repeating old ones.

  11. The tunnel is the light.

  12. All there is is darkness.

    1. HeatherG


      🎄 I do wish you a happy holiday. 

    2. Hertz


      Thank you Heather, happy holidays as well

  13. To do anything is a miracle.

  14. I'd be surprised if prolonged use of antidepressants caused damage. Certain antidepressants have been shown to actually promote the creation of new neurons. As for anti-psychotics I have no idea.
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