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  1. My back pain is not even that severe, yet I obsess a lot over it. I want it to heal, or at least not to get worse. So many questions. What doesn't help is that the medical field is still at a very primitive stage concerning back health. Minimal progress since prehistoric times.

    1. Rose Chavez

      Rose Chavez

      When my back started to suffer issues , I ignored it and did not seek out specific help. Chiroprators are in my opinion are a waste of time and money. The temporary band aid type fix ended up causing more damage over time. 

      I took it upon myself to find a neurologist and along with my primary physician insisted on obtaining orders for x-rays, CT scans, and MRI of my back and neck. I made sure everyone was aware it may not be one incident or accident that caused this but multiple.

      I also insisted on an order for physical therapy which helped lead to other physicians and specialists to obtain more opinions and help.

      I must disagree that back health is a primitive stage. Unfortunatly it is healthcare as a whole. No one is going to figure this out for you, the people who are supposed to do that and get paid to do that have no interest in your plight or concerns. My health and recovery has become a full time job. I have had to dedicate myself to doing it for myself. I now cover all medical for my husband, brother in law, and neighbors in my building. I have become a social worker because of it. A self taught advocate for my own health and survival. It is exhausting but has become absolutley worth it!!! ESPECIALLY when you tell the idiot secretary "NO, THIS IS HOW IT IS, YOU ARE WRONG" and you prove to the idiot who is supposed to be doing exactly that...that you are in fact right!!! 

      PM me if you need any help, I would be more than happy to assist in any way to help get you feeling better!!! Also my email is AliRose3@gmail.com

      Remember that when you are in prolonged physical pain and /or illness it will effect your mental health and well being!!!

      *Sending hope, love, and good vibes to you Friend!!!

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