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Status Updates posted by Hertz

  1. Since the beginning of life the universe has been trying to crush the weak, yet we still exist, like a game of wach-a-mole.

  2. Another ruined week-end.

  3. Not down to earth.

  4. Am I living or just being a good sport who plays along?

  5. Another day ruined.

  6. Crumbility: Noun. Ability to crumble easily. Opposite of resilience. Ex.: My crumbility is quite high.

  7. I don't like reality.

  8. Worst life ever.

  9. Resilience is the new mental toughness. It's ok to not be resilient.

  10. I haven't learned anything.

    1. HeatherG


      You're probably smarter than most people.  *hugs*

  11. So what if I send her an instagram invitation

    1. HeatherG


      You're right!  So what!  

      Good for you!

  12. 🎵It's my life - sad sad life life - it's my life - sad sad life life -...🎵

  13. Not living the life I should be living.

    1. HeatherG


      Words spoken to many hearts.

  14. Growth means making new mistakes instead of repeating old ones.

  15. The tunnel is the light.

  16. All there is is darkness.

    1. HeatherG


      🎄 I do wish you a happy holiday. 

    2. Hertz


      Thank you Heather, happy holidays as well

  17. To do anything is a miracle.

  18. If hell is a place we build for ourselves, I deserve a degree in architecture.

  19. I miss 2017.

  20. A very ordinary life.

  21. There's gonna be skyscrapers on Mars before my depression gets better.

  22. I resent waking up in the morning. I'd rather die in my sleep.

  23. I don't want to be gay.

  24. Between the undevelopped brain of the baby and the dementia of old age, we live a few years of "lucidity", with an unreliable brain prone to illness.

    1. HeatherG


      I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

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