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  1. Stalker (1979). I enjoyed Solaris by the same director but this one I found brutally boring.
  2. Glad you had an amazing night. I'm struggling with consistency as well. Maybe not everyday can be amazing, but it's possible to have more such days by planning fun activities. It sounds like you struggled with suicidal thoughts at some point, yet it's not as bad as before, which shows there's been improvement. There might be bumps on the road, but it sounds as if things are getting better.
  3. Resilience is the new mental toughness. It's ok to not be resilient.

  4. I haven't learned anything.

    1. HeatherG


      You're probably smarter than most people.  *hugs*

  5. So what if I send her an instagram invitation

    1. HeatherG


      You're right!  So what!  

      Good for you!

  6. 🎵It's my life - sad sad life life - it's my life - sad sad life life -...🎵

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