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  1. Today came to a new professional dead-end. After trying research and teaching, I can now add sound design. For those that don't know, sound design consists of designing the music and sound effects for film, video games and other media. I decided on my own that it was time to stop following this path. There were some red flags along the way. I could feel my psychic energy being drained. The absence of joy at my "accomplishments". On paper it's a cool job. It requires creativity. It's artistic. It's challenging. It was a way to turn my musical skills into some income. Also it's cooler in a conversation to say that you are a sound designer rather than working in a call centre. Now I'm 35. Is working in a call centre all there is for me? I have no projects. No goal. No way to challenge myself. Life seems pointless. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I haven't felt excitement in a long time. Everything brings disappointment after a while. Life is a dead end. Everything I acquire I lose. Life is about managing loss more than growth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the point of life when even people with interesting lives like Philip Seymour Hoffman or Chris Cornell commit suicide? These people blossomed to their full professional extent, and ended up destroying themselves. Life is a trap. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans, despite their complexity, grow like mushrooms. My nephews are already 7 years old and I feel like they were born yesterday. The human brain is the most complex thing in the universe, yet it grows like a mushroom. One day we are going to be 50 billion people in this planet. How many human brains have come into existence so far? 100 billion some say. If the human brain is so complex, then what is the complexity of millions of brains connected through the internet and every other medium of communication? And yet the world is a mess. Is there an upper limit to complexity? Does it necessarily devolve into a mess after a certain threshold? Are we passed it? The brain has incredible plasticity. Is there a way to measure the plasticity of a society? It's ability to change, to adapt, to reform?
  2. Came to another professional dead-end.
  3. Zeitgeist; Goldman Sachs: the bank that runs the world. Thought provoking.
  4. Went to a medieval fair and then to a friend's birthday party.
  5. Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine
  6. Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine
  7. Not sure what keeps me going I have no objectives anymore I can't stand this feeling of not having a goal, something that could unify my life into a whole Maybe that's my problem, I fall too easily prey to goals. I latch on to one and invest lots of time energy into it, and 5 years later I realize it's not for me. Are there other things than goals that can bring fulfillment? Do 90 years old have goals, besides making it the next day? Do you need to always have a goal?
  8. I feel like I'm a the end of a cycle. Everything seems to be repeating. My life has become repetitive. Everything seems scripted. I probably need to try new things. Kind of freaking out about white hair popping more and more. I look 10 years younger by the account of most people I meet, but white hair will make me look my real age. I don't want to enter the routine of dying them. I'd rather try to make peace with it. Two high school classmates died in the past years. Our cohort will not get bigger with time. When I meet my friends at BBQs and haven't seen them for a few months I see the aging in their faces. Spring is arriving and I'm not excited one bit about it. I know it will pass by fast, then summer too and so on. I don't feel like doing any of the activities I usually do. They all seem like designed to pass time rather than helping me grow as a person.
  9. Like everything is scripted
  10. DF should have this info. If you suspect someone might be in danger you can contact admins about it.
  11. Like taking a break from myself but it's impossible.
  12. Sorry you are feeling sleepy all the time, I hope it's just a side effect that will diminish after a period
  13. Asmrnovastar - Fantasy realm
  14. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - *********** = Redeemer part 2