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  1. Worked out
  2. Basta - Après moi l'apocalypse
  3. Lately I've been feeling very unsatisfied everyday. It's like there was an abscess in my mind that must burst. I feel like something must change but not sure what, like I'm starting a new stage of my life that is not yet well defined. I feel like nothing is new, nothing excites me, going through the motion. I'm disappointed with love, professional life. I've considered doing volunteer work to get out of myself. My past volunteer experiences haven't been very satisfying, I don't have very fond memories of them. I'm having dreams of my father lately. Where I live with him even though I now live away with roommates. It might mean that I'm reproducing a pattern created by his influence, defence mechanisms. Since he moved away when I was 7, I might have developed a coping mechanism to adapt to this event.
  4. Hello Thinkinghaah and welcome to DF :) I'm sorry you feel anxious and worry a lot. In my experience medication can help a lot to calm down the mind a bit and be able to think constructively. Are you under the care of a doctor? I'm sorry your parents had contempt for you. It's normal to become "lonely,shy,fearful, melancholic, confused, reserved" after such abuse. The good news is that it's possible to break away from that. In my case it was with therapy, which taught me to change my thoughts, emotions and behaviour in ways that were more adapted to the real world rather than to the family circle. Congratulations on taking steps to look for answers and solutions. It takes a lot of courage to reach out.
  5. Pessimistic. Full of self-doubt.
  6. Anxious, incapable of relaxing
  7. I'm in a university classroom, alone with a math professor. I reminisce about the stuff I learned years ago. I tell him that an interesting question is if the quotient group of an abelian group is abelian. He tells me that the answer is yes. I then think that one should only do graduate studies if there is a particular question that interests the person and finding the answer is a must. Interpretation: I am tempted to return to childhood. I doubt and lack faith towards myself, when in fact I already have the answers I need. I already know how to apply my knowledge. I don't need to return to a state of learning, I have what it takes to act.
  8. There are a lot of clubs on a site called Meetup
  9. Anxious, unsafe. Having some cold like symptoms too.
  10. King antichrist - Dark funeral
  11. Korn - Calling Me Too Soon
  12. Finding difficult to accept my hair going grey.
  13. Glitter Wasteland - Rise and Fall