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  1. Even if luck smiled at me I would probably be oblivious and walk past it.

  2. I'm my own scammer.

  3. Hertz


    A nagging question in my mind is if my actions, thoughts and words are really mine. I acknowledge my sensations and emotions as mine, but sometimes I feel/wonder if the rest of my being could be a sort of cassette player, playing whatever my parents and society put in there. How could I feel more ownership of my being, words, thoughts and actions? Perhaps I'm not listening to my desires. Do I put other ppls needs first? Distracting myself could help as well.
  4. "Immortals? We'll put their name to the test." - 300
  5. Living the life of quiet desperation.

  6. I'll never accomplish anything. I'm completely sterile.

    1. HeatherG


      Gosh, feel better.  Asap?  You deserve a lot of love, but you need to believe this.

  7. Disorganized, messy, unhealthy food and sleep habits.
  8. Before embarking on a new train, you have to leave the one you're on.


  9. Work, groceries, physio work out, tv
  10. Feverish. This cold is not going away.
  11. Like I'm enduring life. Like every new experience is an addition to the bucket list.
  12. Probably.

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