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  1. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    I feel slightly better. Cold symptoms have been dogging me. I hope you're having a nice sunday
  2. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Down, seeing problems everywhere.
  3. The one I've been using for almost a year is Cubase Artist. It comes with cool effects and instruments. The one I was referring to was the trial version of Reason, which is worth taking a look at also. Most of these software, which are referred to as DAWs, have a trial version, usually one month. A daw that is completely free is called Reaper. It is very decent, but it does not come with virtual instruments, although you can get free ones at a website called vst4free.
  4. Not another cold already
  5. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Overslept and feeling like a zombie.
  6. I've got to function despite this infinite thirst for cuddles and care.

  7. Dream: squirrels

    A squirrel steals something from another one which jumps on the thief's back and clings to it. They are both immobile as the one below won't let go of what it stole, and the one on top won't let go of the thief. I walk by and am astounded that they don't run away. I try to intimidate them by walking closer to them. They turn towards me, still clinging to each other, and they approach me. I get scared of getting fleas from them and go away. Interpretation: The dream illustrates something I'm going through right now. I was in a relationship where the other person was very clingy. I had to walk away to avoid having this relationship parasitize my life.
  8. Ok to move on, not sure where.

  9. The "How Do You Feel Right Now?" (4)

    Overslept, woke up with a headache, feeling like a zombie.
  10. Couplehood is no panacea. Even people in relationships have crushes on other people. No matter who we love, the most important thing is whether we are in love with ourselves or not.

  11. Life is a long date with oneself.