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  1. Am I living or just being a good sport who plays along?

  2. Another day ruined.

  3. Cruella. Not that great but enjoyable performance by both main actresses (Emma Stone/Thompson)
  4. Crumbility: Noun. Ability to crumble easily. Opposite of resilience. Ex.: My crumbility is quite high.

  5. I don't like reality.

  6. I was sitting at a table with friends in some kind of restaurant and we were chatting. A lady sat at the table behind me and started small talk with me. I told her to shut up in a harsh way. I turned around to my friends and saw that my reaction completely killed the conversation. I started feeling really bad.
  7. Serge Gainsbourg - Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais
  8. Worst life ever.

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