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  1. Hello how are you doing today?? hope all is ok with you,it's my pleasure to contact you in this site for a Friendship if you don't mind having interest, my email is, (jenniferzinger@yahoo.co.uk)I'm also waiting to see your mail contact to my mail box then i can send my photo to your private mail box ok,,thanks and have a nice day. your's love,, Jennifer

  2. Guilt can be the worst thing in a person's mind. It sounds like you may be worrying so much because you haven't come to terms with why you did what you did in the past. Talking and being honest about the situation seems like the best thing for you
  3. Shallow? No. I think you're far from it. Honestly, I don't think many people would want to be "that person" who has to constantly worry about what their partner says or does in public. I don't think you should pursue a relationship with this person. You have hung out 3 times and all ready you have no intrest in kissing him (which probably also means you haven't been wanting anything else sexual to happen either) Let him down gently, suggest that you two can still be friends (but only if that is what you truly want! No one should be given false hope.) If he still calls, or texts you (assuming that he has before) be civil, but don't offer up confusing texts/messages. if he asks to hang out again, and you're up for the idea, "Sure, sounds good." might be a better route than "Can't wait!"
  4. I've read so many posts on this site, from people who seem to have unquestioned faith. I wish I had that. Maybe by letting God into my life, I'll feel a bit better? Ive heard people have had great experiences after they allowed God into their minds/hearts.
  5. facebook can be the worst thing for relationships. I recently got dumped over facebook chat. seems like it's the way to end something when you dont want to deal with it in person. suicide isn't the answer.
  6. I you can, take some time away from her. Getting my own apartment in a different city did wonders for my relationship with my mother. maybe itll help you too?
  7. Recently, I had been dating a man for roughly 4-5 months. Everything was going pretty good, I'll admit. We never really had any big fights, there were a few small tiffs, but other than that, it was a pretty good run. I had just got hired for a new part time job, and while I was in the probation period, I took too long of a break and got myself fired. I won't try to blame someone else, I didn't take time to pay attention to the break rules and I paid for it. I was sent home, and wasnt allowed to finish my shift. I balled my eyes out, because now I was out of a job- and out of a paycheck. My friends and room mates assured me that I'll find another job and things will get better. I was happy they were there for me. I felt a lot better after a few good hugs, and decided to call my boyfriend. I couldnt lie to him, he was going to find out I didnt have a job evenutally. I had no intention of hiding this from him. I called him, explained the situation, and asked if I could come over for the night. I said I just really wanted to be with him and get a hug. he asked if I was lieing. If I was telling a bad joke. If I wasnt telling everything to him about the situation. I was a little insulted. Why would I joke about something so serious as losing a job? we made plans to see each other the next night and hung up. a half hour later.... i get a message on facebook chat saying that we were in different chapters of our lives, I need to figure out my life. and That he had hoped we can still be friends. -it has been almost a month now since the breakup. I barely feel hungry, I've lost intrest in just about everything. I don't even like hanging out with my friends anymore. To be honest, the only thig that has gotten me through this are my room mates and my few other close friends. They've been keeping my mind busy, but they cant be with me 24/7. And that's not a commitment I am asking them to make. I have no idea how to handle this. My mood changes from happy to sad in an instant I cry without reason I just... I guess I'm not even sure what I'm asking for when people decide to reply to this topic (if they do decide to reply) I just, ugh. is this normal? how can I handle this? will these feelings of helplessness ever go away?
  8. adisasindy@yahoo.com

    My name is Sindy Adisa ,i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am. (adisasindy@yahoo.com) i believe we can move from here.I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.Miss Sindy Remeber the distance or colou...

  9. Happy Birthday :)

  10. Hi there 1KeepOnLiving1, wishing you a Happy Birthday :)

  11. Happy Birthday :)

  12. hey =] hopefully u like this site! its helped me out more than i thought it ever could. (ps-love the photo!)

    -S <3

  13. Jeff, i dont have kids, and im not married. I do, however, come from generations of family members having depression. (mom, grandma, my aunt, my great grandpa) take this from the perspective of a girl having a depressed parent who tried to hide it from her. even if you think your kids dont know whats going on, they do. it may take them a few years to connect the way you act with the actual disorder, but even before you explain anything to them, they will all ready know that you are sad all the time, and you dont ever see to be happy. every kid takes their parent's depression differently. it cant effect them from an early age of 7, or when they are a teen, they could relaize that they've had it for a while without realizing it. just dont pretend. im glad you're being strong for them, and that they give you a reason to wake up =] hopefully i have helped.
  14. since i leanred what depression was, i always suspected my mom of having it. when i was a kid, mom never wanted to do anything with me. she didnt want me to have friends over to the house. birthday parties were only allowed to be small, and quick. i never saw mom hang out with any of her friends, and she always was telling me how life is hard, and i should enjoy the kid days when i had them. having friends spend the night was basically twice a year, and when i asked, it went through a process of - ask the question, argue, she seemed to be over reacting by being so mad, not talking to each other because we were sick of arguing for about 2-5 hours, then she would say "fine. but dont expect them over every day." now, in a few months, ill be in college. mom seems to be trying to ontrol every aspect of what is going to happen to me while im in college... she just makes me feel so down on myself when im around her. she never seems to have fun, and i can't wait to leave. i know that might sound horrible, but once i leave, im not coming back. whenever i actually get out of the house, i feel sooooo much better. like a weight has been lifted off my lungs, and i can act like myself. when im home, there is basically no interaction between me and my mom. (dad works a lot and i barley get to see him. :\ ) but now, being by myself o much seems to have effected how i act around others. Whenever i get close to someone, after a few months, i push them away, because im afriad its going to end, and i dont want to be sad. i sometimes like the isolation, and if im around people too much, i can get irratated very eaisly. so, i guess what im asking is, what do i do? does it sound like my mom is depressed? i realize that it isnt an easy process to become happier (im still working on it, and i've spent my entire life trying.) i just dont know if i think mom is depressed because of the way we are with each other, or if it's really true. thanks to anyone who replies!
  15. when I was a kid, around 10 or 11, is when my symptoms started to set in. i hated myself. i didnt like how i looked in the mirror, and refused to let my picture get taken unless it was a special day (birthdays/christmas/halloween/etc...) i didnt like to be around other kids, and I found that playing games and reading by myslef were, to me, much more enjoyable. because of this, i always made sure that i was isolated. i didnt want to tell to other kids in my classroom what i liked to do, and i had no intrest in playing games with them. i always wondered what people would do if i were gone. i used to try and picture in my head what the day might be like if i werent there. but before those times, it seems like i just cant draw memories of how i acted. then again, anything under 8 could be very hard to recall for the simple fact, it was sooooo long ago. hopefully this helped you out =]
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