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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Welcome to the DF!

  3. Was wondering if anyone here is taking a combo of a Pristiq & Wellbutrin prescription? My PDOC prescribed this to me and I thought they were both antidepressants? Is this not a bit too much?
  4. I agree with the post right before mine. Best advice I can give is CUT OFF ALL COMMUNICATION.
  5. Yeah the only problem with that, is I've got extreme intimacy issues and have pretty much isolated myself from my family. I've never been one to pray with others and just can't seem to get the courage up to do so.
  6. I've really been in a pretty bad way the last several months, depressed and restless. What have some of you done when you just feel like you can't go on anymore? When you just can't muster up the energy to pray anything at all? When you feel like you've lost all faith in God and he's turned his back on you? I've been a Christian most of my life. Heard that God is a God of Love, etc. And it brings up a question thats been bugging me.... Why did God create the Devil? Obviously if he knows all, he knew ahead that the Devil would cause all of us this pain. That he'd have to send his son to the earth in flesh form, only to die. I know what the general answers are going to be, "God doesn't want us to be robots, he wants us to have a free will." Ok, then tell me what we are going to be once we get to either Heaven or Hell? There will be no free will there. And why did God choose to let the Devil have reign over this earth for how many ever years, until Jesus's return? Why not just do away with the fool to begin with? I'm just really having a hard time in my faith right now, and feel like I'm on the edge of just abandoning any religion/belief all together and just doing whatever feels right from now and living the best I can. I feel like I've been more let down by this religion I believe in, than I was before I got involved in religion. Like the one thing/person (God) that I've been taught all my life will be there for me, never let me down, never leave me, seems to be nowhere to be found lately. I keep thinking of the analogy used in the bible so often, that God is our father & we are his children. I try to place myself in the role of a father, and just cannot think that I could let my children suffer so greatly here on this earth if I could have prevented it beforehand.
  7. Really depends on my mood I guess. Like someone else mentioned, I think I'm more concerned about getting really old than I am in dying in itself. Some days I think death would be a welcome friend, some days I think I'd like to live out my days. Depends on my moods and how down I am.
  8. I'm going through a very similar situation myself right now in my life. I am a Christian, and have been most of my life. I'm struggling right now just to stay in my current marriage due to lots of unbelief & rebellion that's entered into my heart. I believe that God does have a perfect plan for our lives. And yes we do have a free will. The key is we have to stay close to God and walk with him, in order to stay on that road he has for us. Not trying to sound like a hippocrit because I'm really struggling right now, but just speaking from my heart. This world is getting more & more tougher to live in, and there's so many bad choices out there. All I can say is God's timing is not the same as our timing. God can see the big picture and what's around the corner for us, just when we think we've had enough and can't take anymore, freedom can be just around the corner if we'll just stay faithful. In my own life, I think one of the things that's led me astray, is I stopped my personal fellowship with God on a daily basis. Getting in the word, praying, etc. God's word is life to us. Just like if you starve your physical body, you will die. Such the same will happen if you starve your spiritual body, your born again self. We quit reading God's word, and truth doesn't seem to be so true anymore. God's voice gets quieter and Satan's gets louder. Last thing I'll add is this....be very careful about making up a God to suit yourself & your own needs. I'm trying to figure out if I'm writing this to you or to myself. lol
  9. If you always are looking for someone else to complete your life and make you happy, you'll often be let down. You've got to come to peace with yourself first. I know that's deep, I'm still learning it myself.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I just keep going back over in my mind to something my wife told me the other day. That since I've been back, it's been agony on her. We have very little, if any, sexual relations anymore. I just don't care for it, period....disinterested. And gradually since I've been back, I've shut down and isolated myself from everyone. And that's really tough on her. I guess one of the main things that's kept me from leaving for good, is because I am the main moneymaker in the home. She makes very little, and it would be very tough for her if I was to leave for good. Marriage is not easy, I don't care what anyone tells you. I wonder a lot of times if I would have been better off just staying single. Most of the times i wonder if the majority of my stress comes from being married. It's just gotten to the point where every little thing she does, is magnified to me and drives my nerves crazy. Is Wellbutrin or Cymbalta supposed to help any with that? And yes, we've tried both forms of counseling. Which seemed to help at the time. Tonight we're both starting a class on Overcoming Depression. So we'll see how that goes.
  11. This will be a 2 part answer. 1. Yes I do believe there is such a thing as a Spiritual Attack launched by Satan or one of his demons. In several instances in the bible, Satan actually asks God for permission to launch an attack on one of God's children. If there were no such thing as a spiritual attack, I don't think the bible would include the verse where it says "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." But the thing to keep in mind (if you are of the Christian faith that is) is that God's word says he will never allow you to be tempted with more than you can handle. I've questioned this many times, feeling like the current temptation I was going through was too much for me. But the storm passed and I came out ahead. 2. I believe although there are many instances where believers are attacked Spiritually, I think way too often we just blame it on the Devil, and never deal with the issues in our own lives that may be causing the problems. For instance, there may be places in a person's life where they are allowing the devil a "foothold" or "opening a door" for him to come into their lives and work and wreak havoc. We can have people pray over us 10,999 times, rebuke everything in sight. But if we don't deal with areas in our lives where we continue to give the Devil permission to work in our lives, then we'll never be free from such attacks. Just food for thought and my opinion.
  12. There's a very good chance that this guy that you think "has it made" is even more unhappy than you are. I'm not sure what religion you subscribe to, but I would say that the first step to getting a grip on your life is to release your hate for this guy, and forgive him. Holding unforgiveness & hatred towards someone is like you taking the poison and hoping it'll **** the other person. You're the only one it ever harms. Hang in there...
  13. Yep been there done that, bought the t-shirt. I think about the possibility of my parents death a LOT, way too much for a normal person. I guess it's because they've been one of the few stable things in my life, and the thought of knowing they're going to be gone one day is a grim painting. You've just got to try to pull through it, find something else to occupy your mind.
  14. I think there's a fine line for parents to walk between being TOO Protective & Not enough Protection. My parents for the most part were way too overprotective. But I'm sure that's because they lost their first son to suicide, and I was their only other child. So I can understand that. But yes, it DOES get very annoying. I also began to hide things from my parents, because they were so overprotective and I knew they'd freak out if I told them. Heck to this day I still keep things from them, and I'm 32 years old. And that's not a good foundation for any relationship with your parents.
  15. It sounds to me like the key that's going to get you through this hell is to go to a doctor and get prescribed some Prozac, or whatever he suggests. It's hard to deal with things logically and to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when your mind is so clouded & fogged with depression. Trust me my friend, go to a doctor, get the meds, stay on them and do not miss any doses.
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