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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Thanks a bunch for the welcomes!
  3. I'm sure a lot of you have experienced thoughts like this, and hopefully have found good ways to deal with them. So I would appreciate if anybody could share any experiences with this. I often have thoughts about my health and I tend to scare myself about a blood vessel bursting in my brain or something piercing my heart. I have read about turning these thoughts into something humorous, like monkeys in pink tutus dancing in my brain, but I can't actually think of anything funny for my scary thought. I usually like to write out my obsessive thoughts or breath them out and then tell myself that those thoughts are not me and that I am not the depression.. Just writing in this forum and hopefully being able to relate to someone is sure a great feeling for dealing with these thoughts.
  4. Hi! I'm new to the forums too. It's great to hear you found your path to well-being and are doing well now. AS to your questions, well I'm not sure if you were depressed since childhood, but it sounds like there was probably some stress in your home. As for the music, it is totally normal to feel sheer bliss from hearing a good song. It definitely feels like a high after I hear a great song that I'm usually singing along to, or when I've just seen a concert by my favorite band. I don't believe it something manic you are experiencing. I think it would be manic if you felt really high in one moment and then super low in the next moment.
  5. I hate to be rude, but most would consider naturopathic as quackery. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA and thus have not been tested to show medical benefit. You should get further blood testing done to see if you have a serious endocrine problem, and if so to go to an endocrinologist. I wouldn't go so far to call naturopathic medicine quackery, because I have benefited from seeing my doctor and know several people who have experienced positive results as well. I'm sure there are some naturopathic doctors who are not as good as others, but you can find a good one with research and just trying it out. Luckily, I found a great doctor who has both a medical and naturopathic license, so he can perscribe pharmacy drugs as well as naturopathic drugs. I'm going to give this treatment plan a try and if I don't respond well, then I'm sure my doc will take the next appropriate steps.
  6. The company who makes the meds is called Neuroscience Inc. They tested my adrenal hormone levels and then gave me at treatment plan based on my specific results.
  7. I'm really glad to be on the forums. This is a good step for me to be able to express my self and also see what others are going through. So the doctor I'm seeing is a naturopathic doctor and I'm taking medicines called Calm-PRT, Travacore, and Kavinace. The medicines are all natural mostly amino acids and some herbs.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone here is going through severe fatigue from years of depression or has had it in the past. After several years of anxiety and depression, I have finally found a good doctor. My doctor tested my hormone levels and found that I had very high epinephrine levels and very low cortisol levels, which cause my fatigue. I'm taking some very good meds to help balance out my levels, but apparently progress is very slow because it takes a long time for the hormone levels to stablize. So currently it's very difficult to cope with the extreme tension and fatigue. Years of depression takes a toll on your adrenal glands, so let me know if any of you would like to know more about the treatment I'm getting. Even if your depression has not caused you extreme fatigue, this treatment can help prevent your adrenal glands from getting depleted and causing chronic fatigue. I would love to share this info with anyone who is interested.
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