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  1. If we could trip through time, I could quite happily stumble and fall into late 18th century Paris. What would not be to like? Parasols and plumage and the golden age of millinery and the beginning of the end of the monarchy and tough men ruling the mean streets on penny farthings and the new romanticism that gave us J.M Turner and Keats and air as clean as open sewers might allow and the birth of a better social contract and more tolerance than what came later for open secrets and handwritten letters and the febrile excitement of revolution and ...probably a grim early death from tuberculosis. Oh well, can't have everything. Would also want wifi and all-day lipstick.
  2. Gisele

    Engineered Empathy

    Darling M, I'm happy to report a mostly incident-free night and even more pleased to report I was a model citizen. I think it was just important that I finish that chapter well and not just because there will be an ongoing association between the partners and myself for a while yet. It is always good to avoid the second-degree self-harm of bridge burning. Despite it being a decent trip out to the farm, a good many of my newly former colleagues came. Most of those arrived together and i was a little worried they would stay huddled together but that didn't last long. They seem to have enjoyed themselves. The last arriving was my least favourite and also the woman that I may have described in an earlier blog. I wasn't entirely convinced I was going to behave myself with this one but that was my intention. As it happens, I didn't have to do anything. She arrived alone, except for the traveller in her hand, was clearly already three parts pissed and went to straight to work .... well, making a **** of herself. I shouldn't say this, I shouldn't even think it but it was richly satisfying. It was as if Venus, winking at me from somewhere up there in the heat haze, said 'honey, this one's on me.' It really got quite embarrassing but since I'm still not over some of the inferences she has been happy to draw, I stayed rather focused on being the model host. She even imposed herself on my husband, despite them only ever meeting one time. Someone else had said something about another someone recently separating from their partner but remain living in the same house and she got it in her drunken head that the someones involved were Alex and myself. Out of more or less nowhere, she landed on him with a bony finger and said all sorts of things about who may be to blame for this and what he or I should be doing and not doing and I'm not making this up. He doesn't get fazed by that sort of stuff but did what he likes to do and play up to it just for the broader entertainment of it all. No one seems to not like it. I did have a very interesting conversation with the wife of one of the partners around 3 or 4 in the morning. I thought she had long since left because every else had but she apparently had been taking to my husband and his friends somewhere down the back. Two of my girlfriends and I were floating half-naked in the pool when she wandered over from nowhere and I thought 'great, this is going to look like the last vestige of a weird sex cult' to a very well-to-do woman who is immaculate in every sense. I misjudged that that. She decided to join us and have a good girl chat. The next morning had an amusing moment. I was just waking up after only about an hour of sleep when Lucy said "Mum, why is dad asleep with a light bulb?" Sure enough, there he was on the living room couch, still clothed, with a light bulb in his hand. It seems like he was a bit untidier than I even thought, stumbled in only as far as the living room and perhaps didn't fancy sleeping with the light on but wasn't quite able to remember these things are attached to a switch. So he had stood on the coffee table, unscrewed it instead and passed out face down on the sofa. Oh well, he is a problem solver
  3. Gisele

    Futility and void

    S, Fewer things have mattered more to my recovery than the double helix of well-being and purpose. Whether it is reasoning with it in a historical sense or being intimate with it in an evolutionary sense, those knots and entanglements are the fundament of what we are, what we might be and the shape of how we might get there. How well we understand others is how well we understand the same place in others. I think that is why I tend to gravitate toward blogs more than the forums. Blogs tend to illuminate this so much better. Can I ask, have yo ever envied those with a clear purpose if that meant a shift in your moral compass? Before an older life and this one, I wondered all the time. Would it be better to help and also risk harm, or to just give up. Sometimes it does scare me what I might have chosen to do instead. I have been struck before by your carving for a purpose. I truly hope that counts for something because I am sure you could do a good many good things
  4. Gisele

    Engineered Empathy

    Since it never hurts to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, it might be high time others were given an opportunity to walk in mine. More exactly, since it is usually me that goes a bit or a lot too far, it would only be fair and, let's not pretend, amusing to me if others were given the same encouragement So I'm going to host a party I do like a raucous party It is also my last ever day at work before the new venture on Wednesday so that makes two things in it for me About time, really. Hasn't been the best year ever Friday night is going to be stupid hot so that rules out fancy dress and a little bit of Marie Antoinette. Oh well, still lot's of mischief at a pool party Merry Christmas to all. Can be a horrible occasion between the teeth of all those emotional challenges but that can't stop me from wishing it is all it can be and a little more for all of us
  5. When greeting cards and fridge magnets salt fertile minds, pop psychology is what we get. Self-worth and self-love are not the same thing. Self-worth is the thing that won't let you take no for an answer and try again, tomorrow, to be a genius. All love is respiratory. Breath love into what you do and love will come back. Sometimes we have to re-learn this.
  6. Gisele


    M, I don't know if it is especially strong but it ticks many boxes. It is better for the kids, better for me and better for those that, with any luck, I can manage to help. What it really is about is the young woman who had their childhood stolen from them, and who may have made a mistake or two since. How many chances should they have? I think, as many as it takes There might be a paradox in there; I like to burn the candle at all three ends. I like your thesis on office gift giving, none of which seems remotely inaccurate.
  7. Gisele


    Maybe I am all growed up The last time I was here wouldn't indicate that though, not that anyone would know. I was half way through a blog, seriously pissed-off about one ... two .... many things, a milder sort of huffy about several other things besides and struck by the barrenness of my own imagination in the salty mangrove of gift ideas for people I really don't like when i thought ... **** it, **** you, **** them, ****, ****, ****ety **** and snapped my laptop shut only half-pleased that might actually break it. This made my daughter, seated nearby, nearly jump and that of course made my small brain, which is small enough that agony is the only thing that can reliably find it, split in two. I am pleased to say I spared her from the image of her mother unraveling by the only means available to samesaid small brain: lying my arse off. "Shit, we're going to be late!" Her unyielding curiosity is both helpful and a hindrance. I recommend it to anyone keen to test the wall they have around themselves. My angel lays siege to my St. Petersburg almost daily. So I am grateful to me, the gods, actual people and me and also myself, just a little, for both putting a saddle on a recently searing anger and steering it close to the fence and in the direction of the painted white post. All the we's and me's can be well satisfied for as long as that lasts. Have decided to leave my work. I love my work but have lost the love for the workplace. It took more time than it should of, from conception to looming caesarian, but I have finally found the will and confidence to be captain of my own ship and do my work my way and in my own office. They don't know it but I'm going to steal someone. Oh well, stiff shit. I could blame last straws and there have been many but that would take me way from the real truth; I am this, I am that, I am not tha sanest for the longest but what I also am is prickly when it isn't my show. I can pretend this isn't true and I think, among other things, I'm finally sick of trying. I will say one of the last straws was almost comical. Was in a Monday morning staff meeting when it came up that there was a wardrobe full of clothing in my office for our less fortunate clients and there didn't appear to be any paperwork approving the purchase of any of this. Hard to fathom firstly why this isn;t more widespread because i'm sure courtrooms the world over are full of people that wear the same suit to wedding, funerals and court appearance and never anywhere else. So I did what I'm inclined to do. I said these were paid for out of my own pocket (true), for the express purpose of presenting the best image of those we are charged to represent (true), that I much better at style than substance (true), that you (they) can all get ****ed if you (they) don't like it (oh so true) and that can offer the same service entirely free of charge to any colleague in need of it (less true). So I left, slammed my door, nearly fell over when the senior partner apologised, and still took three weeks to detect the symptom of the bigger problem. I'm earnest. But still daft.
  8. I was driving home from work this afternoon, feeling a bit pissed-off. With some of my colleagues, specifically, and the ready convenience of not even double-standards but their sort of soup de jour , crouton sized little kernels of confected outrage. I was thinking if they have an appetite for outrage, then I could certainly provide all you can eat. Then I perhaps thought maybe not as I have grown to like not taking near as many backward steps as I might have once upon a time. Still, I am a bit annoyed. Office outrage doesn't seem to need much battery power. I think I''m already a bit fed up with occasionally having to walk back over what I used to do for a living, whether I want to or not, despite this always being not. It is only occasionally but it still stuns me. Maybe some gloves need to come off to put an end to that but I must confess I still feel new to this particular milieu and not especially confident that what works somewhere else would work there. Not without guilt at least. And a tiny bit of me feels than what you see might just be enough to put a nice picture frame around what you get. Exasperating, isn't it? This week's topic happened to be that of horse racing which, to anyone that might have wandered in here previously, would be one of my favourite subjects. Not for these people though. The nation is awash with the scandal of mistreatment of former racehorses and coming amid peak racing-season, the outrage is more than visceral. And it is entirely fair. It''s beyond awful but quite how the **** that becomes my cross to bear hasn't settled over me yet. So I reminded them. I have one currently registered racehorse and every single other ****ing racehorse I have ever ****ing owned I still own because I absolutely ****ing love them. Not love them but LOVE them. But I suppose when the beagle (which I understand to be a pack dog bred to be in large company) that belongs to one of them is home all alone, all day, every day, while you're breathing your shit-eating misery at work over a lamb salad, why not really buttress all that hypocrisy with some moral carpet-bombing. Still driving, I wondered how the same woman could be all this and, to be perfectly fair, highly educated and quite well regarded professionally, could be the very same person getting all gooey about what might or might not happen on, of all things, The Bachelorette. So I wondered, firstly, when did bachelorette even become a word? What is when aviatrix and hostess stopped being words? Then I wondered, more for the sake of my own sanity than anything else, what the Bachelorette would be like if, say, the bachelorette were me! I'm sure I could do still some real damage. This brightened me up somehow so when I got home I walked inside and announced and quite theatrically to Alex that we're getting a divorce. The plan was to amuse him with my thoughts on how it would all play out now I was soon to become eligible. Didn't get that far, I'm sad to say. He didn't even lift his head to say "Very good then." The children were there and they weren't especially helpful either. Ruby just dismissed it, "As if, Mum." Lucy brightened up though, "I'm living with Dad then!" I thought maybe I should not be so eager to tempt fate next time. Then I thought if I'm ... emotionally unreliable ... and none of three people who I love most in this world appear to be that worried about it, then maybe I'm going better than I am prepared to give myself credit for.
  9. If I can offer an alternative thesis .... You saw You liked You bought. And at a nice price Great! Best bit of all ... you're aiming at things. More of it, I say., everywhere.
  10. Gisele

    Epic Fail

    Being enormously fond of exercise and being varying degrees of mental, I have some thoughts on exercise which may or may not be useful. Work out what motivates you, make a plan, consider carefully the free time you have, rule lines in an exercise book and call it something quaint like "My Cute Little Exercise Journey", google shit ... diets, routines, perspectives and really, really immerse yourself so deeply and so thoroughly and ... you'll probably sit there and hate yourself instead. That's when you might pile all that up and make yourself a nice fire. Do it for your body and your brain will catch up. That's how it is for everybody but that doesn't sell books. So you're guy wouldn't do the cesspit? I like that you're obviously not in journalism or marketing 😉
  11. Gisele


    That's so kind
  12. Gisele

    Today's Silly Wish

    I tiny-wish that Neptune would come closer, so we could see it It really is very pretty, all cerulean and cobalt and moody and iridescent And Venus could do with a boyfriend. Mars is so last century. Neptune must be at least fertile because he has 14 children and Venus doesn't have any. (except of course for strays like me) Just so we're clear, this isn't allegorical. Just helping with my kids homework, which has an odd way of becoming my homework. Apparently, the winds of Neptune routinely break the sound barrier. Wow. That makes it almost as windy as our farm. Was there last weekend and almost got blown off my horse, As planets go, Neptune really is very, very handsome.
  13. I'm equal parts glad you wrote this and glad I read it, because I nearly didn't get past the title. Happy I did though because I have always conspicuously avoided those types of things. If the world needs pigeon-holes, then I'm coming back as termite. Or a turd in a envelope. And if it is simple as making 4-letter word to frost the lens a little, I can think of at least two 😉
  14. Gisele


    Natasha, If I can digress for a tiny second, I know I take to myself on my own pages pages with sometimes bitter irony and that's a bit of a topic for me lately. I'm not bringing that here, just so you know.. You play the flute, play the piano, sing, maybe more besides and you at least write poetry, all to a high level. You must. No one shit at anything gets critiqued. You also get to the point in as many words as it takes me to get started. If it has never occurred to you, some of us rather like that! Comparisons are awful but the only 'auditions' I ever won were for gilded cages with no clothes on. I did manage though to graduate in the top 37% of my class. and ... so what. Not a great CV and not really worth idly importing into your space. I say it because remember dangling from that yardarm on my lonely little boat when you and others reminded me of what I was accomplishing. I really hope that the better voices are the ones you can begin to really hear. Truly,
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