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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. To help with my exhaustion (I have just returned to education) I have been taking Berroca tablets in the morning - a vitamin pill designed to help with tiredness. It seems to be helping a bit. I don't know if you can get your hands on any, they sell them in all pharmacys in the UK, but might be worth trying? My Psychologist has banned me from daytime naps, as it does mess up my sleep pattern. I have recently started needing them again, but I try really hard to go for a walk instead. It can be very hard to move myself and get the motivation to do it, but it does help. Swimming has been good too - for relaxing me and perking me up. I can cry sometimes over how tired I get though! I would also recommend trying to do a little bit of housework when you are tired - it makes you wake up a bit and makes you feel like you have acheived something, even if it's only a five minute tidy or something. I can feel very sorry for myself as I am doing it, but afterwards I normally feel a bit better. I hope something I said might be useful to you!
  3. I have been on Dualoxatine for about a month now. I am feeling a bit better - well, quite a bit. I have takan all sorts in the past, and I would say, for me, this has possibly been the best yet. I have more motivation to do stuff in the daytimes, a little bit more energy. I am able to actually make decisions about small things, which I haven't been able to for years. I sort of feel like I know a bit more about who I am. I do have the numbness of emotion a lot, but I prefer that to being totally distraught all the time, about everything. I have just started university and have surprised myself by staying, mostly, awake through all my lectures and doing my research and tutorial work with relative ease. In the past, things like that have been sacked off after a day or two. I haven't missed any school in the two weeks I've been there, which sounds silly, but I'm pretty proud. I posted before about the nightmares, and sadly, they have not faded yet, I dreamt I watched someone I love this morning - not nice at all, but I am handling them a bit better. I have found Phenergan (old school antihistamine) is helping me sleep a little better, but not much. I am not allowed sleeping tablets, I like them too much. Heh :( One other thing I have noticed is I am getting really spotty. I have always gotten the odd spot and stuff, but at the age of 27, and coinciding with starting these meds, I have become rather the zitty scamp! I don't know if it is related at all, and I haven't heard anyone else mention anything.. so uh, yeah. I'll mention it to my GP I guess. Hang in there. It does take a while for tablets to start to help and to stabilise you. You will have ups and downs along the way, and even after they kick in, that is the nature of the illness, sadly, but hopefully they will help. Oh, and I would add, I think Berrocas are helping me this week too.
  4. Sammybingo

    Nightmare Central

    Hi. I moved off a high dose of Venla over summer, and took Prozac to cope with the withdrawals. Venlafaxine was bad for me, although I was on it for many years - very bad sleep problems, amongst a hundred other things. This offset any good things it did to help with my depression. I had a couple of weeks of Prozac, and my GP has put me on Cymbalta (60mg/day). I have been on it 3 weeks. I have found myself suddenly able to make decisions and feel a bit more in control, and on the whole have more energy. BUT! I have been having nasty sleep trouble for the past week. Very severe nightmares, that leave me disorientated and confused when I try to wake up - took me an hour to get out of bed this morning. Now, I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience? Is it something that is liable to pass, or is it more likely to be a long term side effect? Do not want, heh. I don't like to think I am just having more reactions to the increased Norphedrenaline [sp?] levels, as that is what the Venla did (I know the SNRIs are all similar, but Cymbalta is meant to work on the N receptors less), as I rather like these tablets otherwise. Has anyone got any good coping strategies they might like to share? Well time to go back to bed - it's the middle of the night, just got up for a drink! Part of me is scared to sleep though, as I am learning it may be the opposite of relaxing. Many thanks to anyone who may have suggestions or words of wisdom! Hope you are all taking care.
  5. This is HIGHLY dose-dependant. More serotonin effect at lower doses, more norepi at higher doses. Ah thanks for clarifying that :) Probably why I feel pretty good on my current low dose of 112.5 :)
  6. Sammybingo

    Effexor vs Cymbalta

    Meep! Glad to see this topic. My doc has suggested I try Cymbalta when I finally get off the Venla. I have spent three months having my dose of Venla, a few more months and I can try Cymbalta. I was hoping this topic would be full of "ZOMG IT MOVE TO CYBALTA AND NOW MY LIFE IS MADE OF GOLD" but as with any drug I guess it's different for us all. I seem to have adverse effects from having more noradrenaline in my system, and Cymbalta affects this less than the venla, so hopefully it will work out. Eventually :) Has anyone else moved from Venla to Cym due to the nightmares / sweats / everything else that can go wrong with venla?! How did that work out?
  7. I'll be honest, I didn't notice a problem with sleep and dreaming for years, it's only the last year or two that it kicked off, I have no idea why. I really hope that doesn't happen to you, but if you do feel overly affected by your dreams, tell your doc straight away, don't do what I did and just try to live with it for ages! x
  8. Sammybingo

    Stopping Effexor

    My memory has been rubbish on Venla, but that could be because of the depression. Sorry I can't help there :( I have managed to get down from 225mg to 112.5mg in the last 3 months. 3 months sounds like a joke when I see on here other folk are managing that in a few weeks. I have been alternating doses between days, say 225 one day and about 190 the next, up and down. This has resulted in the old brain farts, constantly, for anything up to two weeks, as my body gets used to it. The fizzy blood feeling spreads from my brain to my whole body, I can't wiggle a toe without feeling sick. It's been very hard. Friends have brought my books, dvds, games.. all sorts, bless em, but I can't cope with moving images! I have stabilised at 112, and feel pretty normal. My sleep is getting much better, sometimes doing a whole 8 hours with no dreams, which was unheard of for 6 years whilst taking the venla :). My appetite has reduced a lot, which is odd, wasn't expecting that. Going to carry on taking this dose for a month or two, while mum has an operation (cancer) and I go for a holiday, before putting a month or two of my life aside to go to bed and try to get down to 0. Really enjoying all those books and games atm hehe. I feel more like "me", I have.. presence of mind? Some days I can even go for walks, and am really, really looking forward to going swimming (although psyche says I can't do more than 20 minutes exercise at a time, as more will exhaust me after months in bed, and set me back sleep wise etc). This week i was even brave enough to get trains to see my mum. I feel like a different person, it's amazing. I still can't do too much - I cleaned my kitchen and polished a table today and I was shattered, had to sleep. But I feel on the right track. Just wondering if there are any hints and tips for my next bout of withdrawal? I think my psyche will **** me if I go to bed for a month, but it's just not possible for me to move with things as they are when I cut back. Is there anyone one can do to help with the "zaps"? The nausea and crying I imagine will just have to be taken as they come. Thanks heaps. It's worth the effort, those who are trying to get off this crap, it really is. And I am uber-jealous of you guys with no problems with it! This battle will mean I won't be able to get a job until almost Christmas now :(.
  9. Dreams are yet another reason for me to be coming off the venla. I have had a few years of horrible nightmares, that leave me confused and dazed, and distraught, really. I was told that, again, it was because of the noradrenaline production. The scariest bit is I cannot be woken up in these states - if I am I am so upset I destroy my room! Now I have halved the amount I take, they are less frequent, and my sleep is better. Not to say come off it - it's just deffo down to the meds in my case. Thank god - the dreams were making me feel soooo much worse. I found it hard to make people understand how much these dreams affected me (including my employer) so you all have my sympathy. I'm glad I am not the only one :)
  10. Venla works on your seretonin and noradrenaline (or whatever it's called) at a ratio of about 50/50. The surge in noradrenaline stopped me sleeping properly for years. For me, taking meds in the morning worked better as the hormones were mostly tapering off by bedtime, and when on high doses, taking it in chunks through the day to stop the twitching and anxiety. It is well known for it's sleep messing skills, I'd suggest you mention it to your GP asap, rather than wait for it to settle down. Mine never did and by that point it was too hard to come off. There are other meds out there (Cymbalta is one suggested to me) that work in a ratio of Seretonin 75 / Noradrenaline 25, so they may be more suitable. That's what I am moving onto soon :) But then I am not your doctor! Just going by my experiences :)
  11. I do like the odd drink myself, but my GP explained to me how alcohol stops your Venla working as well, so it's best to cut it out most the time. I have been pretty lame at that myself - if I go three days or something though, I treat myself to a nice piece of cheese or something instead!
  12. Well I tried this combo for three weeks and went up a whole dress size, crikey, I couldn't seem to be full when I ate, and my cravings for donuts was so stupidly intense! The Mirt made me feel very stoned, it made me sleep too much (16 hours half the time) and left me feeling worse. I am glad it worked out for some people, but sadly not for me, and today my doc and I decided I will just have to leave the M off, and taper my Venla slowly and see how I go. I know I am gonna get sucky discontinuation illness, I get it a bit if I am late taking tablets, and if I don't take them for a day I'm bedridden. On another note, has anyone experienced an insanely high pulse rate? About 2 hours after I take my Venla in the morning I get agitate and twitchy for a few hours. Doc did my pulse today and in this period my resting pulse was 109!! I almost laughed. No wonder I always feel on edge, lol, it's because I am! Oh and the plan is for me to move onto Cymbalta eventually - makes less of that adrenaline cack!
  13. Sammybingo

    Side Effects Poll

    I have been on this drug along side my Venlafaxine for almost two weeks and have put on a dress size - when I AM awake, all I want is doughnuts!! I bought me tons of fruits and eat them to try and stop the mad rubbish food cravings, but not helping yet. Does anyone get anything off the doctors to help suppress the insane appetite? For real .. I normally have two chocolates and feel sick, but atm I can eat a kilo and feel fine >.< I actually feel like threatening people who come to see me who DON'T bring doughnuts. That's the thing that's bothering me most atm. My doctor claims that with a good nights sleep, I'll feel energised and do excersise, but all my waking hours are dedicated to getting hold of fat/sugar rich foods! The drowsiness is a good thing really, less nightmares from the Venla so far :) but I am sleeping such long and strange hours it's still impossible for me to live a "normal" life (I want a part time job! It's not fair, I'm bored in here going out of my mind!). I will update as my doses change (increasing Mirt and decreasing Venla). So pleased I found this forum. My GP is very forward thinking where mental health problems are concerned, I see now how lucky I am to have her and her wacky ideas.
  14. Hi, new here, read a chunk, but if I have missed this somewhere, sorry for posting in wrong place! I have been on Venlafaxine for about 5 years, 225mg (standard highest dose in UK, unless hospitalised, I beleive). Over this time, my depression has slowly got worse. I can't tell if the Venla has helped at all, I can't remember how I am without it! My Venla is now blamed for lots of my problems, the most prevalent being the wacky nightmares and nightsweats, which leave me a complete shell of a human and follow me like a shadow. I wake up and I am literally running with sweat - not smelly like, but still gross! I have seen all sorts of professionals, but recently saw yet another, a GP with a special interest in mental health. He recommended to my doctor that I slowly reduce my Venla dose, as he says the noradrenaline or whatever it is that it makes you make more of (as well as seretonin) was causing the sleep issues, which were a fundamental issue in me losing my job earlier this year. He recommended taking Mirt at nighttimes to help me sleep and as an alternative AD. I am now in my second week of this, taking my normal Venla (for real, I drop it 75mg, bedridden. This will take a long time!) and 15mg of Mirt. I am doing it month by month, slowly raising Mirt and lowering Venla. I have the killer side effects I dreaded of Mirt - an insatiable appetite for cr*p food! I have gone up a dress size in two weeks. It makes me feel horribly stoned and can make me sleep for up to 16 hours a day. Just wondering if anyone else has taken this treatment and how they dealt with it, if theres any advice? I see my doctor again next week, and will be demanding appetite suppressants or something if she insists I carry on with this. I am not sure what is side effect or depression anymore, and sometimes wonder if I would be normal if I took nothing! Feeling a bit lost on this one. Hope to hear from someone else who has been on this combo. I really want to get off the Venla, it's made me a prisoner in my own home. Not sure if I'll be better on something else, but that's what I beleive atm! I've babbled on a lot - it's something I feel strongly about - in my eyes, Venla shouldn't be on the market - although I am sure it has helped lots of people, it's left me... semi human, tbh. Uhm, help? lol x
  15. Hihi I am a 26 yr old female from the UK. I found this site when Googling Venlafaxine support group - I doubt such a thing even exists heh. I have had depression for as long as I can remember, on and off, and have been on various drugs since I was 18. I currently take tons of Venlafaxine and now Mitrazapene at night (which is meant to help with the side effects of Venla, but seems to have it's own interesting way of making me iller so far...!). The odd bits of Tamazepam and Promazine (for when I have a mini mania thing heh). I have currently been in a mod-severe bout of depression and unable to work for about 6 months. I'm no longer sure what is illness and what is side effect from medicines. I sleep anywhere from 20 to 0 hours a day. I eat like a horse or not at all. I smoke all the time - that doesn't change, cigs seem my only constant! I cry for no apparent reason. I get terrified of leaving the apartment. If I miss a Venla the withdrawal effects have me bedridden. Company makes me feel better. I like dvds, internets, and food. I don't like loud noises, crowds, flourescent lights, lifts, slugs, storms.. any of those things can send me to panic central. I sometimes think I am a complete waste on the worlds resources and a drain of good peoples energies, that nothing good will ever happen to me and I will never have love or a family of my own, and that I should go away. I know this isn't correct, but it's difficult to kick yourself in your arse! This site appealed to me as it can sometimes make one feel heaps better remembering that you ARE ill, you AREN'T a mutant and you aren't alone. I have awesome friends and family and am very lucky in many respects. I have a fab support worker I see about once a month. Am thinking of spending lots of overdraft on a Wii and Wii Fit so I can get a little bit of exercise in the flat. That's it really.. I guess I will be spending many hours over the next day or so reading this site :) I'm pleased I found it, there doesn't seem much out there to connect people with these issues. Uhm. I babbled a lot :S hehe. x