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  1. in 35 minutes i will be off call, woooohooo
  2. how can you see into my eyes like open doors leading you down into my core where I've become so numb evanescence, bring me to life
  3. done with my parents, just want to erase all phone contacts, get a new number, block them from facebook, and never have anything to do with them at all, it's bad enough I was abused by them when I was a kid, now they are treating my daughter, their first grandchild like she is insignificant, and I refuse to let it go any further. screw them, there dead to me.
  4. oh I've switched quite a few times, you have to be comfortable with them or it will never work, personally I prefer separate therapists and psychiatrists, and you really do need to give the meds a chance, the right one at the right dose can work quite well
  5. with the proper help i beleive you can get it to go away but you have to be diligent to keep it away, i have fought depression and suicide for many many years, it was not until i found my current therapist and doc that i have come out from under this disease's grasp. don't be affraid to drop docs and therapists and move on you owe them nothing
  6. if i post my true feelings there is nothing anyone can say that will make me regret what i posted
  7. suicide is serious buisness, after my failed attempt i was in the hospital for a while and didn't find it that bad, i guess it's all in where you go, i learned to keep all pertinent numbers in my contacts list in my cell phone so they were at my finger tips, i changed therapists and docs several times until i found the pair that brought me out of the suicidal feelings and eventually somewhat free from depression, it wasn't easy but i did make it, as hermut said, if they are not comfortable openning up to them then make a change. stay strong and keep us posted (((((((( HUGS )))))))))
  8. i really can't tell you anything you haven't heard a million times. eccept i am living proof that it can get better, ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. couldn't find a place for this so im going to rant a bit here, coach zabo, your an ignorant ass, you treat the girls very poorly, you are mean and uncaring, it is only a volleyball game, no ones life hangs on winning or losing, the girls hate you, all the parents want your head on a stake, now call me over protective if you want that's fine, but I promise you if my daughter walks out of that gym tomorrow crying because of you, there aint enough police in the world to protect you from what im gonna do to you. ok I feel better, rant over
  10. your not alone, i learned early on in life that showing emotions was not accepted, so i kept everything inside bottled up and burried in memory, the problem is that portion of memory eventually gets full and cannot accept anymore, for me it erupted and and took me straight to a failed suicide attempt and years of a very dark depression. don't let that hapen to you, get help, don't hold things in, let it out somehow, your very life could depend on it. i was just lucky that my attempt didn't work or leave me mamed for life.
  11. no, i was mentally and physically abused by my parents from early childhood until i moved out at 20 years old. my father was a hard nosed policeman whose idea of letting you know he didn't like something was his fists, my mother only mentally abused me and did nothing to stop the beatings. life was hard and i learned to hate and trust no one. i could go on and on but thats the basics of it
  12. and that's perfectly fine to not post much when you don't feel up to it, just know that we care deeply for your well being. as far as letting someone down i really don't think that has happened, anyone who understands depression knows how it makes you feel, exspecially friends. so don't beat yourself up about it. take care and we will see you when you are ready
  13. atctually I have the opposite problem, I eat to feel better, doesn't work but it's something I instinctively do and can't seem to stop doing it even though I know it's bad for me
  14. work marital problems family issues mental abuse as I was mentally and physically abused for a long time when I was growing up
  15. my comfort ritual is going down to the beach to an isolated area where im the only one there and I can sit and just stare at the waves and listen to the sounds, sometimes for hours and hours
  16. mine is - you got no reason to be depressed your life could be just fine if you let it or smarten up and get your head out of your ass boy aint no one going to be friends with you looking like that
  17. our democracy is quickly turning into a dictatorship
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