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  1. oh and I forgot to mention that so far I've lost 30 pounds, do you think there is a problem with the way im doing this and please be honest I don't want what im doing to cause another problem
  2. ok to start with my wife thinks im being unhealthy, so here goes, I weighed 310 pounds, had a kne replacement 3 years ago, been having various physical problems for a long while, recently my hip started hurting and I had a scope done of my throat to see what was going on in there. so I decided enough is enough and cut out all snacks, junk food, fast food, fried food, fatty foods and soda, I strictly drink nothing but water, I eat 2 small meals a day and nothing else. I don't want to end up with a hip replacement also, so I decided to do this and I have after some time found it to be very easy to follow, im almost never hungry and I only eat because its meal time, so I ask you all here, is this unhealthy
  3. go sit on the beach with my fishing pole and a cold alcohol
  4. hot, very humid and a threat of thunderstorms
  5. too many idiots and not enough villages
  6. well im supposed to be working right now but being the boss i have the freedom to stop and come visit the forum
  7. the television, it's on but im not watching it just listening
  8. for me it was at 16, am now 51, it wasn't until this year that i found a therapist and psychiatrist who communicate together about how im doing and they have worked wonders getting me on the right med combo and helping me to work through the depression and not letting it get too bad, i just wish i found these two years ago
  9. im finally not on call oh yeah gonna grab me some beers
  10. it only takes one blood test to check your testosterone level, i know because im on a testosterone replacement jell called andro jell, you pump one squirt on each shoulder and rub it in until it absorbs like 10 seconds, works wonders, got my levels up where they should be and it's a lot easier then all that other stuff posted.
  11. I found that going to a nice quiet place where I can't be intreupted, sometimes my car, and sit there and meditate for a while gave me renewed strength to go back and continue what I was doing with a little less stress, make sure you also take the breaks during the day that are due to you
  12. when people who are not depressed say I understand how you feel when clearly the in no way can
  13. I fell out of bed this morning trying to reach the tv remote and all I could do is lay there and laugh
  14. wish my wife was here I miss her she has been on vacation since wednesday
  15. why do i have to be on call on the 4th of july why does the guy i call in have to be an ***** if life is what you make of it then im a lousy chef
  16. i would say try a new therapist, are you seeing a psychiatrist, maybe a change to a different med if rhat one isn't working, it took me many med combinations until we found the right one
  17. im from the state of Delaware in the usa lived here my entire life and im 51
  18. sitting here in the office waiting for my crew to get back from a tree that fell in the road
  19. im on wellbutrin, Cymbalta and klonopin, when i started the Cymbalta 6 months ago my appetite dropped and has stayed that way, so far i have lost about 25 pounds and needed to, as far as my mood it has been improving steadily
  20. i see you are in some great pain inside and i wish i had some wonderful words of wisdom but at least let me offer you some (((((((((((((( HUGS ))))))))))))) i hope you find a way to ease your pain and let things go
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