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  1. i need a well paying job where i don't have to see, hear or talk to people
  2. OMG this dog knows how to clear a room with those farts, worst i ever smelled
  3. That's a good point about caring too much, i know i do to the point of obsession and like you i can never completely not care but we do need to ease up a bit or so ive also been told
  4. Got the medication mess straight and picked them up
  5. Sometimes a couple drinks before bed helps me calm down, i hope you find a way to deal in a good way
  6. bad, my depression is getting a bit worse lately good, i think i can handle it fine
  7. went to my psych doc appointment to get lectured about not taking my abilify medication and to call him next time i have an issue
  8. i just recently discovered the 2 flaps on the sides of the aluminium foil box and plastic wrap box holds the roll in place when you push them in, it was like tada, awesome this is great
  9. all day rain again, making up for a very dry summer i guess
  10. feeling my depression getting the better of me, could be the night shift at work, or the coming winter season or not having one of my meds for 3 weeks or just a depression cycle or maybe just a combo off all of them, in any case i'll be just fine, i seem to put the deep funk behind me easier lately but still hate it
  11. sorry to hear that, as much as we like to make it look like it doesn't matter it does still hurt, just keep in mind you are still a better person
  12. I feel like an old rusty bolt, too stuck to move
  13. Do you have someone else you could recommend that i can see
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