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  1. sorry you feel this way but i can relate to that feeling, it's an ugly one, { hugs }
  2. nervous breakdowns are stressful, sometimes i believe as long as they got their money they satisfied their objective, at least most of them, there are still some who care.
  3. Good day friends, may the sun shine warmly upon your face and troubles be in your past
  4. Thought i was the only one who talked to myself, i get answers sometimes too
  5. Good morning duck, have a great day
  6. About a 6.5 hour drive, well worth it, I'd have driven 1000 miles, it meant that much to me
  7. Snow, not for me, i prefer 4 seasons, but no hard winters
  8. Waking up and hearing the road is still closed, i cant leave my friends house and i don't want to
  9. Visiting my friend feels good. Have not seen in a long time, helps knowing we are still friends after all these years, 5 years apart but it felt like yesterday we last hung out
  10. That's about how i feel most of the time, hope things improve for you
  11. Well maybe getting your hair done will make you feel better
  12. Thats actually an awesome idea, i wish they'd do that near me
  13. I took a break from normal life and traveled to visit an old friend for a week, figured the new house was moved in enough and it was time for a break from the norm
  14. Sorry to hear but i understand, i am currently in frisco in cape hatteras north carolina and its colder than home with a nor easter storm going on, the only road out is under water ATM, make the best of it is all you can do
  15. Sorry you have to go through that but im glad you can find some outlet for piece of mind, reusing bottles is great, less going to landfills
  16. Feeling particularly sleepy today, maybe I'll actually sleep tonight
  17. Yup, pretty much, but at least my therapist cares, been with her off and on for quite a while
  18. I love sitting on the beach with a cup of coffee all alone as the sun comes up
  19. Rather pleasant today, partly sunny 65 degrees
  20. Saw my drug dealer today, err ahh i mean psychiatrist today, not much to say, same ass questions and I'll send your script renewal in
  21. So the new house is finally starting to feel like home, the doggo paced non stop every day for 4 days until she passed out each day, she's finally settling down, I'm finally settling in, still have a lot packed but at least what i need is done and the rest can wait, time to work on me, last 2 days rest was well needed, sacroilliac joint feels better, shoulder, nah, still bad but i can deal, getting older aint for the faint of heart
  22. In my area we have a bird rescue you can take injured birds to and they nurse them back and release them
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