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  1. good for you, now how did you do that because i need to learn how
  2. anger and stress are growing by leaps and bounds each day, is it the holiday getting to me as usual or the fact that i have to go back to work next week after 3 months off, is it both or maybe something i have yet to identify, IDK but it's eating me from the inside at three distinct points, my head, my stomach and my heart, it feels like im going to violently explode
  3. Afraid people will judge me for my depression and past suicide attempts if they find out
  4. Why can't people understand that i NEED to isolate at christmas time, it's just better that way
  5. One of mine is being outside alone in the dark, i know, im a grown man and it's silly but still, it is what it is
  6. hang in there angie, are you at the er because you don't feel safe or sick, hope you feel well sonn either way
  7. unfortunately true, but you will find reminders in everything for a while, the difference is in what you choose to do with the reminders, smile, reflect on the happy times and be glad for what you had or cry at the sadness, the first is the hardest to do but the most rewarding for your soul
  8. Hang in there, this indeed is a hard time to reminice though pictures and belongings, promises yourself to take a break away from that when it gets too much
  9. i feel grand, everything is just FINE, i am in no way hiding feelings, pretending everything is ok, or being social while screaming incoherently inside
  10. JD from what ive read your daughter likes hanging out just the 2 of you and i am sure she has experienced a similar stress induced brain fart, in fact everyone still mad at you has, everyone has them on occasion, no harm done, i know it makes you feel like dirt and i understand that but all is good relax a bit and work on not letting it happen again
  11. I sympathize with you, i am currently near the end of knee replacement recovery
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