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  1. Mine is the atlantic ocean at sunset, my favorite place on earth
  2. Amazing by aerosmith, makes me tear up every time i hear it
  3. I have crazy very vivid dreams a lot but they aren't always bad sometimes just weird
  4. Sounds like it could be nerves pinching in the neck from stenosis, at least thats what mine are from and yours sounds familiar
  5. For no real reason im getting the overwhelming feeling of impending doom
  6. People who judge me for things they know nothing about but have skeletons in their own closet
  7. It's not over, it's not over until i say it's over, A quote from rocky
  8. The beach with a fishing rod, a few cold beers, by myself with no noise except the ocean
  9. Floor2017 you always seem to have a kind uplifting way about how you reply to me and everyone, thank you
  10. How good bed is going to feel when i get home at 7am this morning after a 24 hr shift
  11. I fear going through the traumas from my past again, sometimes just dwelling on it paralyzes me
  12. The greatest thing i have ever done is continue living when all i wanted was to die
  13. Im afraid i will be denied entry to heaven when i die because of my previous attempts
  14. Seriously ready to get in my truck and disapear forever leaving my wife daughter and everyone else behind, maybe just become another unknown drifter moving from place to place that no one ever notices
  15. Of course you are right and i know it but i just seems to stop short of comprehending in the moment, not so bad today though
  16. everything all at the same time, because i'm self defeating like that
  17. good for you, now how did you do that because i need to learn how
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