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  1. i'm plugging away, sometimes getting nowhere sometimes going backwards but i'm still going to keep trying, hopefully you're struggles get easier
  2. I am with you on the tired not sleeping part, yes it is exhausting and anyone who never had depression can really understand, keep with the small steps until you can do more, NEVER give up
  3. Thanks Cherryapplez2020 hugs right back, how are you feeling ,
  4. Having a good meal can help you feel a bit better mentally, hope it's one of your favorites
  5. Hasn't been so bad, cant avoid sulfites, just have to avoid the ones with high levels, feel a bit better today so far, how are you today Duck
  6. yeah that's pretty much correct, i remember my doctor telling me for like 2 years that my breathing issue was that i was over weight and needed to lose weight, turns out it took me to do their job, i wrote down symptoms and what was going on to convince them it was a medical issue, low and behold asthma, i was pissed
  7. dried fruit, processed potato, lemon and grape juice, wine, gravies, cheese, pickles, shrimp, sauerkraut, the list goes on, those are the heavier ones
  8. Thank you, but after some research last night since i wasn't sleeping, it looks like food with sulfites as a preservative can trigger asthma for people with allergy induced asthma like me, and looking at the list of foods containing it i definitely ate most of them lately, so im not so bad today so far so im gonna avoid sulfites and see how it goes
  9. Still can't breathe good, inhaler didnt help much, still really groggy, anxiety is high right now, leery of taking sleep meds at this point and nervous to lay down
  10. Feeling extreme fatigue right now, slipping off momentarily every once in a while, heart palpitations are kicking hard, I'm having a hard time breathing and my sore shoulder has my whole upper arm in pins and needles
  11. Duck, you never bring us down, it's quite the opposite but i understand why you feel that way
  12. I think we all get to that point, sleep is necessary to heal, you'll get through it and we are always here
  13. The whole house hunting, house buying, signing endless documents thing is very very tiring physically and mentally, once you find the one and are in the buying process you do kind of get to the wow it's over and I'm done part, all you want to do at this point is stop and relax
  14. Went out with a newish acquaintance/friend, not quite friend yet, met at the therapist waiting room, went to see a local live band we both wanted to see, and they were good, strange thing is neither of us drank and we were at a club. Waiting for the doom to come
  15. Roaches make my skin crawl, i once moved because of that, i fumigated every item as it was loaded on the truck the day i left
  16. Sorry for your anxiety, thats me most days lately
  17. Yeah. I'm starting to think my shoulder is chronic pain, i get the feeling
  18. Slept 4 hours last night then layed there 3 more listening to music to try to go back to sleep but the thoughts going through my head drowned out the music
  19. Sleep, i want to take a heavier dose of sleep meds tonight and have a few drinks just to sleep but i know that will lead me down a dark road but i want to anyway, why?
  20. Saw a completely white albino deer this evening, kinda sticks out all un camouflaged, hope it stays on the land i saw it, there's no hunting there
  21. Welcome to the forum, hope to see you around
  22. I relate to that feeling even though i know it isnt completely true
  23. Thanks @Nightjar and @sober4life and everyone else for all your support and wisdom
  24. I'm more on edge from not sleeping because of how things ended up last time i had an issue with not sleeping, it's been since friday that i even layed in bed, I'll try tonight but i don't feel like it's gonna happen, the sleep might have to actually take the sleep meds I'm supposed to, but they make me all dopey all the time
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