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  1. The ground hog may have said 6 more weeks of winter but the 4 inch high daffodils poking out in my front yard say bullshit springs coming soon
  2. someday it will come to us all, i just can't let myself think it won't come for us all
  3. There's something about quietly sitting on the beach listening to the waves and nature that always calmed me
  4. I feel lighter mentally after my psych apt today
  5. Fist Fighting with my brother about how to cook Thanksgiving dinner, something we haven't done together in 15 years
  6. A rolling stone gathers no moss
  7. Today was a better day than the weekend was, slightly
  8. I feel really really low, and very very drunk, and ready to go, and im really ok with it
  9. I hate those days but it will pass, take care of yourself today
  10. Feeling of violent destructive anger, very very badly , this contractor has me spitting blood, literally bit my own lip im so mad
  11. beer, shots of jack and fireball
  12. Any cooking show, boooring, hate em
  13. Finally at the beach alone for the weekend, no one but me and my beer, time to sort out my head and get toasted
  14. the complete calmness, peace in my mind and contentment just before i tried, i'll never feel that way again i think
  15. i was 12 years old again and being whipped with hot wheel track by dad
  16. chronic tiredness, relapsing cycle again and reliving the tortures dealt me by my father, fellow students from school and basically everyone way back then, i should be past this by now but it still haunts, several things recently brought it all back again, just cant deal right now, need to isolate and i'm going away for the weekend to be totally alone, maybe i'll just die alone just like my father once predicted
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