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  1. eenie meenie minie moe catch a tiger by his toe if he hollers let him go eenie meenie minie moe
  2. lean on me by bill withers
  3. not only can my life be a good one but i am on the road there, a bumpy one maybe, but i'm traveling it, my life is one that has compassion for my fellow humans and it can be helpful in so many ways
  4. try and build on what is making you feel better right now, but we all have been there, keep your head up
  5. i feel well enough to be normal but keep looking for that black cloud
  6. password is incorrect password is incorrect password is incorrect your account has been temporarily locked
  7. knowing that no matter how well i may feel right now i have to work hard everyday to try to stay emotionally stable and even that might not stop it from happening again at any moment
  8. thinking about what else i can do to not fall apart emotionally
  9. you've been hiding and avoiding dealing with things and emotions for so long that it feels like a swirling wind of past issues and emotions constantly buzzing around now that you are dragging them out into the open, but once you start talking about them and learning how to accept and deal with them they will fall into their place as just a memory and not a haunt, as you one by one handle them you should start seeing the clearness, now that all sounds easy enough but it can be a great struggle as we naturally and automatically avoid and hide and mostly don't want to do it and that's the hard part to get past
  10. when my instructions include the words YOU CANNOT do a certain thing and as soon as i'm off the job site for a day my contractor does exactly that thing, and i'm the bad guy if i get upset about it
  11. oh la di oh la da life goes on, ah la and then life goes on
  12. slept most of the day due to long night shifts
  13. it was like 65 degrees and cloudy but it's February and should be in the 20s to 30s so awesome
  14. best of luck on your stay, i found it very helpful the second time there, the first was because i didn't want the help, so if you are going in with a positive attitude i think it will help you
  15. very very tired as i near the end of a 14 hour night shift
  16. you might do well on another med, starting over can be a good thing especially if you hit the right med, i switched from escitalopram which did very well controlling most of my symptoms and only changed because it was causing heart palpitations which were at times on the bad side best wishes surf
  17. Ive only been on it for a month so hopefully it stays on the good side, hope your symptoms improve
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