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  1. it is really hard to explain to people what you feel and go through, it is even harder to explain it to people you don't know too well, most people think they know what depression and anxiety are but in reality are completely wrong in their thinking, and when you try to explain the truth of things they don't beleive it, hoping you find a way to make things work.
  2. i really am going to also celebrate for you when you get your new place and are on your own in total control and out from under that dark umbrella, that place just seems like an all consuming cancer, just hold on a bit longer.
  3. My past history with drug abuse i try to steer clear, i don't think it'd be an issue BUT, one just doesn't really know
  4. Yes calcific tendonitis of the rotator cuff was my diagnosis from just an xray, the more time that goes by the more it feels like the other shoulder that was torn and needed surgery, only an mri can see that, maybe time to see my ortho instead of general md
  5. Physical therapy simply is not helping, my shoulder still hurts and the sleepless nights are becoming nightly again, i just don't know what to do now, think I'm quitting therapy
  6. that sounds very suspicious, i'd be asking questions
  7. Not feeling particularly good right now, maybe even fairly bad, i think maybe i let my guard down once the move was over and wasn't working on my mental health, but it's now noted and I'll be just fine, yeah that word everyone hates I'm fine. But really i will be
  8. I'm not slipping, I'm not slipping, I'm not slipping
  9. Im sorry my friend, we cannot control how people treat us but we can control how we react, and sometimes that reaction needs to be harsh, but try to at all times be the better person and smile on your way out the door, never look at where you've been the past is done, concentrate on where you're going, that's your future and it is what you make it
  10. Cant imagine what narc moms thinking right now as she is losing her punching bag but i am so happy for you to be moving forward with your own plans and dreams, life gets better from here, enjoy every moment my friend
  11. Have a great day duck, i always seem to sleep well after a long day of hard physical work, just makes me too tired for my mind to spin all night
  12. Just knowing that you are about to be a homeowner once again and out from under narc moms influence has to have you all exited inside, YAY
  13. The only thing that comes to mind when i start to think this way is he is preparing me to be able to withstand something much greater. It's really the only option acceptable to me so that's what i choose to believe
  14. Breakfast for dinner, i love that, anytime really
  15. Can you drag the accepted offer out until you hear on the dream house, in the states you can back out of an offer up until you sign, idk, getting out has it's great points, but in the end where will you be happiest, is waiting on the dream house worth the gamble. Me, I'd gamble but that's me, anyway YAY, so happy things are looking good
  16. Sometimes you just have to pop a lid and s Put them in rheir place, and you know what. It feels good too
  17. I may have tried to go out of this world by my own hand previously, but nows different, i WON'T go without a fight, blood will be shed
  18. WHAT, I have to work for it, it's not just because? LOL, just kidding. I agree with you
  19. Yes, having moved in has erased a great deal of anxiety and suicidal ideation, being extremely busy building in the shed and getting the house in order has kept my mind busy
  20. A good nights sleep goes a long way, hope your stomach issue has passed
  21. Praying this is your time, you've been very patient and now it needs to pay off, maybe both will go your way this time, you deserve it
  22. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the ocean, i find it calming
  23. All i can say is, colonoscopy prep last night and this morning sucked, all done now with a clean bill of health and back to whatever my normal at the moment seems to be, so yay, i guess
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