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  1. 1 hour ago, JD4010 said:

    $100,000+ down the hole and they still don't know what's wrong with my daughter, and/or what to do about it. She's been down for seven weeks now, three of which she spent in the hospital. She's become very depressed because she really can't do a d@mned thing on her own. Even taking a shower is a massive undertaking for her.

    Me? I started a job stocking groceries overnight. My 62 year old body is not taking it well...I'm sore in places that I never even knew existed. My sleep patterns are all messed up too of course. It's miserable but I really need the money.

    I'm sick of running faster and faster on this horrendous hamster wheel.

    Wow, i can't believe after all this time they don't know what is causing things, and they probably expect you to be all ok with waiting until they get around to figuring it out, tell them your attorney will be in contact to take over direct contact with them on her care and see how fast things change, worked for me when my wife was dying in the hospital after child birth

  2. 2 hours ago, sober4life said:

    It's scary.  I know 2 people that have had rotator cuff surgery but I also know someone that was told they need an entire shoulder replacement.  The last time I talked to him he said he was scratching the back of his head with that arm and it stuck there.  He had to literally force it back down with the other arm.🙀

    Don't want to have to go there

  3. 6 hours ago, duck said:

    I have a sore upper back.  Maybe I need to lift weights more often.    Yesterday I went to a couple of grocery stores and bought some fruits and veggies and so on.   It was a pain to do these things.  Everything is so difficult to do these days.    
    I hope everyone have a good day.  Hugs 🤗 

    i understand, i started weight training on my upper body and back for my shoulder, it's only really helping my back, the shoulder is doomed

  4. 6 hours ago, Nightjar said:

    Morning all. Today's gonna be a tired one. Got 5 hours tops. 

    Woke up anxious worrying myself silly that I'm doing everything wrong for my foot. 

    Just been telling myself this am that I didn't think I would survive this past year but I have. That's pretty huge...

    Hopefully this current challenge can be another notch on my black belt in life 🤦

    just think 38 days and you'll smile more

  5. 6 hours ago, anon22ae said:

    It seems the tech industry is in a job-cutting mood again, so who knows who'll be let go next. Apparently, the way you find out is when you try to come in and your keycard doesn't work 😂😢. I don't know if that's much better than that "insensitive" CEO who arranged a massive Zoom meeting to fire everyone there.

    hopefully you are not one of them let go

  6. 13 hours ago, Kelannie43 said:

    Feel alone but wanting friendships but doubting people really want to hear the stuff I struggle with but just want to drop the mask I have to have on all day. Feel like well meaning friends really still want me to put on this hap0y facade. 

    I lost a parent in my teen years due to terminal illness and now I have a sibling with a terminal illness. I am starting additional therapy in hopes it will give me additional tools to my main weekly therapy. Also seeking volunteering opportunities to get out of my head and my distract my mind from spiraling. 

    Fighting a spiral I think at the moment. It saddens me when a friend gets really close to you and then finds a partner. Then suddenly you feel the distance growing. Makes it hard for me to want to find friends because this always happens. I'd rather work, volunteer and connect with my community. Maybe find friends that are older perhaps and have some more experiences to share in doing an activity together in groups settings. 

    I really feel like I'm alone and have no one who really wants to hear me just to listen not judge or harshly criticize me. I'm hurting also over some harsh criticism given that just really cut at a vulnerable part of me. Wish I never read it as it really bothers me that I know know that is what they think of me. I've made mistakes and I will learn from them but I will make others too. I'm human but I feel even closest friends can't handle me. I don't know. 

    So yeah all over the place but that is how I'm feeling right now. I just want to know someone cares about me unmasked and real not the smiling me I have to put on most times. 

    I have been struggling for as long as i can remember with feeling replaceable and like I just always get left or slowly softly left over time. Hoping the dbt in addition and volunteering will give me some life back. I want to live and not just exist.

    It's a lot but there is my answer. Thanks for listening. Could use a hug and kindness oof.

    we hear you and don't judge, you can be you on this forum, a lot of us have very similar circumstances, it kind of comes with mental illness,  i've learned over the years to just not care if someone cant handle who i really am, if they stay great and if they leave they were never really friends, it hurts for a bit but i get over it,  sometimes though criticism can be constructive if done right

  7. 4 hours ago, AloneGuy said:

    I had a very weird and vivid dream that carried over into waking reality after I got up.  I'm like wait did that really happen?  No way, it was just a dream lol.  It was a strange feeling for sure.  Anyway I'm doing ok so far today.

    I have those dream episodes because of my medication

  8. 9 hours ago, HeatherG said:

    Yesterday I spoke to my sister and brother-- oh boy.  Like I'm asking to be kicked and verbally attacked.  I can't make myself stop reaching out to them.  When they're so verbally abusive and triggering to me.  I'm the oldest and feel this need to keep watch and check on them.  And all I get is abuse.  God, keep me from calling them!  I'm working on something that makes me feel positive.  Then I call them...

    Close to one of my issues right now

  9. 1 hour ago, Depressedgurl007 said:

    Someone on this forum just messaged me a very triggering message. I don’t have to announce my departure but I’m leaving this forums for awhile. This world is full of inconsiderate people. 

    I'm very sorry this happened to you, don't let one comment ruin it for you and drive you away, you are a valuable part of this community 

  10. 5 hours ago, Nightjar said:

    I've had a pretty crappy day today in a lot of ways.... Horrible argument with my dad on the way to therapy and then discomfort and anxiety with him on the way back.

    Therapy was good as usual these days (holistic). 

    But then just having n.mom violating my personal space this eve and trying to hold me like a child or partner would gave me the creeps big time.

    Found out lawyer has done eff all so far for my move but is starting today to put things in motion after a bit of pushing by me. Should be moving in about 6/7 weeks. At least that is positive.

    Also, foot has been hurting and clicking and I still don't know what to do with it. 

    Bleurgh. Crap day. 

    Love you all. Nite nite 😘


    ( hugs ), hope it begins to heal, stay off it

  11. 5 hours ago, Nightjar said:

    Pissed off. I haven't treated my injuries properly or with any rhyme or reason. Annoyed with the health service and myself for not getting it right..moreso them, I don't know what the hell I should have been doing. From what I've been reading I think I've effed it all up. Annoyed. Worried. Stressed. I tried to speak to someone after waiting half an hour on the phone and I got an asshole on a switchboard. No doctor, no nurse.

    Sorry nightjar, you probably should be keeping off it completely for a while, like crutches, probably still ok though, just might take longer to heal

  12. 3 hours ago, Nightjar said:

    Morning folks. Sleep was very patchy last night but I don't feel too bad today. I don't think I can stay in again today so I might ask N.mom to take me somewhere even though she's been an absolute nightmare for days and it boiling outside. 

    Wishing you all a good day NJ🧑‍🦽

    Ever thought about a knee scooter for people with foot issues,  here in the state you can rent them

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