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  1. sorry to hear that, as much as we like to make it look like it doesn't matter it does still hurt, just keep in mind you are still a better person
  2. I feel like an old rusty bolt, too stuck to move
  3. Do you have someone else you could recommend that i can see
  4. grass is not actually green it is every color but green, we see it as green because it reflects that color away
  5. does going to work count?
  6. where im from the liquid that comes out of the tap in the kitchen is pronounced wooder instead of water
  7. contractors who can't convert inches to feet before doing their calculations and then questioning my quantities, like duh, you're numbers are gonna be wrong if you don't convert
  8. i got Halloween decorations out of the attic, it's my wife's favorite time of year
  9. just finished eating crab cakes i made myself it was a treat
  10. absolutely this place has helped me and i am thankful the forum and all you wonderful folks are here to prop me up from time to time
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