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  1. freaking hot and the humidity, damn
  2. So how are y'all doin, keeping it safe i hope, maybe we can all push through this crazy time if we keep trying, i know it's getting to me so I'm sure a lot of y'all are stressing just the same, normal folks just don't get how shit affects us, peace
  3. I feel like life was just ripped out of me and all thats left is misery and desperation to feel anything but this
  4. hope everyone is doing well through this epidemic and staying healthy both physically and mentally, i don't go out without a mask and protection, it's what i need to do for me basically, i'm still working luckily and hope that those of you who can't work because of this have the means to survive it, stay well my friends
  5. I want to acknowledge floor2017 for always being positive and posting helpful kind replies, i dont know how you do it but it's a pleasure to read your posts
  6. same here, stay at home until may 15th, but i'm considered essential according to the states list, outside of work i plan to stay home people just dont get it, or don't care
  7. avoiding people, not going out of the house except for work, washing regularly, and hoping for the best
  8. I am stressed and anxious that I'll get layed off due to this covid 19 which would cause a waterfall of problems
  9. natasha1 you rock, you are an admin because you care and for everything you have done for us so far, i know it's hard for you to see it right now but we know it, it is OK for you to need our help or anyone's for that matter, none of us are perfect, we all need somebody to lean on once in a while
  10. drowning myself in the bottom of a bottle of vodka friday night
  11. slept until 1:30 pm, let the dog out, watched tv until 5pm and came to work for the graveyard shift
  12. RobM i understand the work and life stress, it is key to not let it overwhelm you, do what you know you need to do, going off on leave is what i did because of work stress, heck i retired from a job because leave time just wasn't enough, the stress came right back every time i went back, as far as your doc's and therapist they can only be helpful if you are completely honest about how you are feeling, if you hold stuff back you are handicapping them, welcome to the forum, i hope you find us helpful
  13. looking forward to summertime and the end of night shift
  14. bad news, stopping my meds is making me have doubts good news, the negative med symptoms are gone
  15. i'd like to be sitting by a campfire on the beach watching the sunset with a couple good friends
  16. starting to feel like going off my meds without talking to the doctor first may have been a mistake, but i made a decision, and i'm not a quitter so i'm sticking with it and i'll see where it takes me, maybe i just got to ride it out until i get used to having meds
  17. i found it incredibly hard for some reason to explain to a friend how this can be, who had said to me you say that your depression is under control at the moment and you look and sound ok but you still make dark comments about your death and prior attempts and stuff, how can you be ok as you say but still think this crap or do you not know what good is anymore, just didn't know how to answer and to be honest it threw me for a loop for a couple days thinking about it but i came to the conclusion that his and my version of good are different and he just can't cope with it so i won't be talking to him for support
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