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  1. after being sick and feeling like i was dying for a week finally i am beginning to feel better, also after all the heart tests they finally addressed my original complaint, turns out my shortness of breath issues boil down to allergy triggered asthma, so i am now on meds for that and for the heart palpitations, YAY more drugs, not, but if they work i guess it's ok
  2. i think this is something all of us can relate to, problem is family does not understand and way too often do not even try to, only thing that helped me is something not everyone can do, i ceased contact with most of them, yes it was incredibly hard at first but was what helped in the long run
  3. i wish, i still got like 3 more mows to do
  4. i loaded and unloaded two 12 foot trailers full of boxes and furniture into storage by myself because i really can't rely on people to help so i just don't ask anymore
  5. I understand the being left out things feeling, its like a knife in your back , but you are right sometimes when we dont let people in out of self preservation they quit trying, kind of a double edge sword
  6. fished cable tv wire through the walls from the garage to upstairs and then patches the holes i had to cut in the dry wall
  7. ok so it seems every time i see this post the last thing i drank was alcohol hmm, re evaluation maybe, but it was smithwicks irish ale
  8. So i went and got my flu shot yesterday trying to be proactive, you know prevent getting the flu, woke up this morning with the side effects kicking my behind, worse then the covid shot side effects, funny thing is i have never had flu shot side effects, damn
  9. Still no answers to the breathing issus and heart beat issue but here we go with yet another test and now a week of wearing a heart monitor
  10. the three unbelievable offers i just received on my house i am selling, they are starting to bid against each other, awesome
  11. stay safe please, what are you burning under brush or just branches and stuff fires can get out of hand quickly, sounds like you're well aware of that though, i would be way too nervous to even try doing that,
  12. yeah, you feel like you have to because their family i get that, somehow we need to learn to just say no and do what's good for us
  13. Sorry for your loss evalynn, i mask up indeed, and got vaccinated, and stay away from ppl
  14. Currently going through tests to figure out whats goin on, its just nerve wracking
  15. having a hard time breathing again, feeling fatigued and the heart palpitations are worse again, doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for it. feels like i'm gonna croak
  16. self destructive thoughts and behavior
  17. the rain when i woke up this morning because i knew my contractor wasn't going to come in and I'd have a lazy work day
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