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  1. Diet still good, i think i was cutting back too much as i was beginning to feel real weak and tired
  2. Not that i can really tell, maybe, not sure
  3. I appreciate your concern, right now the MRI is approved finally for dec 7th and the follow up for the following Wednesday, they should know more after that, the doc said the xray he did won't show what he really needs to see but 6 weeks of physical therapy had to come first or insurance wouldn't pay for it and i couldn't pay out of pocket for that cost
  4. Well this time around should be remarkably better, you cant get in the habit of tip toeing around, live your life be you and be happy, this is an exciting new chapter in life, enjoy it to the fullest and let the anxiety of it slip away
  5. Going backwards, can't walk, stand or do really anything for more then 10 minutes before absolute debilitating pain sets in, therapy has made it worse and I'm done with that, just really really demoralized and have lost all hope to be able to ever function in any manner ever again, i do know that i will not allow myself to have to rely on anyone for daily needs, whatever that takes. Well there how i am today.
  6. i am so so happy for you, it's not easy moving out on your own in todays world especially with anxiety and the like, i know you are nervous but i have complete faith that you are doing what is best for you and that you will be in peace finally
  7. Well that sucks, do you regularly use an enzyme in the septic, they really help and is the drain field ok or is it plugging up, hope the fix aint expensive
  8. We all have those days, are you getting sick or the depression dragging you down, maybe both, anyway do what you need to for you, we will be here
  9. With my back the way it is i need to take as much weight off as possible to help ease the pain otherwise anything the doc's do will be less effective, have to do my part in this or it wont work, 50 lbs is the goal but we'll see, it's hard, only because i always need to be within range of a bathroom
  10. 1500 or less calories a day and 16 glasses of water a day plus my 20 oz morning coffee, i seem to pee every 15 minutes
  11. Wishing things work out, you could use a little peace
  12. Well i hope they get it figured out for you, i understand, I'm currently having to push doc's to get shit done.
  13. Make the best of what you have, i know you will, but maybe it will turn out to be good
  14. Not sick but i still hurt bad, we can commiserate, hope you get better
  15. Well the MRI i was supposed to have for my back this past Wednesday was denied be insurance because i didnt finish 6 weeks of therapy. After proving i was doing therapy, which they didn't know about because 4 weeks in the therapist hadn't submitted anything fo payment yet, so now they will approve, scheduled for December 7, after my 6th week, damn, what a bunch of crap
  16. Sounds like it is something worth exploring, you'll have a better gauge on where things stand afterwards, have a good time, hopefully, see you back in a week
  17. Nightjar, as @sober4lifesaid, i support whatever decision you feel is best for you, my excitement for you buying is based on it being what i thought you wanted, make the choice you need, rent or buy, i just think staying with sis and mom is bad for you long term, but if you had to stay a bit longer to be happier and more comfortable on your decision then that's what you need to think about, really all we want is for you to be happy whatever that is and we'll always be here for you.
  18. Shut the phone off, cant feel guilty for not answering if it dont ring
  19. AWESOME news, that has to have you excitedly happy and im sure a tad nervous at the same time, ih exited for you
  20. Well in reality we ( me at least ) want them in our lives and would want them to stay if it was honestly a caring mutual relationship, only problem is with me it probably isn't, they'd probably have some angle. I hope for you that it is a really good experience
  21. But on the other hand if you didnt clean and you really didn't want them staying they might not want to again
  22. Hey cuz i need a car too, LOL, Sorry had to inject humor. Must be out their mind, I'd just ignore that request
  23. That's me exactly, quietly sitting by myself not because i have nothing to offer in conversation but because i just dont want to play the game
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