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  1. majorly worried and stressed out, went to get my allergy med and found out when they scanned my license it has been expired for 2 months, now if work finds out that ive been driving their vehicles woth no license i could be fired, now im getting it taken care of first thing tomorrow but F&%K ME, i cant get fired, this could be devastating
  2. a new tv but until this ancient thing i have dies i can't verify the cost
  3. 2 cups of coffee and a claritin d and im all set to be awake all night
  4. wow, i bet it was good though, i could see myself doing that, i love cheesecake with cherry topping
  5. not sure what i was dreaming but the wife said i was yelling obscenities really loudly
  6. that 2 total strangers of different races and backgrounds could sit in a shop and talk for a half hour about nothing and both enjoy it
  7. the winter forecast showed major nor Easter snow storms for the mid Atlantic region this winter, buckle up butter cup
  8. went rummaging through a resale shop just because
  9. im at work and forgot the dam ice scraper for the frost on my car when i leave to go home in 4 hours
  10. tired ( mentally ) cloudy foggy achy hurting inside isolating just generally dead inside void of any emotion and i don't know why but i know i'll be fine
  11. cant wait for 4 am to roll around so i can go home and go to bed
  12. i understand the in over your head part, but i think everyone has their own version of what normal is for them, thing is everyone is pretending to be what they think others expect, some of us just have issues with the pretending part and that should be OK but we struggle with it anyway while others can pretend and are OK with being fake
  13. my work shift which hasn't started yet being over
  14. nothing, ive eaten nothing all day and it's 5 o'clock and i am going to work in an hour and there will be no time after that, oh well food is over rated anyway
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