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  1. surfcaster

    The Post Anything Thread (2)

    wish it would quit raining i can't keep up with the grass
  2. surfcaster

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    knee replacement surgury in 3 weeks
  3. surfcaster

    What Are You Listening To? #2

    tears of a clown, by iron maiden
  4. surfcaster

    What Are You Reading?

    Total knee replacement authorization paperwork
  5. surfcaster

    what are you watching right now?

    Football, Eagles game day live
  6. surfcaster

    How Is Your Weather Today? #17

    95 and a 104 heat index
  7. surfcaster

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

    considering i suffer from depression surprisingly well compared to where i was but no where near where i need to be, but good progress, therapist is working with me to get past the childhood trauma that has haunted me for a lifetime now that i am finally open, honest with her and letting her in to see what's in my head, no more hiding the true issue and burying it deep in my head, hopefully i don't regret opening it all over again but for now anyway it's ok, finally found a med combination that allows me to sleep all night and not be a zombie all day, woohoo sleep, this is what it feels like, awesome, now just to get to living my life the way i need to, soon, well someday anyway.
  8. surfcaster

    What's On Your Mind Right Now? (2)

    best way to deal with regret is to avoid creating it in the first place. If you know you’ll regret it, don’t do it. In fact, a great way to make choices is to ask yourself whether or not you will regret it later. Words that have been spoken cannot be unspoken, and actions that have been taken cannot be taken back. Yet you can always contemplate those words and actions before you commit to them. You can envision the long-term effects they will have. Regret, once created, never completely goes away. Choose, as often as possible, not to create it to begin with. Rather than being burdened with regret, you can be filled with satisfaction for the life you’re living. Rather than facing difficult consequences for the choices you’ve made, you can be enjoying magnificent rewards. Make regret your friend by making it preventative rather than punitive. Think long into the future before you act, and live a life with no regrets.
  9. surfcaster

    How Do You Feel Right Now? #7

  10. surfcaster

    Alone in a crowded room

    Ever felt alone in a crowded room, i did on saturday, i was at a wedding and doing fair until the music started, due to poor hearing i couldn't hear whst people were saying so i sat there looking around, then the anxiety began as i felt alone, it felt like people looked at me like a lepper, the more i sat there the more i was alone in a crowded room, then the panic set in and i had to leave, leaving my wife to ride home with someone else, i insisted she stay because she was enjiying it, So how do you all handle this issue
  11. surfcaster

    Brian dawkins hof speach

    Whether you're a football fan or not, you need go to youtube and watch this speach, so realevent and inspirational, a must see
  12. surfcaster

    What Are You Listening To? #2

    Please don't Judas me by Nazareth
  13. surfcaster

    The Post Anything Thread (2)

    Shooting a half block from street we are working on, city police on site with us told us to drive away imediately leaving all construction machines behind, they'd call us when we could return, it was a unanimius decision to return only to get our stuff and not come back