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  1. Tough decision right there, question is are you willing to settle for this works fine or are you willing to jump back in and change until you are completely happy, not sure what id do, id like to think id go for being completely happy bu im just not sure, im currently changing but because of the physical side effects mentally it was great
  2. Getting off wellbutrin, causing heart palpitations, joint stiffness and edgy, was manageable until the dose was increased now just getting off it, as soon as i am doc is going to something else
  3. 1 lb crab meat, 1tsp mustard, 3 tbl spoon mayonnaise, 1 tsp old bay, 3tbl sp pancake mix 1 tsp fresh parsley, Mix all ingredients and form into patties and put in fridge for 2 hrs to chill, they will feel like they wont hold together thats normal, broil or fry in enough oil to cover half way up crab cake sides. These are the best you will ever eat guaranteed
  4. i love music of all kinds especially when i feel down, im glad you find that sond uplifting
  5. You're right, absolutely, i just cant do it for some reason, i was trained as a youth to shut up about it or get pummeled into submission, im trying though, im trying
  6. Thanks i get it, it's just hard to do it, my whole life has been keep it to yourself we dont want to hear it so opening up and asking for help is not usual
  7. i have not been around the forum much lately because i felt like i was becoming a needy whiner and was asking for too much so i had to step back because life just aint about me, i shouldn't need help at this point in life, i just found it too hard to offer anything without putting out me stuff at the same time, so having said that here i am with no where to go to talk, life sucks, messing up at work a lot and going to work causes high anxiety, stress and deeper depression, hell just knowing i still breathe causes anxiety because i know i should be dead, i feel like i'm just a leach on society, no one wants me around anyway so why stay which causes more mental issues, i just can't promise from day to day that i will not be gone by my own hand, ok last me post for a while, i'm gonna try to at least post 10 positive helpful posts or reply's for every me post
  8. Drove 300 miles home from vacation trip
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