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  1. Im sorry you are at that point skylar, i have those feelings lately also, try not to sit alone and dwell on it, that makes it worse at least for me. Find things you enjoy to occupy your mind, if you think you are going to act on those feelings please reach out for professional help.
  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that, must be hard with the snow on top of covid restrictions
  3. Rain rain go away come back another day surfcaster wants to go out and play
  4. Watched my eagles get the crap kicked out of them by tampa bay
  5. Enjoying the Buffalo bills total annihilation of new england
  6. i know that feeling, once pulled a muscle bending over to pick up my shoes, keeping moving always helped me.
  7. I do the same thing, this time though i am like an hour or so away from the rain snow line so no snow this time, but being 2 blocks from the east coast we are getting high wind and flooding even though my area never floods all around us does
  8. getting friggin cold right now with a high of of 23 tomorrow with 50 mph wind gusts
  9. i usually try to tell myself that they got better and are having fun living life, but yeah
  10. although i am able to support others and offer input i still do not know how to help myself from wanting to end my life, sounds completely stupid i know but i just can't , it's like the input i give out somehow does not apply to me, even though i should know better, i wonder sometimes why would anyone read my posts about how i am doing and then put any faith in what i offer others.
  11. It has to work for you not her, they are actually used to people coming and going, you did the right thing for you
  12. Sometimes people dont realize how their actions, inactions or lack of understanding affects some people, sure there are cruel people but i believe the majority are just concerned with what affects themselves
  13. Whenever i ended with a therapist i always said something along the lines of, i appreciate the time we had working on my issues but i believe we have taken this as far as you and i can, i hope you understand but i plan to seek alternate counsel that maybe i connect with better
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