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  1. my better moods feel like WOW so this is how everyone else goes about the day and i'm happy until i start looking for the dropoff
  2. some days are like that, not fun but i'm sure you will feel different tomorrow, at least i hope you do
  3. Went to watch the antares rocket launch to the space station from wallops island Virginia, IT WAS AWESOME
  4. Oh boy, seems like you cant catch a break but you got this, i know it sucks to go through but keep swinging cuz I'm sure you can knock this out
  5. I'm still doing good but i can feel this constant night shift wearing me down some, i find myself having to work harder to stay ok, it's been 2 months now of all night work, at least i have a support system if i choose to lean on them but i really try not to involve them unless I'm crashing, not near that but you know the feeling when you're good but something just isn't right, thats where I'm at
  6. i get all clamped up just speaking to an audience let alone giving a presentation, best of luck as i'm sure you'll do well
  7. 1. until you have the discussion how do you know what their experiences are 2. maybe you're experiences can be of great value to them 3. maybe the age gap can give you a perspective you have not thought of 4. you have to be comfortable having the discussion or it wont do either of you any good so maybe holding off was a good thing
  8. eenie meenie minie moe catch a tiger by his toe if he hollers let him go eenie meenie minie moe
  9. lean on me by bill withers
  10. not only can my life be a good one but i am on the road there, a bumpy one maybe, but i'm traveling it, my life is one that has compassion for my fellow humans and it can be helpful in so many ways
  11. try and build on what is making you feel better right now, but we all have been there, keep your head up
  12. i feel well enough to be normal but keep looking for that black cloud
  13. password is incorrect password is incorrect password is incorrect your account has been temporarily locked
  14. knowing that no matter how well i may feel right now i have to work hard everyday to try to stay emotionally stable and even that might not stop it from happening again at any moment
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