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  1. I had to post in newbie section first, i had 1 not work till i did that
  2. Still here watalife, not leavin till i get kicked out, it's a cycle i believe, people come and go periodically
  3. Hey sober nice to see you, yeah verification got burried in spam folder, dont k ow why it took me so long to look there, like duh
  4. Tried 2 different times and 2 different emails and days later still no access
  5. Im not going until i have to, I'll jump back and forth if i need to
  6. Thank you for being my friend and for all of your kindness, be well and i hope life treats you the way you deserve, you are an inspiration
  7. I've received all the jabs out there except for this most recent one, this one I've been seeing way too many scary side effects for people my age from them and I'm just not going there this time, especially after just having covid my immunity has to still be good, i hope, now the flu shot I've always received and will do so again next week.
  8. I like cold but not that cold, thats too much, as for snow, i plowed snow for 30 years, thats driving a 10 wheel dump truck with a 12 foot wide plow in 10 to 11 foot wide lanes through the entirety of every snow storm for 30 plus hours at a time without sleep, and to this day even though i dont do that anymore i absolutely emphatically am in love with driving in snow, maybe y'all up in the great white north could teach me something i don't know. Have a great night Duck.
  9. Mus have been when you were searching for a fancy new car with all that money you've been hiding under that old wore out mattress piled in the corner
  10. You'd be surprised, we have a member who is a lawyer.
  11. Im just fine duck, i hope you find the group brings comfort
  12. About 10 years ago i blew out the bicep tendon and a rotator cuff tendon of all things, fishing. So i wasn't in a hurry to go through that surgery again but i think it may be time
  13. now that my back issue is progressing quite well i just sent a message to my orthopedic doctor to begin talks on how to proceed to the next step to resolving this lingering rotator cuff tear I've been dealing with for quite some time, last i saw him in September he said it's torn in 2 places i'm not sure we need to fix it right now but if it gets worse or you cant deal with it anymore there's no need to make an appointment just message me and we will decide from there, so now i await, the messaging app said 24 to 48 hours to get a response.
  14. Good luck with the job, hoping you pass with flying colors, wow what a vet bill, but they are family
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