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  1. Sad, mother inlaw was taken to the hospital last night, her body is shutting down and the toxins are building in her blood, but right now i need to put me aside and be the rock for my wife until she passes no matter how long that is
  2. Pissed off and ready to jump, so me the one with severe depression and suicidal tendencies had to carry his wife in the house and now stay awake all night and watch over her so she don't die from severe alcohol poisoning all while wanting to ****ing commit suicide and ****ing die myself, well **** me
  3. A 12 pack a fishing pole at the beach alone
  4. I hate meeting people from childhood and it sounds like the fairytale life where everyone is happy and nothing goes wrong
  5. My sympathies and prayers for you, i hope she went peacefully, you never get over it but it will take time to get used to her being gone and until then take care of yourself
  6. you have control of your life and by all means if you question it get a 2nd opinion from a professional, you can't stop taking it why, im sure there is more then just that med to do what it does, hope you find relief
  7. i know that can be a drag also but i would take that as a blessing since mine never shuts down ,want to trade
  8. Those of us who have suffered for so long most definitely will be in heaven, including you
  9. The ground hog may have said 6 more weeks of winter but the 4 inch high daffodils poking out in my front yard say bullshit springs coming soon
  10. someday it will come to us all, i just can't let myself think it won't come for us all
  11. There's something about quietly sitting on the beach listening to the waves and nature that always calmed me
  12. I feel lighter mentally after my psych apt today
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