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  1. I'll be honest, I'd be all wound up, you have good self control
  2. Whats on my mind lets see, A lifetime in the construction trade has ruined my body, 2 knees, both shoulders, both hands, few broken fingers here and there, spinal stenosis in my neck, arthritis everywhere, concussions, asthma from concrete dust, now bulging discs in my back, all because self care and safety weren't a priority in my time, it was get it done however and you pick heavy shit up by yourself because you could, Yeah dumb shit got me to this point, moral of this story is look out for yourself
  3. That's a good thing because your time to shine could be tomorrow, you never know, it could happen, life is unpredictable, That's why I'm still here, ( hugs )
  4. Thinking about all the people in florida and now the carolinas
  5. No worries, funny thing is i have done the exact same thing a month ago for that very reason
  6. I cant make the same claim, i have in the past quit, more then once, all i can claim is i continue to fight tooth and nail, im glad you have that stubbornness
  7. I actually like learning something new whether it be good or bad, nothing learned means im standing still becoming complacent and stagnant
  8. We all make those mistakes, you're not alone
  9. So been to the doctors twice this week already for the back pain and numbness in my toes, they did an emg ( shock test ) and said pinched nerves in L4 and L5 in my spine in my lower back, now next week to a spine specialist, probably do a bone scan and or mri, and i have no idea from there what to expect, i know i dont want anything to do with spinal fusion, Boy so much fun, still have 2 rotator cuff tears we are not fixing until they get worse, with everything else i got going against me why not just kick me in the face
  10. Thinking i should just STFU until i think about things before i talk
  11. Well businesses are certainly trying not to have but 1 cashier these days, even the large ones, me personally i wont do self checkout because i see it as agreeing with eliminating jobs if i use them so i guess i add to the burden of the lone cashiers but if we all do it they'll have to hire and put people back to work, again sorry for the previous post, didnt sound like what i was thinking and i wanted you to know that, what i was thinking was along the lines of it's the job i have and being more old school I'm just going to knuckle down and do it or move on
  12. My apologies @whatalifethis comment didnt come out how i was thinking it, not sure what i was tryin to say but that wasn't it
  13. If it was required for the job i accepted yes, thats not to say it's realistic to be doing all the time but I'm old school, if i accepted the terms of the job I'd honor my part or seek other employment
  14. Sorry you are in it's path, me niece is under mandatory evacuation, my prayers are with you all
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