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  1. yeah, you feel like you have to because their family i get that, somehow we need to learn to just say no and do what's good for us
  2. Sorry for your loss evalynn, i mask up indeed, and got vaccinated, and stay away from ppl
  3. Currently going through tests to figure out whats goin on, its just nerve wracking
  4. having a hard time breathing again, feeling fatigued and the heart palpitations are worse again, doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for it. feels like i'm gonna croak
  5. self destructive thoughts and behavior
  6. the rain when i woke up this morning because i knew my contractor wasn't going to come in and I'd have a lazy work day
  7. getting ready to check out the series yellowstone, my friend always talks about
  8. walking is good, i was never able to walk on a treadmill, it always seemed like a chore and not enjoyable, outdoors like you do is the way to go
  9. yeah it does seem like most psych docs just want to talk for 10 minutes push a med and collect a payment, i always had to advocate for myself and tell them what expected from them, therapists i found to be more caring
  10. Kinda anxious for the next 24 hrs to go by quickly, just got hooked up to a portable 24 hr heart monitor, the first of several tests to see why i am having trouble breathing at times the heart palpitations and short of breath when i do activities
  11. Laser gum surgery sounds less invasive than traditional methods but ouch, any dental surgery sounds uncomfortable, i wish you a speedy recovery, im hoping it's easier then you're stressing over
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