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  1. Yeah it's a real complicated issue for me. Back to work with her today. I am so busy all the time at work. Even though we work in a small department we have very different job roles. I'm not an assertive person. We have had fights at work. My life is basically a huge disaster
  2. Bottom line is you can't treat people badly just because what you are going through. I fight every second.
  3. I work with this women who I care for deeply. She was very stressed this past week at work. So all of a sudden she changed her behavior. So shut me out. I get stressed out at work too. I guess my question is do you forgive someone who you care about let you treat you this way? Do you let people you care about/love treat you this way? Just accept them for who they are?
  4. good points lonelyforeigner. You never see depression in the news. Even with all the recent celebrity deaths.
  5. I wish I did. Unless we get lucky and a celebrity wants to speak out. Otherwise?
  6. I'm 46 and feel the same way.
  7. I've been wanting to post about what my life is like now. How I am losing the energy to fight this but we all feel this way. I wish depression had a social movement. Some way our voice could be heard. If we could come together and be heard. It would mean so much. Maybe it's because of the symptoms of the disease.
  8. I found the older I get the more I have lost interest in almost everything I used to enjoy. I don't know if it is because depression gets worse as I get older? It feels like it has. So facing that everyday is so scary. How long can I go on like this?
  9. Be thankful for the things you have. That's all we can do. I hope things get better.
  10. No one will ever get it. Don't give up on yourself.
  11. I've been sick with something since the first of the year. I'm not getting better. All I can think is that this is a bad flu season.
  12. I feel like you have been going through some real s*hit. I have been too. Hold on!
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