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  1. Is it possible to go only part time? So many people drop out of school for one reason or another and never get back. The longer you are away the less likely it is that you will go back. Even if it's just one class it would be beneficial. I also think that taking yourself out of a social atmosphere may not be the best thing from a psychological standpoint. You're never going to learn how to swim if you don't go into the water. Lastly, go to school to take classes and earn a degree. Don't worry about making friends. You really can't force it. If you are self conscious around people it will only put them off. But if you go to school and just focus on your classes your other problems might lessen on there own.
  2. Are you sure depression is the reason? People just tend to drift apart as they get older. It sucks, especially when you have depression.
  3. From what you say there's little chance of you losing your kids. There has to be a serious danger and this doesn't seem to be the case.
  4. The one thing that jumped out at me was the comment about going to the doctor. I'm assuming you're on your parent's insurance and that if you went to a doctor for depression your parents would find out. That's not the case. If you are over 18 your medical records are private. It's not like anyone can run to the phone and call your parents about details concerning your visit. Also, there are ways to suppress confidential information. If you are really concerned about your parents finding out that you are seeing a doctor about depression they can say your are being treated for anxiety or insomnia or a million other things. Antidepressant medication (like pretty much all medication) can be used for a number of reasons. Just because someone's on penicillin doesn't mean they have a STD. The reason I'm kind of pushing this is that antidepressants have been the only thing that has really helped me over the years. I wish to God I had not lived the first thirty some years of my life in that state. It's not a cure-all, but it can improve the quality of life. And finally, so what if your family found out? Why give a s**t what they think? Maybe you're still dependent on them financially, but if they are such a negative force on your life it might be better to start slowly fading them out. I felt much better when I did this myself.
  5. What meds have you been on before? Celexa works for me. For some reason my doctor added Wellbrutron. I don't feel any different from when I was taking just the Celexa.
  6. I've been to a number of therapist over the years and none of them really helped. I would say go but don't get your hopes up.
  7. One thing that kind of stuck out was your idea that if something happens with your job your whole life is ruined. That's just not true. It worries me that you think like that because so many times in my life I've seen people lose jobs who shouldn't have and I've seen get promoted who were just lazy as all Hell. I went for an interview and towards the end I told the interviewer that I was not qualified for the job. I then got hired. The work world today is random. Being on time and never calling in sick doesn't guarantee that your job is safe. So for homework I want you to get this mentality out of your head. Apply for other jobs just to get out of this mindset. Student loans...forget about them. The system we fell into is designed to keep us in debt to the day we die and beyond. No one's really able to make steady payments. At some point we might get forgiveness or interest taken off. There's so many of us not keeping current that I don't think any one person really has to worry like you are. And if none of this suits you then just steal the identity of someone close to your age that has passed away (or even an infant who was born around the time you were). Not as hard as it looks.
  8. Depression influences your ability too learn. You're probably not really a slow learner, but your depression interferes with your ability to learn.
  9. 1. He can't make anyone happy unless he's happy first. It kind of sounds selfish but if he's trying to make other people happy and putting what others want (or what he perceives they want) before what he wants he's only going to resent those people in the long run. He needs a better foundation to be happy in life. 2. Career confusion is very common. I'd suggest he takes one of those career aptitude tests. It's very likely he has a career that he would like but he's afraid that he'll fail at it. Very common.
  10. Whenever I get on one of those really big roller coasters I get this anxiety when I start going up the big hill. I'm afraid of heights and when I start up I feel trapped (not like I can get off) and terrified. This is the exact same feeling I get when I think about death.
  11. I don't think there's any relation. I am assuming that your parents weren't abusive. If they were phyically abusive then maybe. Of course it's not your fault if your boyfriend has a phobia of germs and is taking it out on you.
  12. I wouldn't. You haven't been there long enough. Your boss might seem nice and may very well be understanding, but that a huge risk you're taking. At the end of the day if you can't perform your job there's no reason to keep you on. It might seem heartless but with jobs so hard to find it better to tough it out as long as you can. At least until you qualify for disability.
  13. From the original post I get the impression that your depression is recent. Is that the case? Or have you been depressed like this before?
  14. Growing up my parents bought me comic books as a way to get me to read. My favorite pretty much from day one was the Avengers. Marvel a few years back decided to add Spider-Man and Wolvierene in a new roster.Sales went up and the team chemistry was gone. So over the past eight years they have been milking the cow. We had teenage Avengers. Another group that were the Mighty Avengers. They were just throwing the teaw name on anything just to sell it. Now that that phased has pasted with the movie and everythingI was hoping for a reboot towards what the AVengers used to be when they were cool. I was severly disappointed. I just have to face facts that my image if the Avengers are gone. I try to argue my points but most of the other colletors seem to like the new members (like Manifold) and the new artist. Just feel like a man out of time.
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