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  1. Hi Infidel; I have tried numerous antidepressents since I was 23 (I'm 37 now) - including all the "tried and true", effexor, remeron, wellbutrin, which I am still on in conjunction with Pristiq, neuerontin, etc. Pristiq seems to be working, without the weight gain, it has gotten rid of 'anger' spells, just upped from 50mg, to 100mg today but have been on it for months, and I think it is great. I haven't experienced any odd side effects, though I know everyone reacts differently to different medications... Hang in there, I think it's worth a try! vballqt1 Well, I may have mentioned previously, the Pristiq wasn't effective and I went back to Effexor. Stopped Effexor for about a year while I tried other things. Just tried Prozac which didn't do what I needed. My Doc has convinced me to try Pristiq again but this time at 100mg/day instead of 50, so I'm giving it another shot. Right now it's combined with provigil to address tiredness issues, which is why I stopped the Effexor initially.
  2. Sorry, just something my Doc said. Seeing as how Effexor worked for many years, and the single tablet of Pristiq didn't, I'm willing to explore the possiblity.
  3. Pristiq is an AD, nearly identical to effexor but with fewer side effects. If you're experiencing the side effects with Pristiq, pretty sure it will be as bad or worse with the effexor. There's a few other ADs out there with less sexual side effects, talk to your doc about those. As a 40 yr old male as well, the sexual side effects for me are insignificant compared to the importance of the AD working on my depression.
  4. Sex drive was diminished on both effexor and prozac, but it was pretty much non-existent on prozac. Just delayed orgasm on effexor.
  5. Effexor was pretty effective for me for around 5 years, then I started experimenting with other meds, eventually went to Pristiq and didn't get much benefit, went back to Effexor. Now I'm back at the Pristiq because my doc says that early on Pristiq was prescribed as one tablet daily which was thought to be sufficient, now it is known that for many people 2 tabs are the therapeutic dosage. So I'll be trying it again on the increased dose. Something to think about.
  6. I think you'll see that in general most people will tend to see the benefits after around 2 months, especially at higher doses like yours. Although, if there aren't any bad side effects and you aren't in distress, you could try it a bit longer. What was it prescribed to treat? You can't really go much higher than your current dosage like jimbow said. If it only gives you a small boost in confidence - I'd probably recommend asking your doc for a switch. It'll take a month or two to ween off that high of dosage though. Although weening off prozac is relatively mild. Odd, I'm going to wean off 60mg/day in about a week, perhaps she can too?
  7. Just went from 20 to 60 mg/day over a period of a couple months. Saw my doc today and after 2 weeks at 60mg and not feeling anything, I'm coming off of it. Going back to Pristiq, Effexor has been effective in the past and apparently when I tried Pristiq a year or so ago I wasn't at a therapeutic dose (1 tab vs 2). So, off on my next adventure, Wheeeeeee........
  8. I've been at 60 mg/day for about 10 days now, still not seeing benefits. Still feeling tired, in spite of getting good sleep, will be trying Provigil soon. I've been seeing a therapist for a bit, and she diagnosed me with dysthymia as well, and was very supportive of my GP prescribing Prozac. Unfortunately the Prozac is not doing what we hoped it would do (motivation, energy, anti depression). I started a workout program a week ago, which has correlated with better sleep (although I still have to use sleep aids) and has probably improved my mood overall. Any benefits I attribute to that rather than the Prozac. I've been trying different meds for years now, getting really tired of it.
  9. I'm in a very similar position. Have increased Prozac to 60mg/day and still have pretty bad fatigue. Adderall/amphetamine helps with the energy issue but ends up making me tense/headachey by the end of the day. Dr. wants to try Provigil with the Prozac for the tiredness. I'm not even sure the Prozac is working, doesn't seem to have any affect other than giving me anxiety (the tiredness has always been there, reason for the "activating" Prozac). A sleep study did not point to any specific issues as to why I wasn't feeling rested. I've slept well the last few nights and still tired during the day, so we're starting to think it isn't a physical issue. I think the constant tiredness/fatigue is part of the reason for my depression, not a symptom of it or side effect of the meds.
  10. I just spent 4 weeks at 20 mg/day, at about 3 weeks I had to go back to him due to the anxiety issues, it was unbearable and I was ready to stop. He put me on Buspar and gave me some Klonopin, anxiety decreased over the next week, but still no benefit from the Prozac. Spent another week at 40 mg/day with permission to go to 60 mg/day if I didn't start feeling any benefits. Today was my first day at 60 mg. I feel a bit more anxious, but not unbearable, I'm wondering if this isn't the desired effect since one of my major issues was energy/fatigue, which he was hoping the Prozac would resolve, as well as motivation. My PDOC has told me that 20 mg is a very low dose, and there's a long ways to keep going to find the right dose, he seemed to think that 4 weeks was enough to know if you're ready to up the dose. I hate this part of ADs, getting to the effective dose.
  11. I think things have gotten worse, I've gone to just wearing my glasses exclusively now. It's almost like my contacts don't fit right anymore or something. Who knows though if it's related to the Prozac.
  12. This is the truth. For every med I've ever tried I've found anecdotal evidence for success and failure, and responses from one end of the spectrum to the other. Reading about one person's success may be encouraging, but realize that another person's experience may have been just the opposite. My experience, I'm on week 3 of Prozac and I'm a basket case of anxiety, which had never previously been an issue and which many people claim is resolved by Prozac, not exacerbated. What is helpful is the information that others have experienced this and it went away after some time, so I'm sticking with it for a few more weeks. In the past Welbutrin was ineffective for me (combined with Effexor).
  13. Talk to your Dr, get lower dose pills and taper off like everything else? Pristiq is supposed to be "clean" Effexor, meaning the withdrawal issues shouldn't be as bad. I'm impatient, so I just go cold turkey and deal with it, only do that if you know how your body will respond though.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's pretty common with Pristiq/Effexor, I was on Effexor for many years and that was one side effect that was common throughout, however my libido was also diminished. You would have to weigh whether the benefits of Pristiq outweigh the disadvantages. For me, the delayed orgasm thing was secondary to the overall benefits of the Effexor and wasn't significant enough of an issue for me to want to change.
  15. Been on Prozac for a couple of weeks now. Prozac was selected for me because it's a more "activating" med and fatigue and motivation were major issues for me. Since starting I've been experiencing much more anxiety, particularly in the am when waking and contemplating the day. This is definitely out of character for me but I figure it may be part of the activating effect. Waiting to reach my full dose and stabilize before I make a judgement though.
  16. I began taking 10mg/day about 2 weeks ago. Over the past week I've noticed that when I arrive at work, I can't focus on a computer monitor 24" away for about 10-15 minutes, after which time I start being able to focus. I guess nothing prior to me arriving at work requires focusing at such short distances so I don't notice it until then. My eyes aren't the best anyways, nearsighted with astigmatism, and I'm wearing contacs. It may just be something physical going on with my eyes but since it seems to be correlated to starting up the Prozac just thought I'd ask.
  17. Day 7 cold turkey for me. It's been a little nutty, but I'll manage. Most physical illness during days 5-6, now just a bit headache and lots of being on edge/cranky. Usually done by now, it seems like everytime I quit it takes longer and longer for the withdrawal to end. Anyways, it's doable, just know your body. If you don't, do it with your dr.
  18. I have a lot of experience with this. Effexor for the last 7-8 years, with increasing tiredness and fatigue throughout. I have stopped taking effexor on occasion due to the tiredness but always went back on due to my mood/personality when off. I have tried many different solutions, including a variety of stimulants such as ritalin, and the others I can't think of right now (concerta, amphetamines, etc). Also combined effexor with welbutrin hoping I could get the best of both worlds, still no luck. Ultimately the stimulants were great, made me feel the way I wanted to feel, but there was a cumulative effect gong on that made the fatique 10x worse by the end of a few days of taking them. At the moment on 150mg effexor per day, and even though I try for 8-9 hours of sleep at night, I am fatigued and exhausted throughout the day. I have decided that the fatigue and tiredness is worse than the benefits of the effexor, so I'm stopping again. Unfortunately in my case, even with the tiredness and fatique, I can't sleep very well and have to take sleeping meds to guarantee I'll get 8 hours of sleep, any less and I'm even less functional. I've spent the last 3-4 years with complete strangers telling me how tired I look, really sucks. I hope I have found the silver bullet though. I've got a sleep study scheduled in a couple weeks, which should tell me why sleep does not provide me rest. I feel that once I can get rest, my symptoms that caused the need for effexor will be gone. Also, on effexor I'm borderline low testosterone so I've been taking androgel for the last 1.5 months. I'm not seeing much of an effect anywhere, blood test next week to see if my levels have come up. I think effexor may suppress a lot of things that provide energy in normal people. Good luck, I know it sucks.
  19. I'm doing it again, for the third or fourth time now. Been taking Effexor for going on 7 or 8 years now. I have found that I can go right from 150mg daily down to 25 mg daily with no noticeable effects, it's the step to zero that brings on headaches and nausea/stomache ache. No suicidal thoughts or spinning or anything like that, just physical pain, which can be dealt with in a variety of ways. It does seem to get a bit worse each time I stop though. Anyways, while effexor helps with my mood/personality I am physically wiped out and fatigued all the time, regardless of quantity of sleep. I'm now taking excess sleeping meds to sleep even though I'm quite exhausted. I have a sleep study scheduled in a couple of weeks that will hopefully resolve my fatigue/tiredness issues, which I think may be some of the root cause for my need for effexor. Other than that I take some testosterone because I'm borderline low and it may help with my energy etc. However, when I'm not taking effexor it feels like my sex drive is through the roof, when in actuality it is just returning to normal, I feel this is an indication that effexor may be antagonistic with testosterone. So, I'm also going off to nothing hopefully, by addressing some physical sleep issues. and, for all you fellow non-believers and believers out there, easy does it.
  20. Infidel

    Group Therapy

    I have the same question. My Pdoc recommended a therapy group, I've been 3 times now but don't know if it's worth the time and money. It's 30 minutes away and $30, meets once a week at 7:30 pm. I like everyone fine, and it's a nice social time chatting and supporting everyone, but I don't see the benefits for me outweighing the costs.
  21. I just stopped taking WB 150 daily after taking it for the last 3 months or so (W/150 effexor). Didn't seem to be doing much for me, don't feel much different now that I've stopped. I think the amphetamine/adderall is making up for whatever benefit WB may have provided. I didn't notice a honeymoon effect either, so it may just not have been for me.
  22. Holy Crap!!! This Dr popped up on the approved provider list for my insurance, and I'm a bit partial to DOs, so I've left a couple of messages the last few days trying to get an appointment. Wasn't getting any response to I did a quick search looking for other contact methods. What I found was scary. Link not allowed
  23. I had the exact same experience and became "self aware" around 20-21. I consciously tried to change the way I came across, including body language, tone, etc. but I was still quite introverted and had a huge chip on my shoulder, all of these things resulted in me developing a character/attitude that was very ugly, I felt everyone around me were idiots, shallow, I was angry, overly confident, just generally an ***. Once again, after a few years I began to recognize things and made greater efforts to change things. Rather than not being the things I knew were bad, I made the effort to be the person I wanted to be, I complimented people, thanked people, helped people with things I was good at, tried not to appear so cocky, tried to sympathize with people. In the end I felt I was being false, and I wonder why I was trying so hard to be someone I wasn't, I told myself I didn't need other's approval to be happy, that I didn't care what other people thought about me. I would end up hurting people without understanding why because I lacked the emotional framework to understand their feelings and why my behavior affected them the way it did. I battled this until I met my wife 12 years ago and found something important enough to keep me trying to be the right person. It was, and still is, very difficult. I'll go to brief points to avoid ******* people with a wall of text, I can elaborate further if needed. The most important thing overall: The illegal drugs I tried. As a very cynical/skeptical person familiar with biology etc., and being indoctrinated into the belief that drugs are not inherently bad, and being a big proponent of personal liberty, I have never had any issues with drug use. I have never used MJ, as I don't smoke. Through acquaintances I was able try LSD on rare occasion, and agree with the explanation that if changed your perceptions and allowed your mind/awareness to experience things differently, they were very rewarding experiences. I was able to try methamphetamine once and again, had the same experience, but much more valuable. During this experience I was finally exposed to at least a semblance of what normalcy or positiveness should be and it finally gave me a benchmark or cornerstone to evaluate my personality, attitude etc. and to provide a goal. I only did this once. Similarly, I partook of ecstasy a few times, again, not in the context of escape or entertainment, but in expanding my knowledge about myself. Without these experiences I would have been aware that something different was possible and I may accepted myself as I was. D***, this being brief thing isn't working, so.. When you get the reputation for being an a**Ho** at work, it's a sign that what you are doing is not working. When your wife thinks you're an a**Ho**, again, do a check. These were the circumstances that prompted me to begin taking meds, Effexor initially to improve my concentration and make me more social. It worked perfectly, everyone noticed, and my professional and personal life improved dramatically. If all of your effort to change yourself is still not working, you may need some extra help. Having kids. Having kids made realize how much their upbringing influences who they are in those formative years. I had never given much credence to blaming your issues on your childhood etc, but it became absolutely crystal clear to me how my upbringing was without a doubt the thing that made me what I was. With my wife and I understanding that, it was easier to accept who I was and be fine with using medications address the issues I had. Being responsible. Having a wife, kids, mortgages etc. makes you incredibly aware of responsibilities, and this includes ensuring everyone's mental health, not just your own. I spent a year trying different meds trying to find a way to get closer to that magic place I found earlier. The result was pronounced depressions, lethargy, insane hyperness, numbness etc. which my wife and family tolerated with understanding becuase I was doing everything possible to correct these issues. I am finally back on a track that I feel is pretty good. I take Effexor for the depression etc., Welbutrin for the energy and focus, and at the moment I amphetamine to provide that incredible energy, focus, happiness that I experienced all those years ago. Summary, in spite of your best intentions your willpower may not be enough because your very nature is programmed to sabotage you. You may need to experience something that can influence you without the subterfuge of your current self, that may drugs legal or otherwise, that may be encountering someone you love enough to see yourself through their eyes, your career may be threatened causing you to see the light, maybe you'll get religion, who knows. Just don't be surprised, embarassed, angry or depressed if it takes more than you can do alone.
  24. It's an abrupt start up period that takes some adjusting to. Lack of appetite is pretty common I believe, as are changes in your gastric processes (usually mild constipation). Maybe some headaches early on. By the 2nd or 3rd week the side effects should become more manageable and less noticeable and the positive effects should be more evident. It can be difficult during the initial ramp up to believe that it will be beneficial, to know for sure you need a few weeks on it.
  25. I take 150 mg Effexor and Bupropion daily, no issues with flatulence (39 year old male).
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