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  2. idleinn

    Wife And Text Messaging !!!!

    Hmmm. Not sure about the relevance of it being a bloke. Are you saying that a man and woman cant be friends then? I can see where divas is coming from and kind of agree mate, she should be happy enough with where she is at and the other bloke should have enough common decency to not be texting your wife as often as he is. Its just not right..call me old fashion but thats is where it sits with me . I would get pretty p..... with my wife if she was doing it and her with me if i was the guilty party. Sorry to everyone if i seem a bit old fashioned. have a great day ....I am. Nick
  3. idleinn

    Wife And Text Messaging !!!!

    PRT, Yeh. You might be right. I guess I cant tell her not to do it - that wouldnt be fair. I do tend to stress about things like this though.... Hi psycho , I know where you are coming from. I dont have a big problem with my wife doing it as much as my teenage daughter. We have know made it a rule that we dont text when we are in someone elses company unless we discuss the topic of the text as i find texting when you are with someone else is a bit like whispering. We have given up with daughter as it seems to be a very normal communication skill for kids these days................. LOL Enjoy Nick
  4. I am glad to see the support you re getting. As far as my situation when I was down and out and at my worst I was also very emotional and after a period of isolating it would get too much and I would end up in tears apologizing for all the bad things I would have said or done ( nothing physical ) and would get to the stage of total self destruction as far as I could see things getting better if I left or worse left this world for good. I think because of the number of times I have spent going through these self destruction stages of my life I know now when to seek help. The reason I mentioned keeping your distance was for your own mental perspective , there is no good you going down hill with him because you are no good to him or your child if you have a relapse, so what i mean is you have to maintain your mental and physical health to be able to help him. It is sad to hear him make those comments regarding spending time with his daughter it could be his way of protecting himself from the emotional fallout of separation as from his perspective the only option for him to save you grief is to divorce. It is a crazy thought process we depressed persons get into, I think back to my wanting to leave a month ago and if it wasn't so serious it would be hilarious because there is no way I would want to leave now. I could not say if i got to the stage of not loving my wife because it as just such a messed up time and i was only worried about stopping the torment i was putting my family through as far as my personal well being i believed at the time that there was no future for me personally all i could see was that i was stressing out my wife and i could not work my way out of it .... I hope you can understand where i am coming from.... Nick
  5. Hang in there mate, you certainly sound like a loverly person,just like my wife. I can provide a bit more insight for you in regards to hubby. I have been guilty of the same, i know its not nice but i don't choose to be mean to my family it is just the ****** depression. I was prepared to leave my family if it meant stopping the torment that i was putting everyone through, but it would have had disastrous effect on my kids if i did this so i had to find another option. The reason i know this is i have just got back from 3 weeks in a clinic getting shock therapy, after getting myself into a big hole that i couldn't climb out of by myself. It was last resort after trying years of various meds but it worked, for now at least, if i have to go back for more i will because it got me back from the brink, without it i wouldn't be typing this that i can guarantee. Now i am not saying ect is for every-one but just to let you know there is plenty of help out there and what you husband is doing is quite normal when people really get lost. I could add more but i will leave it there but don't give up on him. Keep your distance if you have to for you child's and your sake but if you can help him get some help then please do because i know if my wife had left me i wouldn't be here. Hang in there,it will get better.... Nick
  6. idleinn

    Cant Decide To Take Meds Or Not

    Hang in there, i know where you at. I had to take the plunge into ECT last month as it got too much , no burn marks so all good. enjoy your good days they will come back
  7. I hope you have a good day.

  8. idleinn

    The Sad And Happy Muscles In The Brain

    Gandalf The Grey I like where you are coming from, I could not have put it any better myself. I have just got out of the clinic where i have received 8 treatments of ECT and just getting back into my role of father and husband after 3 weeks cocooned in a very comfortable environment. I lost my way for a while but am back on track again and fully support your post as it is something i know i need to do but like a lot of people sometimes tend to take the easy option of eating good old comfort food. Have a nice day. Nick
  9. idleinn

    Just Been Diagnosed...

    I find that i am going through the same problems with my p/doc i believe i am a possible a candidate for the tag of bpd as after 15 years nothing has sucessfully worked even when i was on effexor at 600 mgs and lithium at a 1000 mgs nothing really worked for any length of time. I aways found when i was doing a med change that whenever i stopped taking one med and having a couple of washout days prior to starting new med i actually felt good,i was always teary but the body returned to what i thought was quite normal..... End of the week i front up again to p/doc for another bash ....
  10. idleinn

    Just Been Diagnosed...

    aussiegirl It must have been a shock to be told of your new diagnosis. Were you expecting it? I go back to psyk end of week to try again , i have been medicated for 15 years but keep running into brick walls every 1 to 2 years and have to start trying new meds again. I fear that i might be tagged the same when i go back because i have done a lot of research on most forms of dp trying to find answers and keep coming back to bpd. It dosnt worry me if i am changed from major depression to bpd as long as i get some help. I wish you all the best and i wouldnt worry about the new tag (bpd ) you are still who you are inside as long as they can get your meds sorted and put you back up there to have another go. Have a nice day.
  11. I think you are on the right track just hang in there and and keep your input into the conversation as it is very important. I have been on lots of med combos some work some dont and just when i think i loosing the battle something will work. Hang in there , you will get there....
  12. If you not happy with your doc opinion dont be afraid to get another opinion. With depression a family trait you would have an advantage over newbies as far as meds not working go with your gut feeling until you feel comfortable with your docs decision. Does your doc know family history it would help a lot for them to know.
  13. Lizzy i am glad you have found your zone with hubby . I am still working on mine some times depending on how well the meds are working i can go from being completely care free with no feelings or fear of my wife leaving me and at other times i am a complete mess where all parts of my life sucks, i dont choose to go there and my wife understands that. I dont consider the term abuse is a very fair one,ok it might be for you but i dont believe you are being fair when you put everyone in that basket. We dont all want or aim to be controlling and i am sure if you have ever been in the situation yourself you would understand that its not a nice place to be and we would rather not be having to deal with these thoughts but until we get it right we do have to deal with it as hard as it is, thats life !!!!
  14. Since last post i have had to drop lamoctrogine and also the zyprexa last month . Having a pretty rough time since stopping zyprexa doctor has suggested just taking it PRN ( whenever i get into bad place). Does anyone else use it only when needed ?? Thanks for any imput
  15. Sorry about lack of communication been in a big hole. My apologies about the cricket but i think we just one the series. I must admit SpaceKadet your boys made us look pretty shabby when they were here.