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    I really enjoy being with my children doing family activities. I've always worked with children also not my own. I love books! All genres-from contemporary to historical fiction to spirituality. <br />I love to be out in nature as much as possible. Nature is most inspiring and healing.

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  1. Thanks for the add:).You're like me, love the beach and mountains! Hope you are well. I'm not really on the forums much any more, but I'm available for a chat, or what have you. :)

  2. we have alot in common friend

  3. Awesome ! So happy to read that you're doing well! I love reading stories like this. What a gift it is to have some one like you working in a rehab center who enjoys it. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. Yeah, you sound like me, too, as a child I was always a nervous little thing. I've always been sensitive and as an adult it increased. I used to have panic attacks but got them under control. Right now have GAD, no medication, I feel like a zombie on meds I don't know, don't like to take them.
  5. It sounds like you're doing all the right things, and staying positive, I do that, too. I find that the depression comes and goes. But as I've had treatment, the intensity and the time in between the depression is longer. One thing about staying positive all the time I've found is that I then will push things down, suppress emotions, and that's not good. You're not alone in that at all though, your post rings very familiar.
  6. Used to hang out a lot at the Amazon dot com forums. Not so much any more. Facebook Social Anxiety Support forum
  7. Hi Trace, I just read your response to the Easter thread I started. Thanks! (you were the only response), and I enjoyed what you said about new beginnings! Have a great night and great week!:)

  8. This is one of my biggest problems right now is trusting people. Like the OP said, I trust myself, and maybe a selected few, but every one else feels like I threat, I've been back-stabbed and betrayed so much, it's become a bad joke. Plus, and I know this is a criticsm, but people are @&^%*^ crazy! Look how confused the whole world is and how people treat one another! Are there any good, honorable people left anymore? I want to get to a point of balance, to not distrust, at least if that makes sense.
  9. College for me was the best time in my life. But for many, it can be a great source of stress, depends where you're at.
  10. Their arrival, he says, would be like Columbus landing in the Americas, "which didn't turn out out very well for the Native Americans." The 68-year-old Hawking speculates on alien life in a new documentary on the Discovery Channel in which says advance life-forms may be "nomads, looking to conquer and colonize." WOA NELLY!!! fishdamsel He definitely has a point. If aliens are out there, and would want to contact another planet, we don't know what their intentions would be. They may be or may not be good intentions. I don't know why there would be any interest in us other than to study us, quite frankly. I mean, if they come here, then we are an inferior race and have nothing to offer them. This fear may come from the movies. In fact, I read a book about abduction memories, and fake memories and a lot of it comes from TV and movies. More importantly, I think since we do not know if they are coming our way, it is a huge waste of money of research and technology put into it.
  11. Thank you Cheetoh. What a gift that is. It makes me feel more whole, less lonely, it's true we're not seperate, & love is all around us, isn't it?
  12. Hi Castiel, I've had that happened plenty of times, even with meds. It could be that the medication has a placebo effect, and/or you expect to work because you want it to. I've had to go back to the drawing board all over again. It sucks and it's difficult, but it's a process. Also, some times the meds will take longer than 2 weeks to kick in, I've heard up to 4 (groan). In the past, I've had to have a lot of patience with the process of finding the right meds, if that is what you are doing (sounds like). You have to keep checking in with your pdoc. I completely understand in regards to the social anxiety. I'm totally not that bubbly, talky kind of person, more quiet and reserved, and have sat by myself plenty of times. It's sooo awkward, I know. To a certain degree, embracing and accepting it has helped, and finding another person like myself if it's possible. Not every one is the bubbly, extroverted type. I'm sorry you had to quit your job. Maybe it was not the right one for you at this time. Hang in there, you're not alone.
  13. Thanks for your comment. Sorry this is past due. I wish you well!

  14. Hello... read your statement, and, I understand. I think we are hardest on ourselves. I try to remember to gentle up, hope you do too, we deserve it. Hope you're having a good day.

  15. Sunny and warm, really lovely, took a nice long walk today.
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