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  1. Paxil has always seemed to be the best med for my depression but due to SE like weight gain, fatigue, and withdrawal if I stop, I thought of switching to something else. Since Paxil works so well for me, what would be the med most closely related and thus possibly more likely to work well too? On a side note, I found that adding a small dose (5mg) of Ritalin with the Paxil did wonders to lift mood, energize, motivate, etc. and even helped me sleep better at night.
  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Mimen, thank you for all your kind words and advice. I am so glad to hear what a great drug it is for you. There is something I really like about it too, but not even sure what it is! As I had mentioned earlier, Paxil had been a wonder drug for me because it kept me so calm, nothing bothered me, stopped all my irritability, etc. I was always nice! But when my daughter got sick I stopped it because I really needed to cry, a lot. And of course I did. Now I have a lot of anger with the grief, and take it out on mostly my poor husband. If the WB does not help that enough, I might then add a small dose of Paxil, but first I'll give the WB a try by itself. The energy is a very welcome part of the WB. I have so much to do and want to make sure all my other children get the time and attention they deserve. We all love each other so very much, and they need to see me as fun, not sad. Will keep you updated. How are you doing now? Was it a problem with finding the right dose, etc? Let me know. Scoobnme
  4. Actually Burgy, I had been wondering about the fluid retention, as my bony ankles and bird legs have looked a bit swollen by nighttime, which they never usually do. Will have to remember to drink a ton of water today, and hope that does the trick. Also, hope that it is just a startup SE and not long term. And as Lionheart7 said, maybe it will take a couple of weeks for my body to get used to it and start responding. Thanks guys. Scoobnme
  5. I am new to Wellbutrin and today is Day 9 on 150XL. One of my children died of cancer and it seemed that my grief was evolving into depression with no energy, no motivation, negative outlook that my other children might die, and a lot of anger over the entire thing. Unable to get those pictures out of my head of her frail and very sick little body. So here I am, trying WB. So far it has not resulted in the anxiety that I feared might happen. But I am more energized and active and motivated. Having some insomnia, no interest in food. I am wondering why my weight is staying the same? I am not overweight but would be nice to shed 10 pounds. I know some dont, some gain on WB, but they seem to report increased appetite, eating a lot, so that makes sense. This does not seem to make sense. If I am eating way less, no interest in nighttime snacking, and way more active, why is my weight the same? Thanks. Scoobnme
  6. I started Wellbutrin 150XL a week ago (9 days today). I am definitely more energetic, active, and motivated and lack of appetite. What I don't understand is why my weight has stayed the same. I know that not everyone loses, and some gain on WB, but thought those were the ones in whom appetite increased, they ate more, makes sense. This seems to make no sense. I am not overweight but getting rid of 10 pounds would be nice. I eat way less, small portions, no desire for nighttime snacking, and much increase in activity. This is all totally different from before starting WB, so what's up with this? Scoobnme
  7. Thanks for replies. I am still on it, overall doing ok, more insomnia, but not the anxiety I had feared. I did go to Wellbutrin honeymoon phase and found it helpful. Reborn, to answer your question--one of my children died of cancer and I don't think it's healthy or normal to be unable to cry. A good cleansing cry is often a much needed release and catharsis. I did tear up a few times this week, so maybe the ability is not entirely gone. Will have to wait and watch I guess.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and took it, then today took one also--this is day 3 (150XL). I think that I am already noticing the problem I had on Paxil--unable to cry. WB is so chemically different (opposite actually) from Paxil that I never anticipated this. I don't think I have read this as a side effect from any others on this forum. Otherwise I think it's going ok. I dont seem to have the insomnia others do. Well, I awaken very often all night long, probably every 30 min to every hour, but I do get back to sleep. I know that's not good sleep, but consider insomnia to be more of the lying awake for hours not sleeping at all. I've always slept poorly unless I took a sleep aid (sonata or ambien), but with little kids want to be able to tend to them in the night and not be too zonked. Anyway, how about this inability to cry, anybody else experience it? Thanks. Scoobnme
  9. Well, I finally got up the courage to try my first pill, 150XL, yesterday. Felt weird but not overly so. Slept ok actually, sort of wiped out appetite. Anyway, it is now time for the next pill (24 hrs later) and I still feel a bit wired, etc. Do you think since I am just starting out I could take it tomorrow instead? Do every other day for awhile, then maybe increase to every day? Or try today and if too much, then do every other? Thanks. Scoobnme
  10. I have two friends who liked Paxil but it made them incredibly drowsy, so their pdoc prescribed Provigil for them to take with it. They said it did not really feel stimulating or induce irritability, but just kept them awake in the daytime. Not sure how Provigil works. I wonder if there are any posts about it on this forum somewhere. One of them had experienced a lot of anger and irritability when Wellbutrin was added, but not on the Provigil. Scoobnme
  11. Thanks for replies and advice. On Paxil, I was unable to cry, so did not think it would be healthy for a bereaved mom not to cry. I stopped it while she was sick. I didnt think it made me numb, I could feel joy and I could feel badly about things, but could not cry. Maybe one day I will go back on it though. I have no energy or motivation, still have 5 kids at home including 5 yr old triplets, so I really need to do more than just the minimum. I'm functioning, meals, laundry, school, etc (we homeschool) but just not at the level I need to be. The energizing potential that so many talk about on WB sounds appealing, but the anxiety does not. I also have so much anger, and worry that it would make me more irritable and impatient. I agree about the short acting lower dose, maybe I could ask about that. Although, if the XL releases small amts over 24 hrs, maybe that would lessen the side effects compared to a short acting form that might release higher amts over a shorter time span? I wonder what the actual dose of release is, in other words, would 150 XL release approx. 6mg per hour, or more like 50mg every 5 hours? If it's the latter, then yes it would make sense to take the standard WB 50 mg 3xday. Does anyone know? Guess I could ask the pdoc. Or then again, am I just thinking and analyzing too much?! Thanks. Scoobnme
  12. Thank you for you condolences Izzy, yeah it is horrible, shouldnt have to be visiting my child at the cemetery. I'm sorry to hear that you are so anxious on Lexapro. I found Paxil to be so calming but I see now that it is contraindicated during pregnancy. I have 5 yr old triplets and had such fear and negative thoughts constantly about dying, never thought I would survive the pregnancy, c-section, etc with the high risk with multiples, so I was put on Paxil during the pregnancy and it was a godsend. They do not have any heart defect problems, but I guess I was put on it back before the data on that came out. Maybe you can try it after the birth. Most pg women I know now are put on Zoloft, and they can breastfeed afterwards with that one too. Well, I guess I'll have to see if I get up the courage to try the Wellbutrin. I just fear having some giant anxiety attack and rush to the ER like some neurotic woman, everyone rolling their eyes, etc. I saw that you are from Phoenix--we are in OH but used to take our daughter there to Barrow to Dr. Spetzler, the world famous neurosurgeon. He was always wonderful with her. Top brain surgeon, that's for sure. Take care. Scoobnme
  13. Am considering starting some Wellbutrin for depression (one of my children died of cancer). I need the energy and motivation I hear about from Wellbutrin, although a few years ago I used Paxil which worked wonders for calming me and taking away anger and irritability. I am not on anything now. If I try Wellbutrin, and it causes horrible anxiety/jitters, will something like Klonapin take that away? Or will I have to wait until the WB wears off? I understand the longer acting is safer (seizure-wise), but if I take the XL it lasts 24 hrs, so will I have to endure the anxiety side effect for 24 hrs? I can't take xanax, it caused bad depression in me several years ago every time I tried it. So wondering since Dr. offered Klonapin in case of anxiety for WB, will that cut the anxiety? Or is it sometimes unrelenting and unresponsive to sedation? How bad can it get? Doc gave me 150XL to start for a week, then 300XL. I weigh about 100 pounds, is that dose too high? Sorry for so many questions. Thanks. Scoobnme
  14. Thank you Bijou, for your kind words of sympathy. Seems like I will never get those images out of my head, of her frail little body so horribly sick, the suffering, in ICU, on life support. There are just some kinds of pain that even a good antidepressant will never take away, but maybe will help me to be more engaged in life again and functional for my family. The anger part of my grief has been one of the worst (sadness and the missing her of course is the worst). Thus, I thought the Paxil would help with the anger and feared that the Wellbutrin might increase that anger and irritability that so often plague the bereaved. I guess I would recognize that pretty quickly and just back off though. Having energy and motivation and being productive again sounds so appealing, thus the temptation to try the Wellbutrin. Guess I could have my husband stand by with the Klonapin if needed. Thanks again. Scoobnme
  15. Thank you so much for your condolences Gentle Sun. I attend Compassionate Friends support group for bereaved parents and most of them are on an antidepressant but we don't discuss meds much at meetings, and it's just once a month. So it sounds like you started on Paxil first and then added the Wellbutrin. My dr even said she could give me a Rx for Klonapin in case Wellbutrin gave me too much anxiety, I just havent tried any of it yet. So afraid of having a giant anxiety attack and with the Wellbutrin XL I'm thinking it will take so long before the med leaves my system. Don't they make a shorter-acting one? As far as dose, the 25mg Paxil CR was good, but I'm thinking at 100 pounds the Wellbutrin might be too strong (first 150 for a week then 300). Did you have any other side effects besides the anxiety from Wellbutrin? Appetite, wt loss (always a plus--I'm very short) ? Did it make you irritable, etc? The Paxil was great for that, nothing angered me much, took care of so much irritability. Well at least your experience with the Wellbutrin is encouraging, maybe I'll post on the Wellbutrin board too? I am just going through the motions and doing the minimum, and we still have 5 kids at home, including 5 yr old triplets, so I really need more energy to get things done. We also homeschool. I know it sounds crazy and too much to do, but really I think that being so busy is good for me. Well, thanks again and let me know about the dose, the XL, the side effects, etc. Scoobnme
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