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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Please let me know how you make out. I am on Zoloft 50 mg and I don't think it is working anymore. I wanted to try Efexor because I read that it was approved for both depression and anxiety. It does take at least 3 weeks to notice improvement with these meds. I will pray it works well for you. I get sick to my stomach more than a heart attack feeling. I guess Adrenaline effects us all different. It is an awful feeling these attacks. Please keep in touch and let me know how you do. Thanks! Debbie
  3. I only take 50 mg of Zoloft and the two times I tried to go off it cold turkey were horrible. My understanding is you must wean off of it slowly. My heart goes out to your nephew and he should be followed by a Psych MD as they know how to wean you off. God Bless him and I will pray for him. Debbie
  4. I had my first panic attack when I was 5 years old. I remember my stomach growling and I grew very afraid of it. All the teachers tried to help me. At 5, I had no idea what it was. When I entered middle school, pre-puberty I suffered from horrible panic attacks, this was in the 70's and of course I did not know what it was. I would go to the bus stop and vomit in front of all the other kids. I thought I was dying. I went for medical tests and of course they were all normal. I missed a great deal of school and of course, I did not know why or what was happening to me. I was afraid, nervous, crawling out of my skin but had no reason for it. I would say to myself, if I can only make it through first period, then maybe I can make it through second period etc. What kind of thinking was that for a 7th grader who never drank, smoked and was an all around healthy kid? By time I got to high school it was worse. I was able to graduate and get a job. (interviews for jobs were nightmares for me!) At this point, the busier I was the better. When I was 15 my Dad entered the AA Program and he had been using Valium as well. He took me to AA meetings and that was my first glimpse of mental illness. At this time I knew I had a mental illness and my Dad would talk me through my panic attacks as he has and still has a great deal of experience with it. My Dad has kept me alive as he knows what it is like and helped me to cope. I believe I have inherited a chemical imbalance. It certainly runs in the family with all of my siblings. When I got married, my wedding was a nightmare. I was panicked about the whole thing. When I got pregnant, the same thing. The only time in my life I was calm and felt normal was when I breast-fed my babies, Sounds crazy but it is true. All hell broke loose when I was 36 and diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Oh I was such a trooper going thought the treatment and removal of my thyroid, but when it was all over, I broke down and had a panic attack that debilitated me to the point of hiding in the closet while my three kids huddled in there with me. At this point, my Mom and Dad took over and had me admitted to a Psych ward. I was put on Zoloft and Klonopin and feel my life was saved. Now recently, I have been diagnosed with Diverticulits. No big deal. I took my antibiotics and it did not go away. I took more antibiotics and developed C-Diff and ended up in the hospital for a week and now am home. I went to work today and had a HUGE Panic attack. Years since I had one like this. I got through it, Praise God and with his help, but I am having them again. My fear is this Bowel problem will interfere with being the sole supporter of my family. I turn 50 in a few weeks and had hoped I had "conquered" this thing! I have been on Zoloft for 15 years and 1 mg of Klonipin at bed. The Klonopin still helps but I have an awful FEAR OR ANXIETY of abusing it as my sister did. She lost her job and is still not right. I believe I am also entering menopause, my son is going to Iraq in a few months, second tour, and I feel maybe it is time to change my Zoloft to something that addresses the anxiety portion of my mental illness. I am seeing the PCP Friday and was thinking (after researching this med) of trying Efexor. Any input from anyone will help. God Bless all of you and help you with this HORRIBLE disease! I will pray for us all. Thanks for reading. Debbie
  5. Oh I am so relieved to find this site. I have had depression and panic all my life. I take Zoloft 50 MG and 1MG of Clonazapam at bedtime. This has helped me for the longest time. Even when my son went to Iraq last year. Now I have just gotten over being very ill with Diverticulitis and antibiotic related C-Diff. I was in the hospital a week and I am doing everything to make myself better. I had to take Flagyl for two weeks and I think it may have interferred with my meds? Have you ever heard of that? I am having panic attacks alot now. I really need an antidepressant that addresses anxiety first. I have that worse than depression. I saw that you are having problems too and wonder if you could give me any advise or if anyone on the board can help. I have been on Zoloft and Klonopin for 15 years and NEVER increased my dose. I have always been afraid to take more of either because I did not want to abuse them. I hope and pray you are doing better. One thing I have learned, if you have your health, INCLUDING mental health, you have everything! Thanks!
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