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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Calliope

    Effexor vs Cymbalta

    Kaitrin, I prefer the Cymbalta over Effexor, but everyone is different. With Effexor, I was tired all the time, hungry all the time, and lost my libido. I felt more "normal" on the Cymbalta and it helped me sleep, which is a huge problem I have always had. How long have you taken the Effexor? Calliope
  3. Hi Calliope, to DF! I'm glad you found us and I'm sure you will receive a lot of support and helpful feedback here. It is wonderful to hear that you have survived some really terrible bouts of depression. I can't even imagine it must have been to go through this while you were pregnant....But I know there are many others here who can relate to that experience. I'm so glad you and your child came through this! We have specific forums for both Wellbutrin and Celexa and there are a number of people here who combine these meds. If you do not find enough information in these forums, feel free to post your own topic with specific questions. Wishing you all the very best (((((((Calliope)))))) Take care. Joanna Thanks Joanna! I have found some helpful posts already. Day 2 on 300 mg on WB and still a little wired, but feeling better! Calliope
  4. Welcome Calliope, I'm new too. How is the wellbutrin? I'm trying it starting today. I couldn't sleep- I was too wired, but today I feel better. Not as jittery. How many mg are you taking? Did you feel any different? Calliope
  5. Hi! I'm new here, but not new to depression. I have had it most of my adult life. A brief history- I had mild depression in my late 20's, but did not need meds. Excercise took care of most of my symptoms. I did well until after my second child. Not recognizing it, I had major post-partum depression mixed with anxiety. That was the first time I tried meds- Effexor. I did well and 3 years later, I weaned off of it to become pregnant with my third child. I had very bad morning sickness, so my OBGYN put me on anti-nausea meds. Little did I know, depression was a side effect. I CRASHED and BURNED....scariest time of my life....deciding to take Zoloft while pregnant was an agonizing decision, but I can honestly say that I would not be alive (nor would my child) had I not taken it. My child, now 3, is PERFECT!!! He is very smart, sweet, and above-average on all intellectual levels. I thank God for watching us through this horrible time. I tried Effexor again, but my I couldn't sleep, I ate ALL the time, and my libido became non-existant. I am currently taking 300 mg Wellbutrin and 30 mg Cymbalta. I just went up on the WB and feel a little "wired." I am glad to be here and would like to hear from others who combine Wellbutrin and Cymbalta.
  6. For those out there not having luck with Wellbutrin, I just want you to know that the name brand is the only way to go. Several dr's are seeing a "crash" with patients who go to the generic brand. Since it is not regulated, the medicine can be as low as 20% strengh as the name brand. Please discuss this with your dr. I had a major crash after going from 150 mg name brand to 300 mg generic. Hope this helps someone!!
  7. Calliope

    Who Else On 450 Mg Or Higher

    The GENERIC Wellbutrin does not work- get the name brand.