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    I m a work in motion. I have depression and yet have things in my life that I am grateful for. There re days I find it almost impossible to get out of bed. I eat too much chocolate and I have a temper. But I try.. Every day I try.. I'm interested in that.

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  1. chatting, dancing, posting, and thinking about what to do next :)
  2. perfect- not too hot, not too cold, and lots of son and a great smelling breeze
  3. i listen to ho hey by the lumineers bc it cheers me up :)
  4. it really bugs me when i feel caught in the middle of family drama and no matter what i do, i lose.
  5. If I could do anything right now, I would go out dancing
  6. Hi Bijou! I haven't seen you around in sooo long... I hope everything is OK with you!! :)

  7. (((B))) Just a drive by hugging :)

  8. 1. I cheered a friend up who was having a bad day 2. I read some of the book I was supposed to read 3. I returned a phone call I was dreading and didn't die from it :)
  9. Getting out of my own head and helping someone else makes a world of difference!
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