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  1. Thank you , I have had loads of therpy , but maybe I need to do some more Andrew
  2. I find it really hard to not judge and dislike others, I find it really hard to not judge others and if I feel they are jjudging me I get so heart and angry. This impacts on me and my partner (or , as I think she is) , i feel deep anger towards her daughter and feel really angry tpwards her and other members of her familly... its runnied another holiday and I hate myslef, is it depression, PD or am i just bad Andrew sorry about spelling dyslexic
  3. I am pretty sure I have Boardline Personality Disorder , how would I find out ? And if I have what
  4. I stopped taking 15 mg a day 3 days ago and feel really down and Rage and anger , anyone else experinced this ?
  5. thanks for your input, I have started taking them again, I dont kno why I stop taking them, I do thats sometimes, maybe to feel , andy
  6. " It is considered one of the best types of therapy for treating anxiety and depression " by who ? Andy
  7. Hope you can help I Stopped taking my 15mg a day dose 3 days back, and I am feeling massive feelings of anger and rage towards, but its towards people I care about ??? could this be withdrawal ? Andy
  8. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  9. Thanks for your thoughts. I maybe didnt explain myselfe very well. I understand set backs, its more my reaction to them that worrt me, I do think maybe its part of mt mentle illness.
  10. Happy Birthday :)

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