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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I have been on 300mg of WB for 4-5 years and 60mg of Cymbalta TWICE daily for 2 years without any problems.
  4. You are right Linds...but I do come here to read and try to help some. I have been battling with diabetes lately. I don't think we have a room for that one but oddly enough one of our psych meds; Zyprexa is suspected of playing a role in diabetes.
  5. I am on 60mg twice a day and still only pay my $40 copay for 180 capsules. It would be the same for 90. If it were generic it would be only $20. So far I am not impressed with Cymbalta. I think their "depression Hurts" ad campaign is a bit bogus. Sure depression hurts, but they are peddeling it like it were a fancy aspirin.
  6. I am doing fairly well. Been off Paxil for some time and am now on Cymbalta. Can't say much for that drug. based on the advertising, I think they have shifted its marketing to that of a pain medicine. I am ready for something different...maybe a return to Paxil.
  7. I am taking 60mg of Cymbalta in the AM and another 60mg in the PM. I tried Lunesta and still have an active script but it left a metalic taste in my mouth. I went to clonazepam, first .5mg then 1 and finally 2mg about an hour before bed. I usually get up 7-8 hrs later with no problem whereupon I take another 1mg of clonazepam and go about my daily routine. Oddly I fall right asleep at night but it doesn't bother me in the day.[font="Times New Roman"
  8. I am currently doing 120mg of Cymbalta. Just started a week or so ago and things seem fine...at least no bad reactions. Swede
  9. Cat...thanks for the welcome back. Lindsay e-mailed me to tell me there was someone on the board asking about Tourette's Syndrome and that I might like to address it. I am pressed for time tonight but I will be back to you. Swede
  10. I had started a nice response to you yesterday and took a break for dinner only to have Microsoft update some software in my computer and restart it for me...reply gone! Tourettes Disorder/syndrom seems to be lumped in with ADHD these days as it commonly affects younger children. Unfortunately for me, I have had recurring bouts most of my life and I am 59! My doc's disgnosis is listed as Tourettes Disroder /OCD/ADHD. I tried on of the adult adhd meds once and did not have anv success with it (strattera) so I gave it up. The tics (Ihate that word) seem to come and go with stressors. Mine fall into several categories, vocal (I constantly clear my throat) and I guess mechanical (I frequentlystrain my neck muscles, twist my side/back muscles and twitch my eyes. the eye problem has greatly lessened since I got older and needed reading glasses then finally regular glasses. I admit it is tough to tell people about tourette's syndrome because all they have heard of are the extreme cases where people swear all the time. I have used a few curse words at work (I work in industry) but they never had anything to do with TS! LOL My doc began to treat me with Zyprexa starting me at 2.5mg and building up to 15mg at one point. At 15 I could barely get out of bed in the morning. When I discovered internet articles linking Zyprexa to diabetes I asked my Endocrinologist (I have an early stage of diabetes or pre-diabetes) and she suggested I wean off Zyprexa. I am now on 2.5 or 5mg...I can't remember which and the doctor has given me clonazepam (Klonopin) to take at night and in the morning. I take 2mg at night and 1mg in the morning. My mind used to race at night and I was like a person trying to watch all the movies at once at a suburban cineplex! Things sare much better now but the company I work for is taking a skant eye at the clonazepam (I work for a railroad) and they fear for my safety (or the lawsuit that would follow) so I am battling them. I hope this helps. Welcome to the boards. I am not here as frequently as before (I was a former administrator) but I will watch for your postings. Swede
  11. lymom3 and the rest of you...do you all have teenagers with ADD/ADHD? Is it an epidemic? LOL ADk, good idea about your son getting the networking degree then going to OCS and becomming an offficer. I was an officer and I can tell you that unfortunately 2nd Lieutenants and Captains actualld do spend time on the front lines. Bu that is another story. Seems that SamEm is working on the weight problem. Also interesting is the disappearance of the PMS Migraine. I can see I need to brush up on MAOI's. Swede
  12. It seems that most of the ssri's seem to put weight on you, but I believe that it is caused by creating hunger than chemically altering your body. I can't imagine teaching 7 exercise classes a day and adding weight! Swede
  13. I'm of Swedish ancestory...nuff said! Swede
  14. I just figured out I have owned a vehicle (many) for 41 years. I used to do everything, spark plugs, tune ups, I even changed an automatic transmission once. I recently bought a 2006 GMC Pickup with EVERY option...wouldn't know where to start. Oh, I can still do the brakes but that is it. Most of the parts I can't even find and with the emissions testing here in Pennsylvania I would be afraid to mess something up. Swede
  15. Risperdal is an antipsychotic medication. It works by changing the effects of chemicals in the brain.
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