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  1. Remeron is my life saver! It took forever to work but I've been on it for probably 5 years, if not more. It helps me sleep and helps with anxiety. If you feel you're gaining weight maybe try adjust your meals to make up for it.
  2. I posted this in the wrong place and now can't find it to delete it. My anxiety is out of control due to shit happening in my personal life. I had to stop taking Adco Alzam as I took it for two weeks and it stopped working. I took a 200 mg Dopaquel that I usually take at night. It really helps! Any advice?
  3. My anxiety is out of control due to shit happening in my personal life. I had to stop taking Adco Alzam as I took it for two weeks and it stopped working. I took a 200 mg Dopaquel that I usually take at night. It really helps! Any advice?
  4. I hear you. I don't feel down when it works out I just feel dumb all of a sudden.
  5. I went to my Psychiatrist a while ago. I complained about being emotionally dead with no interest in anything. I just lie on my bed the whole day. She subscribed Ritalin. Holy smoke man. I pop that pill and 30 later get a kick up the bum. All of a sudden I feel awake and interested in things. I lost my job 2 years ago and been doing deliveries for a company which is soul destroying and boring. Pop the pill and boom I'm interested in what I do. My mind is razor sharp and the important thing is that I don't get confused between different deliveries and a difficult app to use! Plus my memory is razor sharp. I can afford the slow release one so I have to take another Ritalin 4 hours later. Here is the interesting thing. I'll be sitting in my car working the app and phoning clients. 4 to 5 hours later and BOOM, I realise I've become dumb and confused. I really battle to remember and focus on what I must do. Take my second Ritalin and BOOM! Back to being interested in what I do, exited and focused. Even my housemate comments on how life changing it is for me. The crap is herring home at night I would read the news or watch a series. I can literally feel the Ritalin is worked out of my system as I battle to focus on the article or the series.
  6. It's OK. Thank you for responding anyway. It's very kind of you
  7. Oi, I got prescribe ed Rittalin 10mg. Not the extended release as I can't afford it. It works fantastic. About 30 minutes after taking it I get a kick up the bum. It wakes up my brain and get me going for the day. I'm more focused and for some reason my short term memory improves. Now here is the drawback. I'm 55 and it also brings on anxiety. I counter this by taking a Adco Alzam with it. This has been going on for more than a week. Is this normal? Will the anxiety go away at a stage?
  8. Please don't just come off it! Oh no man. My advice would be rather to take it earlier at night. So much earlier that you rather wake up an hour or so to early. It really helped my my sleep, depression and anxiety. For me it's like a miracle drug.
  9. I take both as well 500 Lithium and 30 Remeron. It's definitely the Remeron that helps you sleep. It does that for me as well. I sleep like a baby. It also helps a lot for my anxiety. Like others would rather talk to your doc about your lithium dosage. Please don't just come off it! The consequences will be disastrous! I did that in other meds and saw my arse. Took my Psychiatrist forever to get me stable again.
  10. I'm on 30 mg. The only way for me to combat weight gain was to spot a change in my eating habits. I definitely started craving and eating ice cream which I normally avoid as I don't actually like ice cream! I stopped this. I also stopped eating bread like completely. We are all different but I would do things like cook thick bean soup in bulk. Freeze the portions and snack on that during the day. It really fills me up.
  11. O my word . Good question I'm not good and I've read some of the responses, some good and some not so good. I live in South Africa and 8 years into a corrupt president's rule our economy is failing. The thing is that I'm about to lose my job. This is not the US or Europe where you lose your job and find another one a few weeks later. This is a country with an over 30% unemployment rate. I suppose I need to cling onto better news. The corrupt president is gone and in court fighting for his life. I just hope the new president has as much integrity as I perceive him to have a few months into his rule. Who knows. This is Africa and democracy is a recent concept so, let me hope for the best.
  12. Hello from South Africa. Over the last 12 months my relationship with my boss became acrimonious. Over the last few months my anxiety escalated and became out of control. I got to a stage where I couldn't fall asleep, focus, concentrate and battled to breath at stages. The psychiatrist I go to prescribed Adco Alzam and it worked! I was so relieved when I took one with the next anxiety attack and calmed down within about 15 minutes. However, about 4 to 5 days later it stopped having a calming effect on me. nothing, zero calming effect. Is this normal? It seems to me that the calming effect poops out after a few days an I have to wait a few weeks before it has any affect on me again. Is there anything else on the market that would have a long term effect on anxiety? I have spoken to my boss about her abuse, public shape and humiliation three times so far and it doesn't stop.
  13. BP 2 and seroquel hit the sweet spot!!
  14. Good to hear, Im in a similar boat with bipolar 2. Decades of ups and downs and I am now stable for longer than I can remember. I'm on top of the world and go for a checkup and a new script to my P doc every 6 months, as required by law in south africa. Stange, I also came back here ofter years just to check in. For other people out there, my treatment for Bipolar imiediatly improved my life. Every now and again a got a downer or anxiety but you need to hit the sweet spot. I know and have met many bipolar people, all of them doing well on their meds, except one guy who is now homeless and depressed because he refused to take his meds.
  15. Holy smoke, sounds exactly like mys sister, never a good word about anyone, a need for people to validate it, vindictive, belittling also described a sociopath. I divorced her and I am so relieved to be away from her. I think you must find it difficult because she is your mother. My fears improved with time. I forgave her once and went back due to my brother insiteace, 5 years down the line I was back with her emotionally and verbally abusing me. Not Im gone forever, angry brother or not. Break free forever, maybe get therapy, yand remeber ou are not . shadow of your mother.
  16. Apologies for spotting this so long after your question. I have been stable for many years now on 2 mood stabilisers, in South Africa called Dopaquil and Epitec. What I find interesting is that, in South Africa, Epitec seems to be the gold standard when it comes to mood stabilisers for bipolar. Over the years I've seen my best friend being put on it, Lenka my colleague and my cousin. It works really well for me.
  17. Hi Julie, I can't say if it is typical, I can just say how I experienced my very recent hypomania. I dropped a lot of money on new clothes, which I actually needed but because I hate shopping it is uncharacteristically of me. For 3 days I felt extremely good and in high spirits, loving my work, clear memory and full of energy. On day 4 I realised I was starting to feel very uncomfortable and agitated. She immediately halfed my anti depression and doubled my mood stabiliser. Boom, a few hours later I'm back to being full of energy and feeling great, without the uncomfortable, agitated feelings. I'm just very calm, looking at my garden with my cat on my lap. I don't know it the above will give you what you're looking for but good luck man.
  18. Seroquel is a nearly a gold standard for treatment of BP. It is a very good anti depressant with excellent anti depressant properties. I've been on it for many years I am so convinced Serequel is one of the drugs that got me stable!!
  19. Talking about side effects: 1- Just remember, if someone is coming off one prescription drug while going onto another; and claim to experience side effects, the side effects have a HUGE probability to be from the switch over, not necessarily from the new drug! 2 - Also, starting a drug from scratch, not being on one at inception, means you are in a depression at the time of starting to take a AD. Depression comes with a lot of physical symptoms like being tired, sleepy, having headaches and other pains. When we are having side effects from a drug we start taking there is a HUGE probability that the symptoms we have stems from the actual depression. Not the drug.
  20. My Pdoc prescribed it for cognitive functioning as as my memory is very bad. She and a Neurologist reckon it stems from the Lamicten I'm ion, which is well known for it. Does anyone have experience with this new drug?
  21. Hi there, your description of your friends mood state is well done and beautifully written. It would be impossible for anyone on the forum to diagnose her but maybe my, and others, observations and comments might help. Believing for many years that something, social media, is not worth it and terribly uninteresting and then suddenly changing your opinion abut it does not in itself signify a lot. However, your description about how here mood has changed to chatty, social, interesting snappy etc, to me, certainly looks like a change in mood, on the upwards scale. I recognise my own hypomania by sudden liveliness, interest in people. being able to think and type faster, having more self confidence in what I do. Becoming creative all of a sudden, laughing a lot and talking faster. Like a typical hypomania state, mine lasts about 3 to 4 days and dissapears as suddenly as it arrived. I dont get the irritability side if things when Im hypomanic though, that is reserved for a friend of mine who is BP1 and becomes manic. If her apparent change in mood, for the better, persist for more than 4 days or a weekor more, I would start asking her to go get some professional advice. If she is hypo manic or becoming manic this might be a problem. When one feels so good you can see no reason to worry and she might not see your advice as valid. The big danger sign that hypomania might become full blown mania is when she starts scaring her friends and family, her thoughts and ideas becomes irrational, her momy goes and her agitation turns to anger outbursts. I hope this helps, you seem to be quite knowledgeable on the topic of bipolar and depression. You must be a very good friend :-)
  22. OK thanks. Unfortunately I live in South Africa and we don't have all the brands available. I'm specifically after a Omega 3 supplement only. I don't know ow if you get one without 6 and 3.
  23. HI Newbie, Ive been diagnosed with depression many years ago. SSRI,s and other anti depressants worked for a while and then "stopped" working. I went onto many different variations of anti depressants. It was only after I was diagnosed with Bipolar II and put on mood stabilises only, no anti depressants, that I stabilised. In South Africa at least, psychiatrists dont easily superscribe anti depressants for Bipolar I or II disorder. Especially not if you are BP I as they mostly initiate a manic state. With BP II they would, depending on the diagnoses at the time, sometimes prescribe and anti depressant for a short duration. Mood stabilisers are very powerful drugs the does what it says, keep your mood stable. If you are BP I or !! they are, literally, life saving drugs. Maybe you should go to a psychiatrist and not a psychologist (shrink) if you want to talk about medication. Here, at least, they study for 9 years in order to qualify for a psychiatrist. They understand how the drugs affects you biologically and mood wise. Hope this helps and let us know how it goes!
  24. Hi SCPI recently, 3 months ago, landed in the hospital due to a treatment resistant Bipolar Mixed state. No amount of medication helped and my psychiatrist said that a Mixed state is extremely difficult to spot and extremely difficult to treat. She suggested ECT (Electro-convulsive Therapy). At first I bolted at the mere thought of it, remembering a movie called "One flew over the cuckoos nest" and the images depicted in there was not a pretty sight. I then spent hours researching Google Scholarly articles and chatted to someone who received ECT about a year ago and she was extremely positive about it. According to practically all the articles, the results are phenomenal. I can’t remember the % but it is as high as 90% with a better efficacy than drugs in most cases. Here is an example :http://journals.lww.com/ectjournal/Abstract/2004/03000/Efficacy_of_ECT_in_Depression__A_Meta_Analytic.4.aspx I had 6 treatments over a 2 week period and the side effects literally amounts to zero. I had a loss of short term memory after the first few treatments. I would wake up from my 15 minute anaesthetics and ask the nursing staff if I have been in the theatre yet. They would just smile and say yes. Astonishingly I showed an improvement after the first ECT, which is apparently not unusual. I felt great after about the fourth one and after number 6 I was ready to go home. I don’t know why but nearly everyone you talk to is very against it, but so was I. It worked by the nurse giving me a muscle relaxant injection. This will prevent your body from convulsing during the therapy thus preventing you from injuring yourself. (Do not watch movies to see how this looks, movies needs to dramatize scenes: - ) I would then go into theatre, an anaesthetist would chat to me and put me under for about 10 minutes during which period my Psychiatrist would administer the ECT. The first few times, once awake, I would not remember going into the theatre and forget something small, like remember to call a friend afterwards. This is now 3 months down the line and I am still stable. Now that I have experienced it I would certainly go again should the need arise and I've become quite an advocate for it. Another reason for me being so positive about it is that I have met several people in the same hospital, over the 2 week period, for whom the ECT did wonders. One specific guy stands out as he had a suicide attempt that nearly succeeded should the gardener not have arrived at home, on a day he should not have. 6 Treatments later and he was out of his depression. Maybe research it a bit and speak to a professional. I really see it as the holy grail for depression and mixed episode. You are welcome to PM me if you want J I really hope, whatever route you choose, that you and your wife have happy days ahead of you.
  25. Hi, to the people this post for whom Seroquel makes you sleepy, have you tried the Seroquesl XR? It releases over a 24 hour period and works very well in that it does not make you sleepy :-)
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