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  1. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

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  3. Definitely let your doctor know the wellbutrin is making you feel that tired. As for whether it can do that, I saw it doing it to a friend of mine when she was prescribed it. It was bad enough that she had to discontinue taking it at the time. Personally it doesn't give me much energy (about as much as I get from taking an aspirin :( ) but it does make me paranoid and panicky. Despite this it does work well for other people so my experience alone is not a condemnation of that med. Good luck to you feeling better.
  4. Fun subject indeed and some interesting things people have come up with! I've tried various of the things people have mentioned and have kind of seen what happens in each case. It's probably a bad idea to hide that you have the condition since the other person will find out sooner or later and it's better if they found out by you telling them. It seems just telling people you have it is not enough either. One of my exes was warned about this repeatedly and yet was stunned when I actually went into a darker mood, as if it was a complete surprise. Do people even pay attention? And yes these can be people who otherwise love you and are nice so it's not so easy to shrug them off. Since I feel more comfortable talking about being depressed as of late I've gone to advertising it at least to the point people know it's a factor. Then if something happens I'll bring it up where it's relevant - for example, "Why were you sleeping all day today?" ... "Oh it was one of *those* days.." and so on. I do know that people who care more about you than what you have will stick around regardless. The rest will leave right away but it's probably better that way if they can't handle it.
  5. I had not thought about the CBT angle either, will look into some of those. Pretty sure it wouldn't be too difficult shipping it to him. As for his parents, his mom is depressed (while simultaneously in denial) and is refusing to get help no matter what from as much as I've found out. His dad is passively-aggressively angry at S for not working so the dad just wants him out of the house and at work. It sure sounds like his own parents could use some counseling though that's even less likely to happen than with him. I guess it will be down to getting him encouraged to contact a counselor and/or getting someone informed about his condition without getting the parents involved.
  6. Have to second iowa's response here. Some people I know (granted only a few) seem to realize how serious the situation is and will listen without judging when I explain things to them. Many others have the 'snap out of it' mentality and there is nothing I can do about those, unfortunately. A few (my mother) have been persuaded into understanding even though that took a good 8 years to happen. You could try the long term approach with close family members and just ignore the others since the drain of spending so much time and energy on convincing them can be too much. Ignorance is bliss as they say and that certainly holds true for those people. I'm glad that keeps them unaware of just how bad things can get although it sure gets tough on us the afflicted.
  7. Thank you both for the replies! I forgot to mention he's nearly my age, so ~23 so he's been out of school for quite a few years. The agoraphobia about ensures he won't try to go anywhere by himself. As for DF, I've been floating the idea to him lately so hopefully he'll decide to check it out at some point.
  8. Hi all and thanks for reading this. It's actually a post about a friend of mine, will call him S. The short version is that S has been depressed for years and is in a situation where he can't get any help for it. He lives in Canada and I have a very poor understanding of their health system. Besides being depressed, S also has agoraphobia, parents who are divorced and both in denial and not a chance of seeing a doctor or much less a medical professional. He apparently has a relative who is a social worker and I've encouraged him to speak with that person on prior occasions, but nothing has happened. Other friends of mine have gone as far as speaking with S' dad and trying to convince the dad to consider taking S to the doc - which did not happen and S was punished for 'whining' instead. All this time he has wanted to feel better and has a positive view of therapy and the like. My question is if there is anything I could do to help him being so far away. I am there for him as a friend but sometimes that doesn't do very much. S does become suicidal periodically which makes me very worried when it happens. This is his situation as it remained practically unchanged for the past 3 years, at the very least. Anything more I could be doing to help him out that I don't know about? Any advice will be appreciated.
  9. Hi Qchan - just wanted to add that I felt axactly as you described at 19, including the type of job you described and how you felt about it. I don't think it matters what kind of job you have when you are depressed as it all seems bad, worthless, pointless, and the like. You've started therapy though so you should be getting some advice on how to deal with the depression soon. I do hope you are given a proper diagnosis sooner rather than later and a good treatment to match it. Once you start feeling better things will just start being a lot more fun too! I tend to be logged in here most of the time too so feel free to PM me if you need someone to talk to or you are curious about something.
  10. Lol coffee seems to make quite a few folks' lists. Some of mine: coffee (yep..), DSM/psych/drug-related literature, wikipedia, trains, as someone else put it 'girls??', music, sometimes astrology
  11. I've been a caffeine addict for years and never thought much of it. But as Deepster mentioned, if I so much as not drink coffee for a few hours things can get really awry. It wasn't until early last year that I researched caffeine more closely and was appalled to find it classified as one of the most addictive drugs ever. For sure getting off of it for me is much harder than getting off something like vicodin and I try to remember that when I take a trip to the coffee maker to get yet another cup.. As for whether it helps depression or not, I think that varies for everyone and maybe it does a little bit of both. Some research I had looked into a while ago found caffeine to interfere with the beneficial effects of ADs so if that is true then it's more of a bad than a good drug for those who are depressed. Anyway it definitely gives you a jolt whether that counts as good or bad.
  12. Sorry to hear the prozac isn't working for you this time. It definitely sucks that some of us go bonkers without these meds but then I'm glad the meds are there at all. I don't even want to think of the time before I knew about them.. Best of luck with the zoloft, hopefully it ends up working better. I am happy to report the prozac is doing it for me (again) though I've learned my lesson with the wellbutrin.
  13. That is an interesting combination of drugs if I may say so. A few things about it stand out too: One, as jimbow pointed out, is more drugs means more interactions and potentially more side effects. It seems you and your doc are both aware of that though and you are just 'fishing' for a better drug cocktail. Regarding that, I wish you the best and hope that such a combination is found. Prozac is about the only SSRI that's considered 'activating', as in supposed to wake you up. Adderall is a stimulant too, so it should end up making you even more awake. The fact that that combo is instead making you sleepy is unusual from what I've read and experienced. Remeron is known to be quite sedating so you could be sleeping even more on that. If you are worried about sleeping too much, it may not be the best med. Finally Wellbutrin - it definitely helps in terms of waking me up, but it also gets my thinking really disordered and just plain bad. It took me a while to notice that too. Please be cautious with trying it. It sounds like you have some pretty technical questions formulated already, just bring them up next time you see your doc and see what they'll say.
  14. Hi there. I had my doc switch me off prozac (this back in late 2008) and to celexa but without tapering off the first. I was a bit alarmed and asked several times if that's a good idea but the doc was adamant so I did it. It didn't end well and I ultimately had to get off the celexa. Since your doc is having you go down gradually you shouldn't experience this though (I hope?). But I wanted to post this just because it the switch was so not ok in my case. If you start feeling funny, get in touch with your doc right away and let them know exactly what's changed.
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