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  1. I went to a dr. I trust. ( I've seen him before but could not afford his fee.) First person ever to tell me I do not need prozac for the rest of my life. I changed meds. ( Zolft) and he states it is a 6 mo to 12 mo treatment. Also gave me a rx for "anxiety meds for the five am terrors" very short term like two to three weeks. We talked alot about myself and how he could help me to be better to myself. Dr actually put himself out there and mentioned we could do this with out the normal fee. As long as I'm working it. REALLY WORKING IT. How hard is it to believe in yourself when someone else does. ( Verklempt over the emotions) Guys this guy costs a bundle. Anyone I went to on my ins. just wrote a script and never herd a word I said. I have a stiff uphill climb. 2 nights of sleeping has put a new perspective on things. I just thought I'd put out a "hopefull" message. It took alot of hell to get me here and I still have a war chest of things to clear up. No More Happy New Year... Via La Groundhog !
  2. Hello. I'm new here. I have been spiraling down for two months now. I am no longer on Prozac and have an appt with DR tomorrow. I had to wait two months to get it. Originally I was prescribed Gabapentin & Prozac. After about 10 years I just stopped taking the Gaba. ( I know dangerous). Then when I wanted back on Ins. co would not pay for it. I have seen this "Shrink" before and trust him. He suggested a while back that I change my meds. I was reluctant to do so. You all know why. I was afraid of new side effects/adjustment period. It's gotten so bad I need to do something. I got a dui 2 days ago. So I saying to heck with side effects I need to find something that works. I have low thyroid and take med for that as well as a blood pressure rx. I have not been good about taking them regularly. I've read alot here. I made myself swirley over this drug or that drug. Anxiety is not an option. I wake up every day at 5:00AM in full panic. I am not a morning person under the best of circumstances. I have real problems (the dui) that will not go away with medication so I know I'm in for a slow climb. Thank you, Diane
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