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  1. I thought i would make a thread for people who are similar to me. I am a nearly 30-year-old hikikomori who suffers with extreme depression. For those who don't know a hikikomori is someone who isolates themselves in their room for 6 months and doesn't work or attend school due to social and societal pressures. I have been like this for 6 years and suffer with extreme depression. I am also autistic and have been suicidal in the past and still struggle with it today. I have struggled with depression for a very long time now and tbh my life situation isn't that great and despite me wanting to change there really isn't much i can do. I honestly feel lost. Is there anyone else who is in a similar situation as mine?
  2. Hello i am new here. I am a shut-in who has autism spectrum disorder and suffers with anxiety and depression.
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